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Yuei Vu walked leisurely on the streets of the dueling city, wandering aimlessly.

He also didn’t have anyone he particularly wanted to challenge, so he just followed whatever opponent he encountered.

Anyway, the duelists in the whole city, including the players who have just been online, should not be able to be his opponent, and most of the strong players also chose to avoid other strong opponents in this stage.

Everyone would of course want to save a little time and effort, and dueling with weaker opponents would also increase the probability of advancing to the next round.

In this way, the content of the Yami Yugi in the animation was probably the top level of the Battle City.

He repelled wave after wave of Ghouls’ high-level duelists, which even included a puppet that Marik himself remotely controlled and held the “Osiris the Sky Dragon”.

Just thinking of this, Yuei Vu noticed a prompt popped up on his quest interface.

He opened it to take a look and found that it turned out to be a reminder that the quest was automatically canceled.

The following explanation was because Ghouls’ rare card hunter was defeated by Yugi Muto, and fifteen of Exodia’s fake cards were all torn to pieces by the game.

The hunter has lost the ability to fight again, so the mission which he gave to players was automatically canceled.

It was an expected result.

According to the animation plot, this rare card hunter should have been defeated by Yugi to get the card of “Red-Eyes Black Dragon” back for his friend Jonouchi.

However, Yuei Vu reckoned that many players who received the quest should have gone to fight this hunter before that.

Maybe this would be the headline of tomorrow’s underground world news.

“Shock! A certain Ghouls hunter was actually played by multiple screwballs in the Battle City!”

According to the Battle City rules, if each person grabbed a card from this guy, he should have lost a lot of cards…

Although these cards seemed to be temporarily in the hands of the players, they would most likely end up in Yuei Vu’s hands in the end.

After all, the cards obtained according to the Battle City gambling rules were only mission items for the players, and they couldn’t use them either.

It was well known that although the card pool in the DM era was the smallest, many cards have simple and OP effects.

There were many banned cards and divine cards that duelists have not realized the value of, so it’s not a surprise if they appeared in the cannon fodder NPC’s deck.

Local NPCs may not recognize the awesomeness of these cards, but players who were used to playing real cards know the goods!

Mixing a hundred cards at random, and a real player could always find the most useful card at a glance.

The card gambling rule of Battle City was regarded by many duelists as an excellent opportunity to strengthen their decks because they could come into contact with top rare cards from all over the world that were rarely seen on weekdays.

The same was true for Yuei Vu.

But unlike others, he was not fighting alone.

All players who have logged into World Link Online during the current Open Beta were all potential hunters!

Not surprisingly, the end of this Battle City competition should be another bumper harvest for him.

Pedestrians on the left and right sides of the road seem to have decreased unconsciously.

Yuei Vu looked sideways and found that there was such a weird clown not far away.

He looked like a clown, with a fat uniform, a bright red smile, a pale face, and colorful makeup.

He bowed gracefully towards Yuei Vu, gestured to the building in front of him, and then dexterously jumped backward into the grass and disappeared.

Yuei Vu frowned slightly.

He remembered this clown… it seemed to be the subordinate of the magician Pandora

In the animation, this clown guided Yugi to find the duel field prepared by Pandora, and the two had a “Saw” version of the duel there——

——The ankles of the duelists on both sides were fastened by shackles.

A high-speed rotating chainsaw is placed on the slide rails on the sides of the two.

The person whose LP was zeroed first would be cut down by a chainsaw.

Now this development… It seemed that Pandora hated him for pulling his deck, so instead of going to trouble Yugi, he came to trouble him.

But… has Pandora been “thrown into the depths of darkness” by Marik after the last defeat Why was he released to do something again

Thinking about this, Yugi was really a daring art master.

They sent a clown to provoke him.

Whether it was a trap or not, he simply followed the route arranged by others and went directly without bringing any companion.

Of course, Yuei Vu, as a duelist with the Yu- prefix, couldn’t show weakness here.

So he didn’t even think about it, and immediately…

…pretend not to see it, turn around and leave.


……What! Why should I go into such a clear trap I am not the Duel King.

Yugi had his own main character aura, not to mention the pharaoh himself.

There were very few people on this Earth who could be his opponent.

Of course, he could be iron-headed and reckless.

Anyway, Yuei Vu applied a pearl of old wisdom here: Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is best.

Knowing that it is a trap and playing according to other people’s rules, do I look that stupid

Yuei Vu pretended not to see it and even bought a hot dog while passing by a fast food restaurant.

He went out early in the morning to attend the opening ceremony of Battle City, so he didn’t even eat breakfast until now.

It wasn’t until he slowly finished breakfast while walking that a certain Ghouls magician finally couldn’t hold back and appeared in front of Yuei Vu in person.

Sure enough, it was Pandora again.

“You!” This time, Pandora didn’t wear the big black robe that looked like a sack when they met last time.

Instead, he was wearing a magician’s red suit and a white mask with a cross-section and glared at Yuei Vu angrily.

Yuei Vu was amused when he saw that he was not only not afraid, but also laughed: “I thought that as long as I didn’t go, you would always be waiting alone in that dark basement…Are you really bored to the point you have to come up and check the situation”

Pandora’s face darkened: “Enough!”

He snapped his fingers.

From the grass on both sides, several guys wearing Ghouls’ iconic black robes with their hoods lowered to cover their faces immediately popped out.

They looked like mass-produced cannon fodder soldiers.

A group of black-clothed strong men blinked and surrounded Yuei Vuyan in the middle.

“Oh” Yuei Vu looked around, “Aren’t you going to solve the problem through a duel this time”

“I gave you one chance, but you ran away and didn’t accept it.” Pandora said coldly, “For a cowardly duelist like you who can’t even accept a duel, I think Lord Marik would agree to do so.”

In other words, we hit people directly this time!

A few strong men tugged their sleeves without saying a word and looked like they were going to pin Yuei Vu on the ground.


Boom! boom! boom!

Several deafening explosions sounded, and a burst of energy burst out with astonishing airwaves.

The strong men of Ghouls instantly turned on their backs, their noses bruised and their faces swollen, groaning on the ground.

The materialized Dark Magician Girl carried a small magic wand on her shoulders, blocked her body in front of her master, and pouted at the group of big men who wanted to plot against her master.

Yuei Vu stood behind the Dark Magician Girl with his arms crossed, looking calmly at Pandora who was so shocked that he doubted his life.

What You say that men hiding behind girls are cowards

Heh, we call this a summoner, do you understand

What you see now is actually my mount that I can ride on!


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