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Seeing the end of Yuei Vu’s duel, the items that Boss dropped has also been picked – not even the Duel Disk.

At this time, Miss Yuehua finally got her chance.

At this time, Miss Yuehua, who has been in the game area for many years and has cleared more than 100 reverse-harem Otome games, quickly simulated a follow-up battle plan according to the game routine in her mind.

Now she must wait behind the corner, when the other party turned around unprepared, she would slam her head into his arms and create the most romantic encounter!

Wow, it’s simply a LOVE FANTASY!

Cough, of course, Miss Yuehua told herself that this was all for the effect of the show, just the effect of the show.

After all, the streamer is always shouldering the burden of mobilizing the atmosphere of the live broadcast room.

I, Miss Yuehua, was definitely not a nympho!

After all, she’s been in the streaming industry for so many years, how could she be undignified enough to desire NPC’s body Simply ridiculous!

Okay, all the units are in their places! Pay attention, the target is coming!

Seeing that Yuei Vu seemed to have walked to the wall behind the corner, Miss Yuehua took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and rushed forward!

However, at this moment, the NPC actually stepped aside…

… Did he just dodge!

Therefore, the girl’s carefully planned collision came to nothing, and she couldn’t even stop herself because the momentum was too strong, and stumbled several steps forward.

The battle plan didn’t work out, yet the atmosphere in the live broadcast room was boosted, though not as she planned…

“66666! This is too beautiful, isn’t it”

“Shit, I laughed so hard…”

“Everyone, take a good look and study hard.

This is the talent to be single.”

“Thank you, Brother Yuei Vu, you have already taught us an important lesson.”

At this time, Yuei Vu was also puzzled.

Why won’t this guy find someone else to play cards with

You know that duel with me is “suicide” with more letters, right

However, Yuei Vu didn’t want to accept the player’s challenge.

After all, the players were all his potential hunters.

In his opinion, they were actually in the same camp as him.

After all, the player’s card is mine, and my card is still mine.

Because of this, he felt that it would be a loss for him to eliminate players from the same faction.

So now he pretended not to see it and walked away casually…


“That’s right, Yuei Vu!” Miss Yuehua suddenly remembered something, “I saved a lot of crystals before and the game started before I could find you.

Can I still buy a card now”


Yuei Vu, who had already walked away, turned around unexpectedly, with a kind smile on his face: “Huh Isn’t this the customer lady who visited our store before It’s a coincidence to meet you in the Battle City… …”

Miss Yuehua: “…”

Dress up, let’s put this one on!

You just hid so quickly and you told me you didn’t see me at all Even a person with high myopia and amblyopia plus astigmatism couldn’t be that blind!

However, as soon as she saw Yuei Vu’s warm smile and the high-level beauty that she never encountered ever, she immediately felt that all dissatisfaction disappeared…

Damn, I’m so spineless!

…because he’s so handsome…

But this way, Miss Yuehua was convinced that she had found a way to attract Yuei Vu’s attention.

It seemed that Yuei Vu was particularly interested in doing business.

As long as you patronize his business a lot, your favorability would definitely increase!

……In layman’s terms, it was the kind of NPC that was designed to loot your money.


Miss Yuehua, as a well-known streamer in the game area who has played ​​countless games, understood this truth.

That little bit of planning can’t deceive her at all!

……The words say so, but she still bought it when it’s time to buy.

After the transaction was over, Yuei Vu continued: “Okay, with these cards your deck must have been strengthened considerably.”

Realizing that he was about to leave, Miss Yuehua hurriedly said, “Let me go with you!”

This was also the ultimate goal that she decided when she participated in the competition – to be a front-row photographer, to live broadcast the whole process of Yuei Vu’s Battle City promotion!

Anyway, it’s not practical for her to advance to the next round.

She, a rookie, has never had this idea at all.

This time, her goal was to follow Yuei Vu, a popular NPC, to gain a lot of popularity, and try to make it to the top popularity list of the live broadcast platform this week.

However, Yuei Vu obviously didn’t mean this: “We are all duelists, and we are rivals with each other during the competition.

It would be inconvenient to act together.

Why don’t we work hard by ourselves and strive for another chance in the final…”

“That’s right, Yuei Vu! I defeated a duelist on the way here and won a card.

Are you interested in receiving it”


Yuei Vu took a closer look and saw that Miss Yuehua took out a trap card.

The card artwork was a dignified bearded old man wearing a long white robe…


Wait! Is this… “Solemn Judgment”

Solemn Judgment (Counter Trap Card) – When a monster(s) would be Summoned, OR a Spell/Trap Card is activated: Pay half your LP; negate the Summon or activation, and if you do, destroy that card.

Divine card! A true divine card!

Can this kind of card be snatched from a passerby who was casually defeated

Before the Battle City, Yuei Vu opened thousands of card packs in the store, and he didn’t even see a single sign of Solemn Judgment.

He thought that such a discordant card had not been released in this era, but turned out that even the trashy fish on the roadside had one in his hand

It seemed that it could only be attributed to his luck…

The activation condition of “paying half of LP” may have persuaded 90% of the duelists in the DM.

People still generally thought that LP was the most valuable thing in a duel.

It was a bit of a loss to exchange half of your life for an effect activation or monster summoning.

However, in the real Yu-Gi-Oh! real card environment, everyone started with 8,000 HP, so most of the time when Solemn Judgment was activated, 4,000 points would be deducted, and no one felt pain at all.

What Loss of blood Isn’t that 4000 points left

4000 LP for a chance to interrupt the opponent, this deal was quite beneficial!

Yuei Vu was very interested in this card and was also very satisfied with the performance of this leek… eh, player.

So as soon as he was happy, he decided to make an exception, and took out the super high price of 500 crystals to take back this Solemn Judgment!

Miss Yuehua was overjoyed.

One card was exchanged for 500 crystals! If I honestly do quests, God knows how long it will take to gain this amount!

As expected of Yuei Vu-san, not only was he handsome, but he was also lavish!

Yuei Vu was also very satisfied.

Five hundred crystals for a Solemn Judgment! What a harvest!

“So… can I follow you” the player girl asked cautiously.

Yuei Vu turned his head to the side and looked at her big eyes that were fluttering and blinking, those pitiful and expectant eyes, and suddenly he couldn’t help thinking—

——Such a cute girl, if I kicked her at this moment, she would have flown very far, right


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