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“My turn!” It was Yuei Vu’s turn to play again.

Pandora’s LP still had 1550 LP left, and there was only one Dark Magician left on his field.

Yuei Vu has a Dark Magician and his apprentice on the field.

This turn, as long as he used his Dark Magician to exchange with the opponent’s one, and then let the Dark Magician Girl attack directly, it would be his victory!

……Under the condition that there was no pit among Pandora’s two set cards.

To be fair, Pandora has set all cards in his hand after using Dark Magic Curtain in the last turn, so it should be more likely to be a bluff.

He was not the protagonist, but a rare card hunter who played fake cards.

He should have no bond with his deck.

How could he print cards accurately

Yuei Vu blindly guessed that he might have bluffed with two spell cards!

A true duelist couldn’t back down from the battle, just rush!

Yuei Vu waved his hand: “Attack with my Dark Magician! Dark Magic Attack!”

The Dark Magicians on both sides raised their wands at the same time.

They held their hands in exactly the same posture.

At the same time, they charged up for a while, and then they flew out at the same time.

The wands in their hands danced dazzlingly.

……what Why do you think the top mages rushed to fight melee

Wasn’t it common sense for top mages to fight in close combat

Among the initial 10 attribute points, distributing 2 points for illuminate spell, 4 for Strength, and 4 for Agility.

Isn’t this the standard for mages

Then Pandora seemed to have actually printed the card on the spot: “Ha! I have long expected an attack of this level! Activate trap card – Black Illusion!

This card can only be activated when there is a Dark Magician on my field.

Until the end of the turn, the Dark Magician will not be destroyed by battle and will not be affected by the effect of the opponent’s card! (anime effect)”

Pandora paused and laughed: “Sure enough, in terms of magician’s skills, I am still better! In this way, only your Dark Magician will be destroyed, and the situation will lean on my side!”

…Well, he really did print it.

I may have really underestimated the opponent.

Maybe Pandora is also a true duelist who can always draw just the right cards.

…but it still doesn’t matter!

“Activate a spell card from my hand – Dark Magic Twin Burst! This turn, 1 “Dark Magician” I control gains ATK equal to the combined ATK of all “Dark Magician Girl” currently on the field and in the GYs!” Yuei Vu quickly played another card.

What You said why this kind of card is not activated first

If the rules allow you to use spell cards as Quick-Play, of course, you must make the most of it!

The Dark Magicians on both sides were wielding their wands at high speed, fighting with each other in a head-to-head battle.

At this time, the Dark Magician Girl on Yuei Vu’s side flew into the battlefield, the dark light surging on the small wand, and the magic power condensed…

…then stabbed him in the waist like a gun.

After all, the master and the apprentice were in the same line, and if the master took the lead in rushing up to compete with others, then the apprentice must not fall behind.

Yuei Vu thought that this skill might even have a name, which was “Wand Fighting Techniques”, which was a well-known high-end technique in the magician world.

He thoroughly studied various angles and postures of wand to knock people out…

…Well, he couldn’t make it up anymore.

The effect of Dark Magician Girl was that she gained 300 ATK for every “Dark Magician” or “Magician of Black Chaos” in the GY, so her attack power was now 2300.

[Dark Magician (Yuei Vu), ATK 2500 → ATK 4800]

The attack power of the Dark Magician soared to a considerable 4800 points in one go! Even if Pandora’s Dark Magician couldn’t be destroyed by battle, the damage calculation should still apply, and 2300 points of damage were still enough to destroy the remaining LP of Pandora!

Boom! ! !

The collision of magic power caused a roar, and the explosion turned into a dark storm and rose into the sky.

It swept toward Pandora like a tide.

However, when the battle was over and the magic power dissipated, Pandora was still standing across from him with a smile on his face, and his Dark Magician was still on the field.

And it seemed not only that…

【Pandora, LP 1550 → LP 3250】

Yuei Vu raised his eyebrows.

So not only did the LP not get a deduction but raised instead

“Hehe, it’s really dangerous, but I used this card in an emergency.” Pandora smiled lightly and popped a trap from the duel tray grave area, “I activated the trap card ‘Nutrient Z’.

This card can be activated when I take more than 2000 battle damage, and I can recover 4000 LP before the damage is resolved.

……Okay, he was trapped again.

This card was indeed a trap produced in the DM era.

If Yuei Vu remembered correctly, it was first used by Jonouchi.

However, this thing seemed to be very powerful to recover 4000 LP in one breath, but in fact, it has been forgotten by modern Yu-Gi-Oh players for a long time.

And with the effect of the Black Illusion, it was impossible to defeat the opponent’s Dark Magician within this turn.

“Then I will set another card, and I end my turn.” Yuei Vu said.

Although he survived this turn, Pandora’s hand had already been empty, and the probability of turning over with the card drawn in the next turn was really not high.

