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Vampire Red Baron, come forth!

Yuei Vu clenched the cards in his hand and raised his vigilance.

Although it was only a monster with an attack power of 2400, the armor that was filled with dark miasma, made people feel as if some evil will was hidden.

At least Yuei Vu knew for sure that this monster was definitely not a Normie, but a vampire with hidden special abilities.

“Then I’m going to use the effect of Vampire’s Domain again!” Tilla Mook said loudly, “By paying 500 LP per turn, during my Main Phase this turn, I can Normal Summon 1 “Vampire” monster in addition to my Normal Summon/Set!

I summon ‘Vampire Baby’! ”

【Tilla Mook, LP 3000 → LP 2500】

The ominous atmosphere intensified.

There was a cry from somewhere in the void, like a baby crying with resentment.

Against the blood-red curtain-like background, a small baby gradually turned into an entity.

It had blue eyes, its whole body was wrapped in a wide green robe, and a strange light was refracted in its deep eyes.

[Vampire Baby, ATK 700]

“But no matter how many monsters you summon, as long as there are two ‘Magician’s Valkyria’ on the field, you can’t attack.” Yuei Vu said.

“Of course I know.” Tilla Mook smiled grimly, “But the Vampire Red Baron is the highest-level vampire, who have powerful special abilities!

Here I activate the Red Baron’s first ability! Once per turn, I can pay 1000 LP, then target 1 monster my opponent controls and 1 other “Vampire” monster I control; switch control of those monsters! ”

“So it is.” Yuei Vu understood.

It was actually the NTR kind of effect…

“I will pay 1000 LP to exchange the control of ‘Vampire Baby’ on my field with a ‘Magician’s Valkyria’ on your field!”

【Tilla Mook, LP 2500 → LP 1500】

The red vampire in armor raised the gun in his hand, and his scarlet eyes released spiritual pressure.

The eyes of a magician on Yuei Vu’s side also turned red under the influence.

She was swaying, her eyes began to become a little dazed, her eyes gradually lost their spirits, and she drifted to the opponent’s field in a daze.

And the weird Vampire Baby was exchanged to Yuei Vu’s side.

“Ha, the little magician girl is really unfaithful.” Tilla Mook began to sneer, “In this way, your ‘absolute defense’ has been broken.”

If there was only one Magician’s Valkyria, there was no way to form a blockade.

The only remaining magician girl on Yuei Vu’s side clenched her teeth and held the staff as if she was determined to use her body to shield her master.

Now there were three monsters in Tilla Mook’s field: Vampire Red Baron, Magician’s Valkyria, and Master Kyonshee, while Yuei Vu had only one Valkyria… and a silly vampire baby that didn’t come in handy.

“By the way, Vampire Red Baron has another effect: At the end of the Battle Phase, if this card destroyed any monster by battle, I can Special Summon them from the GYs to my field.”

Tilla Mook smiled smugly, her eyes narrowed.

“Are you ready to dedicate yourself to me”

As soon as these words came out, the Dark Magician Girl spirit floated out again, clenched her small staff, bit her lip, and glared at the vampire… But after staring for a long time, she realized that the other party didn’t seem to be able to see her at all.

So angry!

When did the master call me out I really want to hit her face by myself…

“Don’t worry.

Yuei Vu knew she was worried, and smiled at her, “I will win.” ”


The Dark Magician Girl nodded.

Since the master said so, of course, she absolutely believed it.

“Battle!” Tilla Mook threw his long white arms out from under Ghouls’ unique robe, “First, Vampire Red Baron, attack and defeat the other Valkyria!”

The sound of hooves sounded, and the horse under the Red Baron let out a clear roar, like a general charging on the battlefield.

The spiral spear thrust by the hands of the superior vampire.

Although the remaining Magician’s Valkyria tried her best to release the magic barrier, she was still vulnerable to the power of the superior monster.

