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【Pandora, LP 2150 → LP 0】

Ghouls’ rare hunter, Pandora, was defeated!

“So… so amazing!” Miss Yuehua, who watched the battle from the side, cheered and her eyes lit up, “The attack power of 10,000…is this too strong”

The streamer girl obviously didn’t know much.

When she saw the five-digit attack power, she felt incredible.

Watching this duel, she felt like her whole body was boiling and burning.

At the same time, she also felt that the back of Yuei Vu, who was driving the magician, was infinitely tall, so handsome like an angel…

However, Yuei Vu didn’t pretend to be self-conscious again.

In his opinion, he was just an ordinary black magician commanding 10,000 attack power, and he just smashed the opponent into scum.

When you have seen Emperor Hope with an attack power of more than 200,000, you would think 10,000 attack power was insignificant…

(In the decisive battle of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, the protagonist, Yuma Tsukumo, summoned the Number 39: Utopia with an attack power of 204,000)

But of course, that was the age of Xyz.

In the DM era, Five Headed Dragon with an attack power of 5000 was already a super monster, and it belonged to the boss-level monster in the animation.

In this environment, stacking 10,000 attack points was still an achievement.

In addition, due to the fact that it was a Shadow Game, the damage caused by the attack was quite astonishing.

Such a shot almost tore Pandora’s soul to shreds.


Magician was lying on the ground with his mouth open, twitching from time to time to prove that he was still breathing temporarily, but his eyes no longer had any light.

It felt like a person has lost his soul, and was on the verge of death…

The comment in the live broadcast room started again.

“Is this a Shadow Game duel”

“Then this Pandora brother is a bit miserable.

It’s all turned into a mosaic, right”

“LP-9999999 warning.”

On Yuei Vu’s side, the menu also indicated that the quest had been completed.

And since the Shadow Game seemed that it was in a high level, the soul of the loser would be swallowed by the eternal darkness, so this visual inspection should solve this original BOSS once and for all.

Thinking about it this way, it seemed a little memorable.

After all, it was the first Boss that Yuei Vu met after his rebirth.

From another angle, it could be regarded as his first dime…

If the soul was swallowed through the Shadow Game, then 99% may be really hopeless.

After all, there was only one Jonouchi in the world—the man who not only fell in the Shadow Game but also faced the flame of the sun god.

Yet he was able to jump off the hospital bed the next day, and he didn’t seem to have the slightest sequelae, and he might even jump on the face of the sun god to be arrogant: “That’s it That’s the wrath of the gods”

Years later, when the duel king Yugi Muto talked to his younger generation about the Battle City of the first generation, he might describe it like this: “When we entered the semi-finals, there were only four of us left.

I hold the Osiris the Sky Dragon; Kaiba holds the Blue-Eyes White Dragon and the Obelisk The Tormentor; Marik holds The Winged Dragon of Ra, and constantly relies on the Shadow Game to win… ..

……and the Jounouchi-kun who kept rolling the dice and tossing coins.


Jonouchi was inhumanly strong!


Looking at it this way, it was no wonder that Pegasus later counted Jonouchi as one of the top five legendary duelists in the world.

The God of Gamblers really deserved his name.

Seeing that Pandora “twitched all over and then became dull” for a while, his whole body softened.

Yuei Vu was thinking that this guy was finally going to die, but he didn’t want this guy to suddenly bounce up like a tumbler.

He opened his eyelids and glared at him, almost not startling Yuei Vu.

What’s the situation Terminal lucidity

It doesn’t seem to be…

Yuei Vu quickly found out that although it looked a bit like a corpse, the one in front of him was no longer Pandora.

At this moment, his eyes were white, and his limbs were hanging limply, like a thread-pulling puppet being pulled by an invisible thread.

The golden eye on his forehead brightened, and another person took over his body.

Yuei Vu narrowed his eyes: “Marik Ishtar.”

“Exactly.” Pandora’s mouth made a mechanical sound.

The soul named Pandora was no longer in this body, and there was only an empty shell left.

The one who was talking to Yuei Vu now was Marik.

“Yuei Vu, a new star in the Nightcrawler World” Marik said with interest, “I have heard a lot of news about you recently.

