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Sure enough, this taunting tactic was still effective.

Yuei Vu could see that the exposed half of Pandora’s face became green with anger.

He roared: “Dark Magician! Smash that false phantom for me! Attack the ‘Magician’s Robe’!”

The Dark Magician’s interrupted attack continued, the mighty magic shock roared out from the staff, and the powerful wave instantly destroyed the illusory robe.

However, because Magician’s Robe was in the defense position, the attack didn’t cause any harm to Yuei Vu, and it had no meaning other than venting Pandora’s anger.

After the smoke cleared away, the Dark Magician on the opponent’s field was still standing and looked at him with a contemptuous smile in the corner of his mouth, which made him even angrier.

It felt a bit like his wife ran away with others and didn’t forget to show up in front of his face,…

“Set a card and I end my turn.”

After Pandora ended his turn, he still glared at the Dark Magician on the Yuei Vu’s side, as if saying, “You traitor.”

“My turn, draw.”

Yuei Vu glanced at the cards in his hand and thought for a while.

Should I use my Dark Magician to exchange with his

In that case, my field will be empty, and in the next turn, I will be passive.

“Then I’ll set a card too.” A face-down card appeared at Yuei Vu’s feet, “I end my turn.”

“Hey, don’t you dare to attack” Pandora began to sneer again, “It really fits the style of a cowardly duelist like you.

But dueling is a game in which the brave can win, and those who are blindly defensive will only become more passive.

The situation will only get deeper and deeper in the end.

Now, let me teach you a lesson.

My turn, draw a card!

What I want to activate is the spell card – Thousand Knives! ”

Dark Magician’s signature spell card was played.

The Dark Magician on the Pandora field sneered indifferently, and the flying knives emerged one after another out of thin air, hovering in the air to form a dense array of knives.

“‘Thousand Knives’ can only be activated when there is a Dark Magician on my field.

I can destroy a monster on the opponent’s field.

The target I want to destroy is your ‘Dark Magician’! Slash that odious traitor with a thousand swords!”

With a wave of Pandora’s Dark Magician’s wand, the flying knives in the sky immediately burst into the air and surrounded them from all directions with a sharp screeching sound.

But Yuei Vu was already prepared: “Flip the set card – Mystical Refpanel!”

The trap card was opened, and a young lady with long blue hair was projected on the field, holding a huge mirror in her hand.

The wizard adjusted the mirror to align the spell card projected on Pandora’s field, and quickly reflected the image of the spell card in the mirror.

At the same time, the flying knife suddenly disappeared out of thin air, and there was no trace at all.

Pandora was shocked: “What did you do”

“Mystical Refpanel can be activated when the opponent activates a spell card targeting the player or monster, and the effect of that spell card is negated and sealed!” Yuei Vu explained, “and by sending the ‘Mystical Refpanel’ to the Graveyard, I can activate the sealed spell card as my own effect!” (anime effect)

Pandora’s pupils shrank: “So my Thousand Knives…”

“That’s right, I sent the Mystical Refpanel to the graveyard and activated the effect of ‘Thousand Knives’! Destroy the Dark Magician on your field!”

The mirror in the elf’s hand flashed, and the sealed spell card glowed with golden light.

Thousands of blades shone with icy silver light, burst out of the mirror like raindrops, and flew straight towards the Dark Magician on Pandora’s side.

“Damn… Then open the set card: Spell Card – Mystic Box!”

A black magic box full of question marks appeared, and the door quickly opened.

Pandora’s Dark Magician flew back two steps and hid in the magic box, and the door of the box was tightly closed.

“Hahaha! Dark Magician is a mage who can master any spell.

This level of attack is useless! “Pandora laughed, “Mystic Box allows the Dark Magician to escape when he becomes the object of any attack or effect!” ” (anime effect)

Yuei Vu wanted to remind him that this seemed to be a normal spell card…but forget it.

Although he had achieved phased results after negotiating with President Kaiba, and successfully persuaded Kaiba to revise and add some rules, he did not mention advanced rules like Spell Speed, the chain, and timing.

The new rule only added that “Normal Spell cards cannot be activated in the opponent’s turn”, but in your own turn, you could use it as you like without any restrictions…

“Then according to the effect of the ‘Mystic Box’,” Pandora chattered and laughed twice, “I can choose your Dark Magician to be destroyed as a substitute! Disappear for me, betrayer!”

A black magic box suddenly appeared on Yuei Vu’s side of the field, and he shut his Dark Magician in without a word.

And Pandora’s Dark Magician somehow slipped out of the magic box magically, holding his arms and floating on the opposite side with a smug look on his face.

The flying knife flew straight towards the magic box on the field and was about to stab the Dark Magician who was locked in it into a sieve.

The corners of Yuei Vu’s mouth rose: “Is this really going to be the case”

Pandora was surprised again.

Could it be that he still has some tricks left

No, he already has no set card on the field, and the only set card “Mystical Refpanel” has just been used, so there should be no way to remove my “Mystic Box”.

But looking at the other party’s self-confidence, Pandora couldn’t help but wonder if she had overlooked something.

