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Dark Magician, summon!

With the arrival of the magician at the peak of the dueling monster world, even the strange aura brought by the Vampire’s Domain seemed to have been diluted a little.

The mage in a red robe stood upright on the half of the field on Yuei Vu’s side with a staff in hand, staring straight ahead with indifferent and sharp eyes.

“Did you actually call the strongest magician under such circumstances” Tilla Mook snorted, gritted her teeth, and then thought of something, showing a sinister smile again.

Her gaze returned to the “Magician’s Robe”.

“Hehe, it was indeed an impressive feat to summon such a powerful monster on my turn, but in order to summon a Dark Magician, you also left a fatal weakness on the field!”

She slammed her finger to the magician’s robe that was still in attack position.

[Magician’s Robe, ATK 700]

“Magician’s Valkyria!” She shouted with a wild laugh, “Smash that weak phantom for me!”

The magic goddess Valkyria flew up again, her eyes flashing with a strange red glow.

She gave a crisp drink, swung down her staff, and the green light of the spell shot out towards the opposite half, and with a loud bang, the magician’s robe was blown to pieces.

【Yuei Vu, LP 2000 → LP 1100】

“Hahaha! What a mistake, you lost a lot of LP in order to summon a powerful monster, but it seems that your situation is still not getting better.

Your LP was like a candle in the wind.

Wait until the next round, I will be able to solve you casually!”

Yuei Vu smiled lightly: “Is that really true”

Tilla Mook’s smile froze, and she was taken aback.

Could it be that… eating this damage was also part of his plan

Immediately afterward, she discovered that not only did Yuei Vu didn’t care about it, but even the three screwballs who were watching from the side seemed to do the same…or even the opposite.

Player A: “It’s over, she said ‘candle in the wind’.”

Player B: “This is the first time I’ve seen a villainess who is reckless like this.

1100LP is still too high to trigger blood lock, yet she dares to use that phrase.”

Player C: “That’s right, even the guy in the animation who said this word when the other party only had 25 LP left was already rested in peace, but this girl dared to boast when the other party had more than 1000 LP left… Pray for your soul.

Tilla Mook: “”

Is there something wrong with my game understanding or what

Obviously, my LP is dominant! Why do you all have the same attitude as I am already cold

I am a professional duelist of Ghouls, can’t I understand this situation

“Come on, stop dawdling.” Yuei Vu crossed his arms with a calm expression, “Is your turn over”

“Damn.” Tilla Mook gritted her teeth irritably, “I’ll set two cards.

I end my turn!”


Even Dark Magician couldn’t make her fear.

One of the two cards she set was “Negate Attack”, which could negate attacks and forcefully end the Battle Phase.

It was a life-saving artifact.

The other was a “Sakuretsu Armor”, which not only could defend against attacks but also has a powerful counterattack effect that could destroy the opponent’s attacking monsters.

No matter which one was a rare trap of the highest level on the market.

Such a setup was perfect.

And not only that.

“At the end of the turn, another effect of Vampire Red Baron was activated!”

At the same time as Tilla Mook shouted, a black vortex opened under her feet.

The vampire in black armor let out a low growl, and his eyes glowed red under the helmet.

The beautiful shadow seemed to be forcibly dragged back to the field from the underworld – it was another Magician’s Valkyria who had been knocked down.

Tilla Mook chuckled: “Vampire Red Baron has the ability to special Summon monsters that are destroyed by it through the battle at the end of the Battle Phase.

This way, I have two ‘Magician’s Valkyria’ on my field.

I don’t need to say more about the effects of your own monsters, right ”

“Ah, I understand.” Yuei Vu said calmly, “As long as two Magician’s Valkyrias are on the field, even if I defeat your vampire, I can’t continue to attack.”

“That’s right.” Tilla Mook was triumphant.

The attack was blocked by monsters, and there were two pits in the Spell Trap Zone.

Such an arrangement was called an impregnable wall.

Tilla Mook felt that she had stabilized.

She didn’t even know how to turn such a formation.

Then, as long as she waited until the next turn, she could use the effect of the Vampire Red Baron again to take control of the monsters on Yuei Vu’s field, even if the target is the legendary Dark Magician!

I add up to six cards in the front and back row, how can you beat me

“My turn.” Yuei Vu drew a card, then smiled slightly, “But if that’s all you can do, you might lose in this turn.”

“What!” Tilla Mook was startled.

“Activate the spell card from the hand – Bond Between Teacher and Student!” Yuei Vu played the spell card, “This card can be activated when there is a ‘Dark Magician’ on my field.

I can special summon from the deck ……”

Yuei Vu pulled out the deck.

At the same time, the Dark Magician on the field had raised his staff high and began to sing.

The dark green lines on the ground were interwoven into a magic circle, and the magic circle slowly rotated, like a portal that was being activated.

“…Come on! Dark Magician Girl!”

The magic circle spun rapidly, and the burst of magic released a radiant brilliance.

The beautiful magic girl flew out with her wand held high, and twirled lightly in mid-air, full of vigor and vitality.

A few passers-by players were completely blown up.

“Ah, ah, it’s the Dark Magician Girl!”

“My ex-girlfriend!”

“Go away, I suspect you are thinking of eating her!”

“I can die with no regret…”

The three screwball players pushed each other.

They stared at the magic girl who appeared on the Yuei Vu Field without blinking.

They were even more excited than when they saw the Dark Magician!