As a newcomer, you are quite famous in the underground world.”

“You praise me too much.” Yuei Vu smiled, “You are certainly a senior based on your experience in the underground world, but you’re not much earlier than me.

If you have to say it, we can still count as the same period.”

Marik laughed dryly a few times, and the voice that came out through this empty throat was very strange.

“You’re an unexpected variable,” Marik said.

“I’m very interested in you, but we don’t have to be hostile.”

“I understand.” Yuei Vu stretched out a hand to stop him from continuing, “Now it’s time for you to make an offer that I can’t refuse, and let me join your Ghouls, right”

Anyway, most of the villains had no new ideas.

Nine of the ten villains had similar lines, and the remaining one may be forgotten.

“Oh It seems you understand very well.”

Marik was a little relieved.

He originally only asked Yuei Vu with the attitude of having a try, but he didn’t expect this eye-witness to be surprisingly easy to talk to.

As long as Yuei Vu was willing to join him, then everything would be easy.

Anyway, apart from the only real confidant Rishid, in Marik’s entire organization, all the others in Ghouls were brainwashed and manipulated by him with the Millenium Rod.

He just needed to give a blank check and let Yuei Vu see some benefits to coax him in, and then brainwashed this guy, wasn’t it a strong subordinate for free

So here Marik decided to directly show the splendor of being the boss: “Then let me hear your conditions! You may also know that our Ghouls have the best copy card technology in the world.

You can designate any rare card, our Ghouls can definitely help you get it!”

Having said that, he smiled complacently.

“Hey, even cards like the Exodia the Forbidden One, or the three Egyptian Gods can be easily copied with our technology.”

Yuei Vu couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

Oh, do you think that I don’t know your little trick

What Marik said was true.

There were indeed a dozen copies of three Egyptian Gods in Ghouls’ storage, but whether he has the ability to control them was another matter.

Up to now, all those who dared to use the fake God card have been buried…

Marik has a very bad heart.

He deliberately seduced the opponent with a huge temptation that most duelists couldn’t resist, but he didn’t tell the other party about the potential risks.

It was obvious that he was digging a hole and waiting for Yuei Vu to jump in.

However, Yuei Vu didn’t care and instead pretended to be serious and thoughtful: “…I don’t care about the God card, but I do have the card I need.

If you can get it, it’s not impossible to join Ghouls…”

Marik’s heart was overjoyed, and he felt a play.

Yuei Vu’s strength was undoubted.

Just because Yuei Vu alone has defeated so many rare hunters of Ghouls in a row, this talent was worth recruiting.

Not to mention that there were rumors all over the underground world recently, saying that Yuei Vu had suppressed Kaiba Seto, and even forced out Obelisk the Tormentor in the end!

Because a large number of spectators are members of Nightcrawlers World, therefore, when news spreads from them, it was inevitable that there would be some extra ingredients.

Some of the older brothers simply described the situation as being completely one-sided, Kaiba was powerless to fight back under Yuei Vu’s fierce offensive, and in the end, he was unable to turn the table even with Obelisk.

If it wasn’t for that fellow Kaiba pulling the screw fast, he would definitely lose in the end!

Although Marik estimated that these rumors were exaggerated, as the old saying, “there is no smoke without a fire”, the rumors must not be baseless.

If he could convince Yuei Vu to join, then his plan of revenge for the Tomb Keepers would surely come true!

Marik has already made up his mind, no matter what card Yuei Vu wanted, he would satisfy him first, so he waved his hand: “Tell me, what do you want Any card will do.

Even the replica card of the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon is not out of my reach.”

As expected, Ghouls’ technology was so powerful, even being able to clone President Kaiba’s wife.

However, Yuei Vu waved his hand generously: “You don’t need such an expensive rare card.

My requirements are not that high.

I think about it… Then get me a Stratos first.”

Marik didn’t even want to think about it and immediately tried to pretend: “Okay, no problem! With our Ghouls technology…”

Then he realized something was wrong.

“…Uh wait, what did you just say you wanted”


Yuei Vu repeated it, and at the same time put on a skeptical expression, “You haven’t even heard of the famous Stratos, have you”

“Elemental HERO Stratos.” He added.

Marik: “”

What is that


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