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“Chain Disappearance is activated!” Snow Wave’s face was excited with the trick’s success, “Okay, let me banish all the ‘Left Arm of the Forbidden One’ from the game on your field, deck, and hand!”

The rare card hunter felt that his head might be congested and he was a little dizzy.

His brain “buzzed”, his eyes turned black for a while, and Snow Wave’s last words echoed over and over in his ears.

All were removed from the play…

Removed from the play…


The rare card hunter wanted to cry but had no tears.

In this era of DMs, even the cards sent to the GY were basically irrelevant to this duel, and there were very few things that could effectively use the resources of the GY, let alone the banished zone.

Ninety-nine percent of the banished cards have gone away for good in this round.

Oh, so this rare card hunter may also go far in this game…

Obviously, his deck was all built around the Exodia the Forbidden One.

The deck was completely composed of deck thinning cards, wall monsters with low star and high defense, and spell trap cards that blocked attacks and stall.

Other than that, there were only three copies of each Exodia part, 15 in total.

So the only way for him to win was to collect all the Exodia parts, and that’s it.

It was almost impossible to reduce the opponent’s LP to zero by conventional methods.

What Did you say that putting 15 Exodia parts in the deck will cause dead draws

The answer was… Obviously yes!

In the animation, when this guy was playing against Yami Yugi, he was stuck in a hand accident with his own Exodia parts…

There was no surprise about what happened next.

The rare card hunter was directly pressed to death by Snow Wave without any struggle.

What’s even funnier was that this guy even started the Shadow Game confidently at the beginning, but now he has suffered the consequences of his own actions.

The two monsters in Snow Wave took turns to attack directly.

Under the real damage of the Shadow Game, the hunter screamed.

Yes, he was also a Shadow Duelist, but he was relatively weak and not strong enough to take the opponent’s life.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to snatch the “Red-Eyes Black Dragon” from Jonouchi so easily.

Jonouchi and his good buddy Honda once beat a dozen professional bodyguards from the Kaiba Corp, and their combat effectiveness was the pinnacle of human beings in Yu-Gi-Oh! DM.

If it wasn’t for the rare card hunter having the power of a Shadow Game, how could there be no fighting back from Jonouchi

As for Yugi later on…


……That may be because his dark power was too weak, and he was no different from ordinary people in front of Yami Yugi……

[Rare Card Hunter, LP 2800 → LP 0]

It was finally over.

This was the first thought that popped into the rare card hunter’s mind when the images of the two monsters vanished and his body slumped to the ground.

He collapsed on the ground, panting violently, sweating profusely, with a hollowed-out expression…

Snow Wave rushed up and pulled out the opponent’s deck from the Duel Disk.

He was about to follow Yuei Vu’s example and shoved the whole set into his pocket, but he didn’t expect a warning prompt to pop up in front of him.

“Warning! According to Battle City’s rules, the winner can only get one rare card from the opponent.

The one who breaks the rules will be punished by the competition organizer and disqualified!”

Snow Wave: “…”

Damn! Does Kaiba still manage this

“Cut, I can’t take it all, it’s boring…”

Snow Wave grumbled helplessly as he unfolded the deck in his hand and began to choose one by one.

The rare card hunter lying on the ground couldn’t help but spit out another mouthful of blood when he heard his muttering.

Do you actually want to take all of them Do you have any morality left

If he could only choose one, it didn’t make sense to take a piece of Exodia… After all, Snow Wave also remembered that the Exodia the Forbidden One in this guy’s hand was originally a fake card.

Even if he took it, it would not work.

Snow Wave actually saw the “Red-Eyes Black Dragon”.

He wanted to take this card for a moment, but then he reminded himself that Red-Eyes Black Dragon belonged to Jonouchi.

In the animation, it was because this hunter robbed Red-Eyes Black Dragon from Jonouchi so that he was later beaten by Yugi to the point that he could not take care of himself…

……So if I got this Red-Eyes, shouldn’t Yugi come to me

Snow Wave shook his head and decided to be cautious first.

That is the Duel King, the Pharaoh! Who the hell wants to provoke that bigshot now

He thought about it for a while, and finally took a “Pot of Greed”.

However, the cards taken here were not actually system quest rewards, but the victory rewards formulated in the Battle City competition.

Therefore, the rare cards obtained by players through this rule were actually the same in nature as those purchased from the card store.

They were counted as quest items and unable to be used directly.

Such cards could only be thrown in the warehouse and wait for a certain quest to be triggered in the future, or sold to the system to be disassembled and exchanged for some crystals.


…you can also take it back and go to Yuei Vu to see if he is interested in receiving it.

Because Yuei Vu has specifically explained to the players that if he encountered any interesting card, he would buy it at a “high price”.

Of course, even the “high price” was actually relative to the price of the system…

However, the players felt that it was quite profitable because at least it was more cost-effective to sell cards that you couldn’t use to Yuei Vu than the system.

This NPC was handsome and strong, and it’s super good!

Snow Wave took the card and the puzzle card and jumped up and down happily.

The rare card hunter gasped for a moment, gritted his teeth, and tried to get up again.

Now he’s totally screwed up.

Not to mention losing to an inexplicable weirdo, he also lost his own puzzle card.

In this way, he didn’t even have the qualifications to continue participating in the Battle City, and he would definitely be killed by Marik-sama when he returned…

In desperation, another person appeared from behind: “Found you!”

The rare card hunter shuddered, turned around, and found that there was another duelist behind him.

The Rare Card Hunter was full of questions: “Who are you”

“Me My name is ‘I’ll Hang Your Mother On The Tree’…but it doesn’t matter.”

Rare Card Hunter: “”

Such a name unimportant

Are you kidding me

The weirdo raised the Duel Disk: “Do you want to have a duel According to the rules of the Battle City.”

The rare card hunter was annoyed by the other party’s taunting, but after thinking about it, the anger quickly disappeared, and the wretched smile was put on his face again.

It’s like the old saying “someone brings a pillow as soon as I feel sleepy”.

He just lost the puzzle card, yet someone came to the door immediately to deliver one.

Of course, a “witty” hunter like him wouldn’t tell the opponent that his puzzle card had actually been lost to someone else – otherwise, they might not choose to duel with him.

As long as he won this game, he would be able to get a puzzle card and escape the death sentence!

Therefore, without any hesitation, the hunter immediately started the duel.

“Duel!” x2

“Then I’ll go first, draw!” The player named “I’ll Hang Your Mother On The Tree” took the lead, then laughed, and immediately played a spell card.

“Activate Continuous Spell – Force of Four! When this card is activated, if any player has more than 4 cards in their hand, they must send cards to the Graveyard until there are 4 cards in their hand.

While either player has 4 cards in their hand, if an effect would add a new card(s) from their Deck or Graveyard to their hand; they must send all those cards to the Graveyard instead!”

The rare card hunter almost collapsed.

You… you all come to play me on purpose, right


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