They could even think of the shock when this video was posted on the forum.

A group of nerds who were licking at the Dark Magician Girl on paper all day long in reality, how couldn’t they start rushing in place after seeing this video

This was bound to be hot!


The magician girl was very angry today, very angry.

She usually blinked her eyes and pretended to be cute when she was on stage, to liven up the atmosphere to make everyone happy, but today she was not in that mood.

The Dark Magician Girl’s green and beautiful eyes stared at the female vampire opposite her fiercely.

…This woman actually wanted to take advantage of my master!

My master is so handsome, can you take advantage of it if you want

She clenched the small staff in her hand, and just waited for the master’s order, then waved the staff up to beat people…

At this time, the female vampire didn’t know if it was an illusion.

She always felt that the eyes of this magical girl summoned by Yuei Vugang looked a bit fierce and scary…

“‘Bond Between Teacher and Student’ has another effect.” Yuei Vu said, “Because of this effect, after special summoning the Dark Magician Girl, I can set 1 ‘Dark Magic Attack’, ‘Dark Burning Attack’, ‘Dark Burning Magic’, or ‘Dark Magic Twin Burst’ directly from the Deck.

I choose ‘Dark Burning Attack’!

Immediately after, he flipped the set card

“‘Dark Burning Attack’ was activated! This card can only be activated when I control a ‘Dark Magician Girl’ monster.

Destroy all face-up monsters on my opponent’s side of the field! ”

“What! All monsters” Tilla Mook looked at the Dark Magician Girl in astonishment, “How could this little magician girl know such strong magic”

The Dark Magician Girl flew up lightly, raising her small staff above her head and turning a few circles in her palm.

Dark red magic waves were released from her staff, sweeping across the opponent’s entire field like a storm.

Tilla Mook’s entire field was engulfed by waves of magic and black currents, the Vampire Red Baron, Master Kyonshee, two Magician’s Valkyrias… The four monsters were instantly killed by the Dark Magician Girl in the blink of an eye.

The magic power smashed them to pieces, leaving no residue behind.

After the smoke cleared, Tilla Mook put down the arm that subconsciously blocked in front of her, and met the little magician girl’s angry eyes.


The word popped into the female vampire’s mind.

No, it doesn’t matter.

She still had two set cards in the Spell Trap Zone, both had a first-class defensive effect.

As long as she got through this turn, there’s still a chance…

“Next is this card…” Yuei Vu played another spell card from his hand, “… ‘Dark Magic Attack’! When there is a Dark Magician on my field, destroy all Spell and Trap Cards on the opponent’s field!”


Tilla Mook’s face turned white with fright (although she was originally white).

Blowing up the front row then and blowing up the back row

This is too shameless, isn’t it Isn’t this invincible

(Elemental Hero: Absolute Zero: Yes, this is too shameless, don’t you think, bro

Masked HERO Acid: Yes, yes, this is cheating.) (*)

The Dark Magician rose and fell, and the dark magic was like a tidal wave.

Tilla Mook’s back row was completely engulfed in an instant, and the two traps were torn to shreds under the magic bombardment.

“‘Negate Attack’ and ‘Sakuretsu Armor’” Yuei Vu chuckled, “It’s really a shame that you dare to bring a card like ‘Sakuretsu Armor’…”

It’s okay to play this card in real life.

But in Yu-Gi-Oh! anime so far, anyone who has used the card “Sakuretsu Armor” had a miserably defeat…

In this way, the female vampire’s field was completely empty.

Looking at the Dark Magician and the Dark Magician Girl on Yuei Vu’s field, Tilla Mook suddenly felt like a naked little girl, a helpless feeling of being forced into a small corner by a big man…

Yes, in this era when the only hand trap was Kuriboh, the outcome was basically decided under such circumstances.

“The last blow!” Yuei Vu waved his hand, “Dark Magician Girl! Dark Magician! Direct attack!”

The magician and his apprentice both flew up, and two staffs, one long and one short, pointed at the vampire.

The dark and dark red magic was intertwined in one place, swirling and bombarded out, and exploded in the face of the vampire.

Originally, the Shadow Game had substantive damage, and our Dark Magician Girl seemed to have materialized herself at the moment of the last shot.

What the staff released was not a three-dimensional image but real magic damage.

So, um…

…let’s put it that way.

The fate of Miss Vampire was a bit tragic.

【Tilla Mook, LP 2300 → LP 300 → LP 0】

Yuei Vu leisurely put away the duel plate, and now his opponent is lying on the ground in an indecent posture, covered in black smoke and silent…

Actually, Tilla Mook’s LP was only 2300 just now.

If he attacked directly with the Dark Magician, he would have won.

However, Yuei Vu didn’t.

He allowed the Dark Magician Girl to fight first, and then let the Dark Magician take the head.


……That’s right, I just pet my spirit.

What’s your opinion


(Author’s note: This is a famous combo.

Masked HERO Acid – Must be Special Summoned with “Mask Change”.

When this card is Special Summoned: Destroy as many Spells and Traps your opponent controls as possible, and if you do, all monsters they control lose 300 ATK.

Elemental HERO Absolute Zero (WATER attribute) – If this card leaves the field: Destroy all monsters your opponent controls.

That’s why when you activate “Mask Change” to send the Elemental HERO Absolute Zero to the GY, and Special Summon the Masked HERO Acid, all monsters and spell traps on the opponent’s field will be destroyed.



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