【Yuei Vu, LP 3850 → LP 3050】

“Next is the activation of the second effect of the Continuous Spell Card – Vampire’s Domain!” Tilla Mook said, “Each time my ‘Vampire’ monster inflicts battle damage to my opponent, I gain the same amount of LP!

Life Absorption!”

【Tilla Mook, LP 1500 → LP 2300】

“It really has the effect of a vampire.” Yuei Vu said.

Although the damage in the Shadow Game had an actual impact, because Tilla Mook was not a high-level dark duelist, the damage was not high.

It’s much weaker than the dark shock when he was dueling with Mr.


“It’s not over yet!” Tilla Mook shouted, “Attack Vampire Baby with the Master Kyonshee!”

The zombie with the talisman paper on its face flew forward again, raised its palms, and smashed the weird baby into pieces with one palm.

【Yuei Vu, LP 3050→LP 2000】

But because “Master Kyonshee” did not belong to the Vampire archetype, she couldn’t absorb LP through Life Absorption.

“One more shot!”

The female vampire paused, then squinted at the Magician’s Valkyria who had been snatched from her side, showing a sinister smile.

“Hey, taste the power of your own Valkyria.

Valkyria, attack your former master…directly!”

The little magician girl who was controlled raised her staff, and the tip of the staff gathered a dark green magic shock…

Several screwball players are especially excited at this moment.

“Fuck, the big NTR scene!”

“I’m so excited…”

When Yuei Vu heard this, he couldn’t help but want to roll his eyes.

Look at these screwballs, they can be so excited just by playing a card…

But at this moment, his set card met the activation conditions.

“Open the set card… Trap Card – Magician’s Circle!”

“What!” Tilla Mook was taken aback.

Are you launching a trap at this juncture

“Magician’s Circle can only be activated when a Spellcaster monster declares an attack.

Each player Special Summons 1 Spellcaster monster with 2000 or less ATK from their Deck in Attack Position.”

Tilla Mook was taken aback: “Did you expect me to take control of the Valkyria”

Yuei Vu pulled out the deck from the Duel Disk and didn’t answer.

The projected light and shadow of the trap card outline a complicated circle with golden lines on his field, like a magic pathway.

“What I want to choose is…” Yuei Vu picked out a card from the deck and placed it on the Duel Disk, “…’ Magician’s Robe’!”

The dark magic power surged to one place, gradually condensed into a solid body and continued to climb higher, and finally transformed into an illusory monster.

Rather than calling it a monster, might as well say that it was a robe—a light black robe and a tall magic hat, but there was no face or actual body under the brim of the hat, and its whole body was shrouded in sacred under the pale blue glow.

[Magician’s Robe, ATK 700]

“What kind of monster is this” Tilla Mook was shocked.

Why do I feel that this monster… looks a bit like the costume worn by the Dark Magician

However, the screwball players who were watching were all exploded at this time.

“OMG, it is the ‘Magician’s Robe’!”

“Ah I have never heard of it.”

“Why don’t you know this It’s a power-up card specially used for the ‘Dark Magician’, how can there be such a thing in the DM!”

“What The future card Why does the NPC in the DM have such a thing Is he the game designer’s own son”

“And since he has a Magician’s Robe in his hand, I’m afraid it means…”

The duel continued.

“The effect of the Magician’s Robe is activated!” Yuei Vu waved his arm, “Only once in the opponent’s turn, I can discard a spell or trap card, and special summon from the deck—

——Dark Magician! ”

A pitch-black vortex opened up on the ground, and magic power suddenly shot into the sky like a water column.

The slender figure leaped out of the magic vortex, twirled lightly in mid-air, and landed half-squatting.

The green staff also flew out of the vortex, drawing a perfect arc in the blood-red space, and flew back to the Dark Magician on the field.

The players began to go wild in place.

“Shit, tell me if you recorded it! This guy really has a Dark Magician!”

“Damn it, it’s really the game designer’s own son!”


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