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In the end, Yuei Vu brought the girl with him.

With a wave of transactions and a Solemn Judgment, Miss Yuehua finally managed to gain 5 points of favorability from Yuei Vu… and became a full-time cheerleader after him!

She turned around and changed the name of the live broadcast room—

——I was reborn as an OB in Battle City!

Then the cover was replaced with a screenshot of Yuei Vu.

Screenshot angle, post-processing, etc.

were not necessary.

Anyway, Yuei Vu had a good enough appearance, there was no death angle, and even the back of his head was about two to three times more handsome than ordinary people.

Then the popularity of the live broadcast room soared as expected, and after a while, it rose to the highest peak this month.

Miss Yuehua was so happy that she couldn’t close her legs.

As expected of my Yuei Vu, he is amazing, and his popularity is simply overwhelming! Going on like this, rushing to the top of the list is like eating and drinking!

This is just a morning with Yuei Vu.

If I could always be by his side, would I still be so hot in the future

Maybe it’s possible to become No.1 in the streamer circle…Ahaha, just kidding.

But thinking of this, Miss Yuehua’s eyes couldn’t help but heat up, and when she looked at Yuei Vu, a small heart thumped.

If there is a chance, it is not impossible to be his Mrs.


At this time, Yuei Vu also felt that it was not bad to bring such a player.

After all, the traffic of a famous streamer was not small, and the whole process of filming his duel in the city for two days was right to advertise.

Although the Open Beta players should all be working hard for their puzzle cards now, and 80% of the audience were casual players who have not qualified for the Open Beta, most of them should still come after the official server launch.

Now, a wave of advertisements in advance was considered an investment for the future, and when the server was officially launched, a new wave of leeks can be cut, which was perfect.

Moreover, Yuei Vu didn’t have the hands to hold the Duel Disk that was confiscated from Pandora at the moment, so he handed it over to Miss Yuehua behind him.

Tool man, it’s so easy to use!

The first morning of the Battle City Tournament has passed, and it may be almost time for lunch.

As a player, Miss Yuehua didn’t have this problem, but she thought that Yuei Vu might stop to find something to eat first.

At this moment, she couldn’t help but slap her forehead.

Oops! I’m so stupid, really!

If I bought food for him in advance and delivered it in time, wouldn’t I be able to get more favorability

Damn, why didn’t you think of it before I don’t know if it’s too late to fix it now…

In front of Yuei Vu’s footsteps suddenly stopped, and Miss Yuehua, who was thinking wildly, almost collided with her head.

After returning to her senses, she found that another man appeared in front of Yuei Vu at an unknown time.

That guy was muscular, with shoulders as wide as two Yuei Vu, a stout body like a tree trunk, and a face full of stubborn flesh.

With the keen intuition of senior gamers, Miss Yuehua quickly realized that this might trigger the plot again.

Another enemy attack!

And she thought that there was a high probability that it may still be from Ghouls’s side.

After all, when she looked at this shoehorn face, she could tell it didn’t belong to a good person!

Sure enough, the atmosphere has become solemn at this time.

She saw Yuei Vu’s footsteps pause for a moment, and then he continued to walk toward the muscular man.

And the man narrowed his eyes, and then strode up to meet him.

There was a feeling of PK at the top of the imperial city.


The two quickly approached, and they were about to face.

The eyes of the two collided, making invisible sparks in the air, and a war was about to break out…

…then their hands were held together.

Miss Yuehua: “”


No, there is a problem…

……You don’t play cards

“Ha, you seem to be in good shape.

You must have collected several puzzle cards, right” The brawny man laughed.

“No, it’s only one.

It was snatched from a Ghouls.” Yuei Vu shrugged, “What about you, Kuroda I heard that you also signed up for the competition.

How’s your record”

That’s right, in Miss Yuehua’s eyes, the “bad guy who looked like a shoehorn” was Kuroda of the Nightcrawler World.

Kuroda was a little embarrassed: “Haha, I was knocked out by another duelist.”

“Oh Someone who can defeat Mr.

Kuroda, that sounds like a very strong duelist, right”

“Well, it’s Mako Tsunami with the ocean-themed deck, which was third place in the national competition before.

I tried it out, and it’s really a mess.”


Kuroda gritted his teeth, “In front of his sea tactics, I have no power to fight back.

He hid monsters in the sea and launched a sneak attack on me.

Most of my monsters do not have the ability to fly and can’t cross the ocean, and they can’t fight at all… …”

Yuei Vu: “…”

So the ocean he mentioned… 80% was the field spell “Umi”, and the effect was to increase the attack power of various types of monsters related to the water system

Unable to attack if unable to cross the ocean It could only be said that this was worthy of the era of BISS.

Adding one or two rules simply can’t seal the imagination of duelists in this era…

Yuei Vu remembered that in the original manga, when Jonouchi fought this Mako Tsunami, he seemed to be slapped like that.

However, Jonouchi obviously learned some essence after staying with Yugi for a long time, so he printed cards on the spot, and used spell card Polymerization to let his monster Alligator’s Sword ride on the “Baby Dragon” with flying ability so that the monster gained flying ability…

Jonouchi said: Didn’t you say that my monsters can’t swim so they can’t attack you Okay, now my monsters can fly, so my monsters can ignore your front row and fly over from the sea, attacking players directly!

When the animation production team saw this scene, they must have thought it was too shocking, so when the animation was made, the content was deleted, and the effect of Alligator’s Sword Dragon was changed into “This card can attack your opponent directly if the only face-up monsters they control are EARTH, WATER, or FIRE”.

“Sure enough, I still lack training.” Mr.

Kuroda didn’t seem to be annoyed by people’s bull**, but only said, “If I were as strong as you… eh, that’s all.

Don’t say it.

Anyway, it’s definitely not a problem for you to reach the top eight, right Our association is counting on you.”

Hearing what he said, Yuei Vu suddenly felt like he had the “hope of the whole village”…

“But of course, I won’t give up on it.” Kuroda grinned, “I’ve decided since the last fight that I want you to be my target.

Next time I will be different, next time it will be your turn to be the naked one…”


The Duel Disk that Miss Yuehua was holding in her hand fell to the ground at once, with “Fuck” written all over her face.

Yuei Vu instantly realized that there might be some serious misunderstanding.

In order to consider the harvest of leeks in the future, he must explain clearly: “Oh, this is Mr.

Kuroda, we are only opponents who duel once…”

Miss Yuehua nodded dumbfoundedly, and before she regained her senses, she heard the muscular uncle add: “Yes, but Yuei Vu was too strong, and I was defeated throughout, hahaha!”

“I see.” Miss Yuehua had a frightened expression on her face.

It almost scared me to death, I thought the male god came out to be gay, and my dream was shattered…

As a result, Kuroda scratched his head and said embarrassedly, “Oh, but the person who loses according to the duel bet has to do a striptease on the stage.

Hahaha, this is my first time, it’s really shameful.


Miss Yuehua nodded while listening.

Oh, so that’s true, it’s okay, I thought it was just a strange hobby that the male god came out of the closet…

……Wait, something seemed to be wrong!

TL’s note:


A reference to Gu Long (specially, the duel between Ximen Chuixue and Yè Gūchéng in Lu Xiaofeng 3: Before and After the Duel, which was the most famous example of an ultimate showdown in wuxia novels)


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