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Somewhere in Domino City, an unknown basement.

A man dressed in black like a sack walked down the dark stairs.

He wore a wide hood, and his sturdy body was tightly covered in black clothes.

It was clear that there was no one around, but the brim of his hat was kept low as if he was afraid of being recognized.

Walking along the darkness where people couldn’t even see their own fingers, he walked to the end of the stairs, and in front of him was a locked iron door.

The man took out the key from under the large clothes, inserted it into the keyhole, and turned it around before turning it around, nervously checking to see if anyone was following him.

After confirming that it was correct, he squeaked and opened the door.

There was a dim light from the other end of the door.

The flickering candles lit up by themselves from the braziers hanging on the walls on both sides as if there was an invisible ghost in this confined space.

The man walked to the end of this secret room and knelt down carefully against the empty wall, just like people in ancient times were devoutly waiting for divine revelation on the altar.

A golden light appeared on his forehead under his hood, forming a golden eye.

The man showed a look of horror and awe, then kowtowed in this empty room.

“Master Marik.”

Marik Ishtar, the descendant of the Tomb Keeper Clan, the leader of the Ghouls—although he was not here, his voice was projected directly into the man’s mind through the power of the Millennium Rod.

“Tilla Mook was defeated too.” Marik came straight to the point, and his voice sounded cold, “You know what this means, right”

“Yes…Yes…” The man was submissive, bowing his head, and didn’t dare to say a word.

“Three rare card hunters have been defeated by that kid in Nightcrawler World so far,” Marik said coldly, “and every time that kid wins, he will take away our deck, as if he is deliberately provoking us.


Yes, that’s right, the deck held by the vampire Tilla Mook who was defeated this time was also snatched by Yuei Vu…

And this time, the process was also recorded by the “photographers” in the front row.

When they saw this scene in the video, the screwball players were overjoyed…

“I’m surprised that you can take other people’s decks if you win”

“I seem to know why there are so many cards in Yuei Vu’s store…”

“Did you say that next time you go to the store, you can buy a vampire deck to play”

“I feel this deck should be fine with a little adjustment in this environment.

Wait for an expert to build it.”

When seeing this, Yuei Vu couldn’t help but wonder if his actions would lead the screwball players astray.

Imagine the picture of screwball players running up to pull out the deck every time they defeat the opposite side in the future…it seemed a bit funny.

Hearing Marik’s anger, the man was shaking like a sieve and lay motionless on the ground, not daring to say a word at all.

“This is completely different from what you promised before.” Marik said coldly, “Domino City was supposed to be your area.

You are the nail that Ghouls planted here, and you promised until the Duel City Tournament, that everything can be handled.

But you failed, you let me down.

So unless you can give me a good reason in two seconds, your mission is over.

As he spoke, the golden eyes on the man’s forehead had already radiated divine light.

The man’s pupils contracted, and his frightened eyes were bloodshot.

He began to gasp heavily, almost suffocating, and even had the illusion that death was strangling his throat…

“Wait…wait a minute!” he shouted desperately, “I…I have a card for you to see!”


Marik paused the execution for a while, ready to see what he could pull out with great interest.

With trembling hands, the rare hunter took a card from his robe.

It was a rare card of the highest level – USR.

Marik became interested: “You actually got the ‘Red-Eyes Black Dragon’ I remember this card is…”

“It was from that friend of Yugi Muto – Jonouchi Katsuya.” The rare card hunter seemed to have found hope again, and quickly took credit.

“I see, so you have done something useful after all.” Marik snorted.

The golden eyes on the man’s forehead dimmed a little.

“Well, I’ll spare your life this time,” Marik said, “but things can’t continue like this.

If we continue, we’ll be in an even more unfavorable situation before the plan is officially implemented.

I am arranging for more people to go to your site, and I will rush over to participate in the competition when things are over here.

“Ah” The man was stunned for a while, “But it doesn’t mean that if too many people are sent over, it will lead to a full-scale battle between the two sides…”

“It doesn’t matter.” Marik sneered, “The purpose of Ghouls’ existence is for this time’s plan, for the hatred of our Tomb Keeper Clan that has surpassed three thousand years.

We’ll fight if necessary, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

After a pause, he smiled and said: “I have already set up a hidden weapon in Domino City.

Unlike you trash, it is a puppet controlled by me personally, and his deck has the ultimate trump card that can wipe out any enemy in an instant.”

The man’s eyelids jumped: “Could it be… God”

“That’s right! It’s the god of the underworld, Orisis!” Marik said loudly.

The man reminded cautiously: “But if the doll loses the duel, wouldn’t the God card be…”

If you lose the duel, won’t you feed to the opponent

It’s really funny like that.

“You mean I’m going to lose!” Marik raised his voice.


“No… no.”


” Marik snorted heavily.

Marik said that he was the second strongest duelist in their village, and he has never lost a card game with anyone other than his sister!

It’s just that he grew up within the Pharaoh’s tomb, and he basically never played cards with anyone other than his sister…

I, Marik, feed to the opponent


The man realized that he said the wrong words, and hurriedly made up for his flattery: “Master Marik is wise and martial, unparalleled in the world.

In addition, with the God cards in your hand, there must be no rival.”


Assuming you know your mistake, this time I will spare your life.

“One more thing.” Marik said coldly, “I asked you to pay attention to the whereabouts of Kaiba and my sister Ishizu, are you doing it”

“Yes.” The man said hurriedly.

“Okay, continue to pay attention.” Marik said”, ‘Osiris the Sky Dragon’, ‘The Winged Dragon of Ra’, these two god cards are in my hand.

‘Obelisk the Tormentor’ was handed over to Seto Kaiba by my elder sister.

Although it was a minor accident, it was not a problem.

In time, I will defeat Kaiba to retake Obelisk, and even if my sister blocks my way, I will defeat her myself…”

The man said subconsciously: “But I heard that when you duel with Master Ishizu, you don’t seem to have a high rate of winning…”

Then he realized in time that he was wrong and quickly shut up.

The leader of Ghouls, the descendant of the Tomb Keeper clan, and the master of The Winged Dragon of Ra – Marik Ishtar fell into silence for a minute.

Then he said coldly, “I’ve decided, I still have to execute you first.”

“Ahhh! I was wrong, please forgive me!!!”


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