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The Battle City Tournament was in full swing.

As soon as President Kaiba’s declaration came to an end, duelists started dueling all over the city.

Scenarios like the following were happening all over the city.

“My turn, draw! I summon the ‘Blue-Winged Crown’!”

[Blue-Winged Crown, ATK 1600]

“Hahaha, how about it Your monster can’t defeat my Blue-Winged Crown!”

“Hey, don’t get carried away! I summon the ‘High Tide Gyojin’!”

[High Tide Gyojin, ATK 1650]

“What! A monster with an ATK of 1650!”

“You didn’t expect it, did you This is the power of rare cards! Come on High Tide Gyojin, and defeat the Blue-Winged Crown! I won, hahaha!!!”


And, such a scene.

“I normal summon… ‘Leo Wizard’ from my hand!!!”


[Leo Wizard, ATK 1350]

Unexpectedly, the passerby duelist had just photographed this monster, and a large number of screwballs (players) who were not aware of it immediately appeared beside him.

“Fuck, the legendary divine card!”

“I saw the real face for the first time in my life!”

“I will exchange these cards with you, please exchange this card for me!” More screwball players began to imitate the famous scene of President Kaiba.

The NPC passers-by who summoned the “Leo Wizard” were all frightened by the group of screwballs that suddenly threw themselves on their faces.

They looked at the monsters on the field and looked at the group of screwballs in front of them.

They were stunned for a while.

What the hell Is it my fault that I don’t know it is still a rare card Why haven’t I heard

Of course, it is impossible for the NPC to understand because this was an ancient legend that has only been passed down among the players of Yu-Gi-Oh!

According to legend, in ancient times, the advanced summoning system of the Yu-Gi-Oh card game was somewhat different from today.

According to the early rules, not only did monsters of level 4 or higher need Tributes to be summoned, but monsters with an ATK of 1400 or higher also needed sacrifices too.

Therefore, it was conceivable that the Leo Wizard with an attack power of up to 1350 and could be directly summoned was such a terrifying divine card…

Its ATK was as high as 1350! It was even 50 points higher than 1300.

What a powerful station ability!

At that time, the Leo Wizard was still a Level 4 monster, but it was later adjusted to Level 5.

Although the rule that “a Tribute is required for those with an attack power of 1400 or more” soon disappeared, the great Leo Wizard still lived in the hearts of millions of Yu-Gi-Oh players as an eternal meme.

What Do you say it’s useless to spend a lot of money to buy it back

Heh, are there fewer useless things that we screwball players like to spend money on


While most of the duelists were playing cards in full swing, some people chose to stay put and sit in the corner to explore the situation while fishing.

That was the rare hunter who was in charge of stationing in the Domino area and collecting information while collecting rare cards.

The thugs of the Ghouls took the Red-Eyes Black Dragon from Jonouchi Katsuya, but he didn’t even give a name until the end of the animation.

Yes, considering that he might still be useful, Marik spared his life after all.

At this moment, the rare card hunter was among a group of ordinary people, sitting at the table in the outdoor cafe, looking at every duelist passing by on the street with thief’s eyes, ready to find his next prey.

He smiled wickedly while sticking out his tongue and licking his lips.

……Okay, which unlucky duelist will be my next dish


The rare card hunter noticed something and was a little stunned.

He saw a guy with a Duel Disk on his hand – must be a duelist.

But he wasn’t too sure – that guy appeared from a corner not far away and ran in a way that made those who didn’t understand thought that the floor under the guy was burning his feet.

What kind of new performance art was this

The rare card hunter looked at each other in confusion… was this guy jumping in his direction

Then the man actually jumped straight up and stopped in front of the rare card hunter.

“Ha! I finally found it!” The guy opened the Duel Disk and shouted loudly, “According to the rules of the dueling city, I will challenge you!”

The rare card hunter frowned: “Who are you”

“Me My name is Snow Wave…but it doesn’t matter!”

“Never heard of that.”

The rare card hunter thought about it carefully and felt that he had no impression.

It seemed that he had never heard of this name in any dueling competition in the country.

If that’s the case, he must be a rookie, right

Then there is nothing to be afraid of.