Is it!

Pandora was shocked and realized if he had overlooked something.

“Mystic Box” was a spell card specially designed to work with Dark Magicians.

Only Dark Magicians could escape from this magic box.

But he overlooked one thing, that was, the monster on the Yuei Vu’s field was also Dark Magician!

In other words, the opponent’s Dark Magician might be able to escape from this magic box, and this “Mystic Box” might not be effective for the opponent!

Damn it! I actually overlooked such an important issue!

However, in fact, Yuei Vu didn’t even think in that direction at all… Or if he knew about the explanation in Pandora’s own brain, he would feel that he lost 100 million.

Why didn’t I think of that

Sure enough, he was still too young and simple to keep up with the brain circuits of the DM duelists…

But at this time, Yuei Vu didn’t realize this at all, he waved his hand: “Activate the trap card from the graveyard, ‘Magician Navigation’!”

Looking at the pitch-black vortex opening on the ground and the red trap flying out of the ground in a whirl, Pandora was even more shocked this time: “From the graveyard… activate a trap!”

“If there is a Dark Magician on my field, I can banish ‘Magician Navigation’ in my GY, then target 1 face-up Spell/Trap my opponent controls; negate its effects until the end of this turn.!

I negate the effect of the ‘Mystic Box’! ”

The trap card that flew out of the graveyard swirled up into the air, and dissipated in a burst of golden light.

At the same time, a huge magic circle opened up on Yuei Vu’s field.

The black magic box cracked instantly, and Yuei Vu’s Dark Magician reappeared on the field, holding a green staff high, and the magic vortex twisted the magic box into pieces.

“Next, the effect of the spell card that has been unsealed from the ‘Mystical Refpanel’ will continue to activate.” Yuei Vu waved his arm, “Your Dark Magician will be destroyed by the effect of the ‘Thousand Knives’!”


Pandora gritted his teeth angrily, but he was powerless.

He could only watch her Dark Magician get stabbed into a sieve by Thousand Knives that repeatedly hopped across the field for several rounds, and then turned into pieces and buried in the graveyard.

A round of fierce offense and defense swap, but in the end, Pandora still lost.

Pandora began to doubt life.

Am I really not as good as this kid

He stole the ‘Dark Magician’ from me in less than a month.

A month ago, he was only a third-rate duelist with a trump card of 1600 attack power!

(Sparkman: (#`O’))

“Can this little kid surpass me Can he surpass me in the control of the Dark Magician I will never admit it!” Pandora gritted his teeth, “I haven’t Normal Summoned this turn yet…I activate the spell card – Dark Magic Curtain! Pay half of my LP; Special Summon 1 “Dark Magician” monster from my Deck! (Anime effect)

Come out from my deck, the second ‘Dark Magician’! ”

【Pandora, LP 1550】

A black curtain emerged, and the demons like bones opened up the mysterious curtain.

Dark red magic poured out from under the fluttering curtain, and a dark red figure flew down and landed on the field in front of Pandora.

[Dark Magician, ATK 2500]

Although he lost a lot of LP, it somehow avoided the embarrassment of having an empty field.

With the remaining cards in hand, it should be enough to survive the next turn.

Pandora continued: “Then I set two more cards, and I end my turn…

……! ! ”

Pandora suddenly found in shock that the spell card ‘Dark Magic Curtain’ that he activated, unexpectedly ran to the opposite field at some point!

What’s the situation You have NTR-ed my monster, do you even have to NTR a spell card!


“‘Dark Magic Curtain’ was a card that can pay half LP to Special Summon 1 ‘Dark Magician’ monster.” Yuei Vu smiled slightly, “But this effect also applies to me this turn.

In fact, what was written on the card of this animation card was “Players can pay half of LP to special summon 1 ‘Dark Magician’ monster from the deck.” However, if Yuei Vu relied on himself, he could never think that the “player” here actually included the opponent.

Moreover, the description of “Summoning the Dark Magician” here was really a mystery.

In this era, Dark Magician hasn’t become an archetype yet…

…but it didn’t matter!

In the animation, when Yami Yugi played against Pandora, he had clearly taught him how to use BISS on this card, and now he just needed to follow the example!

As a result, before he even opened his mouth, Pandora was shocked and quickly completed his explanation: “That’s right! The Dark Magic Curtain effect is ‘players can special summon the Dark Magician’, and of course, the players here also include the opposite… that means you can also use the effect of this card!”

Yuei Vu nodded slightly.

Mmmm, I don’t even need to open my mouth to explain it myself, this understanding is really good.

Yuei Vu didn’t have a second Dark Magician, but he had this one.

Now I will show you a scene from the anime!

“The Dark Magic Curtain’s effect is activated!”

【Yuei Vu, LP 4000 → LP 2000】

“Special summoned from the deck, the great apprentice of the Dark Magician – Dark Magician Girl!”

The curtain was lifted, and the energetic magic breath was immediately released from it.

The cool and beautiful magic girl flew out from the fluttering curtain, blinked her eyes playfully, and landed next to the master on her own small staff like a broom.

[Dark Magician Girl, ATK 2000]


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