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“Continuous Spell – Force of Four!” The extra spell card on the Snow Wave field instantly established an absolute advantage, “Okay, now you have five cards in your hand, hurry up and throw one away for me.”

The rare card hunter glanced at his five cards and gritted his teeth angrily.

Is this card printed just now Otherwise, how can this moonstruck have a card countering me right on the spot

However, no matter how angry he was, he still had to play cards.

The rare card hunter reluctantly selected one of the five cards in his hand and sent it to the graveyard.

“I end my turn.”

The “Giant Soldier of Stone” on the opponent’s field has 2000 defense points, and Snow Wave has not yet drawn a card that can remove this Normie, so he can only end the round first.

The Force of Four was an animated Continuous Spell card that has not been implemented.

The only time it appeared was in the hands of Aster Phoenix, a character of Yu-Gi-Oh!

However, although there was no real-life version of this card, the game World Link Online has made this card.

This game liked to make some anime cards with unclear meaning and completely useless.

Players suspected that it was especially used to fill the card pool, giving you the illusion that its card pool was thick and rich…

Yuei Vu spent thousands of crystals to open packs from the system card pool in one go, and found a few of these things.

At that time, Yuei Vu’s first reaction was “what a useless card”, so he was ready to throw it in the corner to eat dust.

But then he thought – eh If I remember right, Ghouls seems to have a rare card hunter who specialized in playing Exodia

Wouldn’t this thing be able to counter him

Since then, Snow Wave had this card with unknown meaning in his hand…

In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episode 144, Amon, the duelist who used the Exodia the Forbidden One, already has four Exodia parts in his hand, and the fifth one has also been placed at the top of the deck due to the card effect.

As long as he drew a card in the next round, he could complete the Exodia the Forbidden One and win directly.

It was during that turn that Aster activated the Spell Card “Force of Four”.

In the next turn, although Amon drew the fifth piece to his hand, he had to discard the fifth piece to the cemetery according to the effect of the Force of Four, and the Exodia the Forbidden One Exodia did not appear.

It could be seen from this part of the animation plot that the victory condition of the Exodia the Forbidden One could not take effect until the effect of “Force of Four” was resolved.

Of course, Aster did not know that the opponent was using the Exodia the Forbidden One before the duel started.

So this card could also be understood as printed by him on the spot, otherwise, there was no reason to explain why he, who played a pure HERO Deck, would have such an obscure thing…

At this time, the rare card hunter was holding a “Left Arm of the Forbidden One” in his hand, and he had just thrown a “Left Arm of the Forbidden One” into GY, and then he drew a “Left Arm of the Forbidden One” in the Draw Phase this turn…

The Rare Card Hunter had the urge to tear up this card.

Fuck! What the hell kind of luck

It’s not like the Blue-Eyes White Dragon of President Kaiba.

Three cards glued together could stabilize the chance to summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon… What was the use of three Exodia left hands

Are you summoned to directly slap the opposite side

Now the Rare Card Hunter’s hand contained three different Exodia parts plus a duplicate left hand, which could be said to be a complete brick hand…

The rare card hunter was in pain for a long time, and finally gave up the bait idea of ​​”summon the left hand to slap the opposite face”, and reluctantly announced the end of his turn.

Now I can only hope that the screwball on the opposite side will not be able to draw out a monster with an ATK of 2000 or more in the next turn…

“My turn, draw!”

When it was Snow Wave’s turn, he laughed after drawing the card, “It’s here! I tribute a ‘Marauding Captian’ to summon ‘Judge Man’! ”

A heroic warrior with a sword on the field turned into starlight and dissipated, and a new card was projected on the field.

An old guy with fangs and a gray beard appeared from the card, wearing a robe like a Judge Man and a cloak behind him.

[Judge Man, ATK 2200]

Although it was a Normal monster with an attack power of 2200, it was a Level 6 monster that only needed one Tribute.

Therefore, although he disliked it, Snow Wave, who had few choices in the novice stage, still added this card to his.

The Rare Card Hunter’s expression changed suddenly.

Oh crap! Its attack power exceeds the defensive power of the “Giant Soldier of Stones”!

“Judge Man, destroy the Giant Soldier of Stones!”

The high-level monster with an ATK of 2200 flew across the field and easily broke the Giant Soldier of Stones on the opposite field.

The body of the monster turned into countless stones and shattered, which also meant that the only line of defense that could protect the rare card hunter was broken.

“Marauding Captian! Direct attack!”

The captain shot up, alternating his hands with long swords, the sword light flashed, and the image cut through the Rare Card Hunter’s body ruthlessly.

[Rare Card Hunter, LP 4000 → LP 2800]

“Very good! Keep it like this!” Snow Wave was proud, “Set a card, I end my turn!”


The rare card hunter gritted his teeth and glanced at the four Exodia parts in his hand, and then looked at the two monsters on the Snow Wave Field.

His whole person felt unwell…

He even wanted to surrender…

But he also knew that as long as he gave up, the command Mr.

Marik had planted in his mind would immediately trigger, and everything in his head would become a mess.

MMD! After all, how could someone carry such an inexplicable Continous Spell Card

I am so completely deceived!

There is no way out, I can only struggle until the end!

“My turn, draw!”

The rare card hunter glanced at the card he had drawn, and a glimmer of hope suddenly ignited in his already desperate eyes…

“Spell Card – Mystical Space Typhoon!” He hurriedly played out the newly drawn card, “This card can destroy a spell or trap card on the field! I destroy the ‘Force of Four’!”

A green Spell Card appeared on the field, and the rolled-up storm shot straight at the opposite field, precisely tearing the continuous magic beside Snow Wave into pieces.

Very good! Now I destroyed that pesky Spell Card, I still have hope!

As long as I can draw a Pot of Greed or Graceful Charity in the next turn – anyway, I have a lot of such things in my deck, maybe I can turn the table…

But first I have to survive the next turn.

Rare Card Hunter: “I’m normal summon the ‘Left Arm of the Forbidden One’ in defense position!”

Of course, he didn’t summon it out to slap the face, but because if he didn’t summon any monster as a wall, he would definitely die in the next turn.

In this way, if Snow Wave couldn’t summon new monsters in the next turn, he still had a chance to make a comeback.

However, he didn’t expect Snow Wave to jump up in excitement at this moment: “Ha! That might be the case!”

Although it didn’t make much sense, he just wanted to say this in a duel—because it sounded so handsome! Fashion value UP!

“Open the set card!” Snow Wave waved his hand so big that he almost twisted his waist, “Trap card – Chain Disappearance! It can only be activated when a monster with an ATK below 1000 is summoned.

Destroy the summoned monster and banish it from the game!

Then if there are cards with the same name in the opponent’s hand or deck, they are also banished!

So you have to remove from play all the ‘Left Arm of the Forbidden One’ from your field and deck! ”


The rare card hunter raised his head, and a mouthful of blood spurted three feet away.


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