The Rare Card Hunter calmly took a sip of coffee, pulled out the chair, and stood up, as if preparing to move.

He sneered: “Since you want to die so much, then I will accept your rare card.”

Snow Wave’s eyes lit up when he saw that he agreed to fight.

It’s done!

The reason why Snow Wave found this place was actually because he received a quest from Yuei Vu in the store before the game started yesterday.

[Quest: Hunting Ghouls!]

[Description: The rare card hunters of Ghouls are ready to fight in the Battle City Tournament, you must stop their ambitions! Find and defeat them!]

Then Yuei Vu even thoughtfully added a “Limited Time Event” section to the “Private Store” these days, where players could exchange a small amount of crystal for a few specific strategy cards.

And as Yuei Vu’s number one slave… ah no, as the head of the fan support group, Snow Wave had the right to directly receive the strategy card for free!

This wave was sure to kill!

“Duel!” x2

【Snow Wave, LP 4000】

[Rare Card Hunter, LP 4000]

“I’ll go first, draw!”

Snow Wave took a look after drawing the card but didn’t get what he wanted.

But it didn’t matter!

“I summon the ‘Marauding Captian’ in attack position! Then I activate the special effect of the Marauding Captian, and special summon another Marauding Captian from the hand! I end my turn!”

[Marauding Captian, ATK 1200] x2

“Oh” The rare card hunter hummed, “Using the effect that two monsters to create an attack lock It is indeed an advanced tactic.

But well… hum.”

He didn’t say the second half of the sentence, but what he thought in his heart was – in front of my Exodia, this is all in vain!

“My turn!”

After the Rare Card Hunter drew the card, he directly played the banned card without monologing.

“Pot of Greed! Draw two cards from the deck!”

Then he glanced at the cards in his hand, without thinking about inserting the next banned card into the Duel Disk.

“Graceful Charity! Draw three cards from the deck, and then discard two cards from the hand to the graveyard.”

Snow Wave: “…”

Damn! Even if he was already mentally prepared, this NPC is so rude, right

Judge, do you care Do you see how many cards he has passed directly when he comes up

However, it’s not over yet.

The combo of Thousands of Years Banned Cards still had another strike.

“…Spell Card ‘Card Destruction’! Both players discard all cards in their hands, and then draw the same number of cards from the deck!”


Snow Wave felt as if there was a crow screaming “Ya ya” above his head, flapping his wings and flying over slowly…

He couldn’t bear it any longer: “…Fuck, this is cheating!”

Rare Card Hunter: “”

What’s up with this person

Didn’t I even draw that… um… ten or so cards

Why is it cheating

Really weird.

He looked down at the cards in his hand… Steady! He already has three different pieces of Exodia’s five parts, victory was in sight!

“I normal summon in the defense position… Giant Soldier of Stone.”

[Giant Soldier of Stone, DEF 2000]

“Set a card, I end my turn.” The rare card hunter couldn’t help laughing when he hit here, “Hey, you have stepped into my death trap, boy.

You are definitely unable to guess what you’re facing…”

“Exodia.” Snow Wave said calmly with an expressionless face.

Rare Card Hunter: “…”


What! How did this kid know I was going to use Exodia!

The rare card hunter was shocked.

Does he know me

No, wait a minute, calm down first, there is nothing good.

Even if he knew I used Exodia, it was too late.

I already have three parts in my hand, and he can’t stop my moves even if he guessed right!

“My turn, draw!”

After Snow Wave drew the card, he smiled.

Thanks to the “Card Destruction” just now, he had already drawn the card he wanted.

Exodia, right Now I’ll let you see the fearsome of card printing!

“Activate Continuous Spell – Force of Four!” Snow Wave inserted the Spell Card into the Duel Disk, “When this card is activated, if any player has more than 4 cards in their hand, they must send cards to the Graveyard until there are 4 cards in their hand.

While either player has 4 cards in their hand, if an effect would add a new card(s) from their Deck or Graveyard to their hand; they must send all those cards to the Graveyard instead!”

Rare Card Hunter: “……”


Who the hell would put such a thing with unknown meaning into the deck


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