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Chapter 8 - This Can Be Used

Yuei Vu found out that this might not have anything to do with what he did, or what he said.

Anyway, as long as he kept standing there, the maid’s favorability seems to increase naturally…

No way, being too handsome would also cause distress.

It’s just that the lady maid concealed it very well, and he couldn’t see any signs of excitement on her face, which made Yuei Vu even think that the function of the corresponding module of the system was malfunctioning.

However, not long after meeting this maid, Yuei Vu found out that he was really thinking too much at this moment.

Because the maid may have no intention of concealing it from the beginning to the end, she simply had a poker face…

After all the questions were asked, the lady maid closed the notebook in a hurry.

“That’s all I want to ask,” she said.

That’s it

Yuei Vu didn’t mean rude, but he thought these questions are a bit strange as interview questions – how did you think these things have anything to do with the position he was applying for

Yuei Vu asked, “Then… have I been accepted”

“I don’t know.” The maid shook her head.


“Because I’m not the store manager,” Her tone was almost natural, “I’m still in high school, I just came here to help during the holidays.”

Yuei Vu: “…”

What the hell!

Then you were playing with me just now

Calm down, I must keep smiling at times like this.

“Oh, that’s right.” Yuei Vu asked, “Is the store manager there”

The girl shook her head like a rattle.

“He’s out of town.” She said, “But I can give you a call and ask for instructions.”

“…Then please help me.”

The girl turned around and went to the warehouse at the back.

Yuei Vu leaned against the glass counter and began to glance aimlessly among the card packs in the store.

Before the rebirth, the cards in these card shops were just decorations for players, just like a background.

The cards here could only be used by NPCs, and players couldn’t use them even if they buy them back.

But now it’s different for Yuei Vu.

As an NPC, he could use these cards.

He has already made up his mind to come here to open the package when he has money.

Um… After I have money.

Since the store manager was away, Yuei Vu didn’t have any expectations for this position for the time being.

He was already thinking about where to find work next.

But the maid came back soon with good news: “The store manager said you can stay.”

“Ah” Yuei Vu was taken aback, “He didn’t ask any questions”

“No.” The girl said, “He said to try it out first, and then wait until he came back.

He told me t help you get familiar with the work.”

“My job is……”

“Just be responsible for helping me.” She pointed to the bar next to her, “Sometimes there will be customers coming to drink coffee.

If there are too many people, sometimes I can’t service all customers by myself… You know how to brew coffee, right”

Yuei Vu nodded: “I understand a little.”

My dad taught me to soak in Hawaii…

……Oh, this was Yu-Gi-Oh, so I’m sorry.

“That’s good.”

The girl told him to follow her and led him through the shelves.

Yuei Vu found that there was a red wooden door in the most inconspicuous corner of the store.

“Food and shelter are included here, but the salary may not be too high.

There is no salary during the probationary period.

You can wait for the boss to come back and talk to him about the formal salary.”

“Okay.” Yuei Vu nodded.

He didn’t expect any salary or anything.

What he came here for was to include food and shelter…

……All right,

There may also be a discount if you buy a card.

The girl pushed open the wooden door, and behind it was a long staircase leading all the way into the darkness, because of the poor lighting in the compartment, she couldn’t see the situation above.

“The room is up here,” she said.

“I live on the third floor—I like to live a little higher.

Both rooms on the second floor are empty.

You can pick one and I’ll give you the key.”


Yuei Vu walked all the way and suddenly thought of something: “By the way, I don’t know your name yet.”

“Chika, Itou Chika.” She didn’t look back, “Just call me Chika.”

She took Yuei Vu to the second floor.

Yuei Vu picked a room at random and opened the door, only to feel a dull musty stench coming from his face as if he had opened a wine cellar that had been sealed for many years.

The room was not very large, with only one bedroom and a cramped bathroom.

The early morning light penetrated through the only small window, and countless dust particles flew recklessly in the light.

Itou Chika took a step back and pinched her tiny nose.

“Because no one stays here in years, the environment is a bit bad.”

She may really feel that this dormitory is a bit unworthy of this “junior”.

“…If you don’t mind, I can help you clean up after the store closes at night.”

Yuei Vu waved his hand: “It doesn’t matter, I can do it myself.”

After a pause, he asked: “Compared to this…Is it really okay for me to just move in so casually I mean, the store manager has never seen me…No, It should be said that we didn’t even get through the phone.”

While talking, the two had already left the room and started going downstairs.

“It doesn’t matter.” Itou Chika said lightly, “Although he may make things difficult for you after he comes back, he will not drive you away directly.

The store manager is actually a pretty good person, and he must mention any shortcomings.

……He had a poisonous mouth but a tofu heart.”

“Oh That means that although his mouth is mean, he actually treats people well”

“No.” Chika shook her head and said calmly, “It means that his mouth is mean, but he is actually thinking about how to eat tofu.


Yuei Vu: “…”

Don’t lie to me.

Although I read only a few books, how can this be the meaning of “having a poisonous mouth but a tofu heart”


So it means that the store manager is a… um… gentleman

It’s just that these words were said lightly from the mouth of such a beautiful girl with a poker face… It always felt a little strange.

“By the way, if you want to work, you also have to change into work clothes.” Chika stopped, suddenly remembered something, turned her head, and looked at Yuei Vu.

“There are a few spares in the warehouse, but I don’t know if the size fits your body…”

Yuei Vu instantly became alert.

Work clothes What work clothes

Could it be that he also changed into a maid outfit

This was different from what he expected.

He just came to eat and drink, but he didn’t intend to betray his integrity.

Fortunately, Chika came back with a men’s dress after a while.

Snow white lining, black vest, and bow tie.

Putting on this attire, Yuei Vu felt like he looked like a common bartender in movies, except that the part he was in charge of was not wine but coffee.

The lady maid stood in front of him and helped him take pictures of the folds on his clothes.

She dexterously tied the bow tie and tidied up his collar.

Then she took two steps back, tilted her head, and looked at it for a while, nodding like an artist facing her masterpiece at last.

【Favorability 5】

Yuei Vu was already numb to the string of reminders that popped up above her head from time to time…

Seemingly satisfied with this junior, Chika nodded and said to herself, “Okay, this can be used.”

Yuei Vu: “”

Wait a minute, little sister, you can speak clearly.

What do you mean by “can be used”

TL’s note:


“Eat tofu” here is slang for touching girls in private parts.


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