That’s why it was said that LP in Yu-Gi-Oh was a very confusing thing.

Recovering 4000 LP sounded much, but it’s really useless.

He was basically a dead man after losing all the cards in his hand.

When Yuei Vu’s next turn, he would be taken away in one battle, several thousands of LP made no difference at all.

Unless he can print another Pot of Greed in the next turn…

“Hahahaha! It seems that today is your doomed day!”

Pandora let out a smug laugh, and that voice made Yuei Vu think about a vampire of the studio next door, and lines like “This is my escape route” echoed in his ears…

“Activate the spell card – Card of Sanctity! Each player draws until they have 6 cards in their hand!”

Yuei Vu: “…”

This… bro, you’re boring.

Cheating in such a clear way, who want to play cards with you after this

……Well, Yuei Vu thought about it carefully and felt that maybe he really shouldn’t have hope.

Looking at the six completed animations of Yu-Gi-Oh, have you ever seen any duelist get stuck in an empty field after hundreds of episodes

And why did that guy not put such good things in his deck when I grabbed his deck last time

If he had stuffed a few cards earlier, I wouldn’t have to work so hard to unpack…

While Yuei Vu was thinking, both hands were refilled with six cards.

The originally unfavorable situation on Pandora’s side also turned around in an instant.

This was also the reason why the real card game altered “Card of Sanctity” because it had such a powerful force that could make duelists break the game in an instant.

“Hahaha here! It’s finally here!” Pandora held up a card, “Let me show you the hidden true power of the Dark Magician, the true form of the strongest magician!


Look carefully, this is my new power, my new ace, who returned from hell with resentment and annoyance after being defeated by you last time! ”

Yuei Vu moved his eyebrows.

What was so powerful

“Open your eyes and look at it, this is the form that only the true master of the Dark Magician can control!” Pandora laughed and played out the spell card, “Activate Ritual Spell Card – Black Magic Ritual!

By tributing the level 1 Mystic Lamp in the hand and the level 7 Dark Magician on the field, Ritual Summon a level 8 monster!

A true magician will show his true form in the chaotic darkness, and release the power that can reverse the law! The ultimate magician——

——The Magician of Black Chaos! ”

The Dark Magician and the Mystic Lamp disappeared into the sacred altar.

The two undercurrents converged and erupted above the altar.

In the vortex of magic power, the figure of a dark mage appeared, with a slender body, a tight-fitting attire, a long black staff, and the sacred magic power lingered all over the body.

[Magician of Black Chaos, ATK 2800]

Yuei Vu really showed surprise this time: “This is…”

“The ultimate magician, the true form of a Dark Magician!” Pandora swelled to the extreme, “Chaos magic is the end of black magic, and a duelist of your level is absolutely impossible to defeat it!”

Is that so, Magician of Black Chaos

As expected of Ghouls who claimed to be able to copy any card, Yuei Vu always thought that this card was only available in Yugi Muto’s hand.

“Next is the spell card – Diffusion Wave-Motion!” Pandora shouted, “Pay 1000 Life Points.

Select 1 Level 7 or higher Spellcaster-Type monster on my side of the field.

During this turn, only the selected monster can attack and it attacks all monsters on the opponent’s side of the field.

The effects of Effect Monsters destroyed by the selected monster in battle cannot be activated!

Come on, Magician of Black Chaos, crush everything with your chaos magic! ”

【Pandora, LP 3250 → LP 2250】

The dark magician raised his staff and began to chant the ancient spell.

The words of the ancient priests crawled around his body, forming a surging magic power along the trajectory of the specific magic circle, and gathered into the top of the staff.

The Magician of Black Chaos swung down suddenly, and the blasted magic shock was divided into two parts under the effect of “Diffusion Wave-Motion”, one flew toward the Dark Magician and the other flew toward Dark Magician Girl on the Yuei Vu’s field.

Boom! ! !

The sound of the explosion soared into the sky, and the smoke screen that erupted engulfed the figures of the magician and his apprentice.

“Hehe, so the magician master and apprentice are all defeated.

Your life will soon be…

……! ”

When Pandora said this, he suddenly paused as if biting his tongue and looked at the opposite side in astonishment.

After the dissipated smoke screen gradually revealed, there was also a slender body with a straight waist, a tight-fitting dark outfit, a slender black staff…

……It looked just like the “Magician of Black Chaos” on Pandora’s field!

“How come!” Pandora was shocked.

“I didn’t expect that we had the same plan in the end.” Yuei Vu chuckled and pointed to a spell card beside him, “At the moment when Dark Magician was attacked, I activated a Quick-Play spell – Dedication through Light and Darkness.

By Tributing a Dark Magician on my field, Special Summon from my deck—

——’Dark Magician of Chaos’! “


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