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Yuei Vu had to explain the ins and outs of the matter.

About how he joined the Nightcrawler World, the duel challenge he accepted when he joined…

……And then of course he tried to emphasize that the gay man’s bad taste request was definitely not made by him, it was Kuroda’s initiative!

Miss Yuehua and her audience in the live broadcast room were all stunned, and they all breathed a sigh of relief – fortunately, our male god was still straight, otherwise, some irritable brothers may have booked a flight ticket and carried a knife across the ocean to find the person in charge of the game design to talk about life.

But it was an unsolicited request… It seemed that this Mr.

Kuroda was not normal.

Miss Yuehua silently decided to keep a little distance from this muscular man.

However, she soon found herself thinking too much.

Yuei Vu quickly followed Mr.

Kuroda to the nearby stronghold of the Nightcrawler World to eat something to rest for a while.

Miss Yuehua, who was a small attendant, was also followed by a charter.

Then here, she intuitively and truly realized what was called “the Manchu-Han Banquet”…

The little girl was caught in the middle of a room full of big men.

The rough voices of a group of men like thunder shook her eardrums.

The space was filled with the hormonal scent of brotherhood, and her eyes were full of muscles.

The well-informed and experienced streamer suddenly had the illusion that the sheep had strayed into the wolf’s den, huddled in the corner, weak, pitiful and helpless…

“By the way, what kind of organization is this that Yuei Vu-san joined…” A comment asked.


“Is this really a poker club”

“Bro, I’m in!”

“I suspect you have a problem…”


In the middle of the noisy lunch, a man suddenly rushed through the door in a hurry.

He looked around anxiously two times, but he didn’t seem to find the person he was looking for, so he casually asked the person beside him, “Is President Gai here There is something urgent.”

Before the person next to him could say a word, he heard a muffled voice in front of him: “Here.”

The man looked for a while in a daze when he heard the voice.


……Oh, it’s so far away in the sky, so I’m sorry, the size of the president is too small.

I just didn’t see it…

Kawasawa Gai was very unhappy: “What’s the matter”

“That’s right, our intelligence network has just learned that a large number of new rare card hunters have been dispatched by Ghouls to prepare to land in Domino City.

If the information is correct, it should be arriving at the dock soon.”

“Unreasonable!” President Kawasawa Gai scolded, “Does that guy Marik really want to die”

When Yuei Vu heard this, he thought: “President, why don’t I take someone to see it”

“No need, you just need to concentrate on the game.” The president smiled boldly, “Hehe, my Archfiend deck has long been craving blood.

It just so happened that Marik dared to send cannon fodder to die, so let me kill them.

Treat it as a sacrifice to the darkness…”

Next to him, Manager Nanmoku casually reminded: “You mean the pure Archfiend deck with an insect stuffed in it”

President Gai gave him a blank look as if he was saying that “even if you don’t speak, no one will treat you as a dead person”.

“That’s right, President!” The man added, “I heard that Marik Ishtar himself came this time!”

“Heh, a small question, no matter how many cannon fodders come… wait, you said he came in person” The expression of President Gai changed slightly.

Marik himself was well-known in the underground world.

After all, he has one of the legendary Millennium Items in his hand, and his strength was close to the peak of the Shadow Duelist.

Coupled with God cards in his hand, ordinary duelists simply did not dare to confront him head-on.

President Gai pondered for a moment, then suddenly took out his mobile phone: “Hello It’s me…what! The daughter-in-law of the nephew of the relative of the third aunt’s family has dystocia Well, wait for me and I’ll go there right away… ”

Then he turned around and patted Yuei Vu’s shoulder heavily: “Well… I seem to be in a hurry at home.

I’m really sorry, why don’t you lead the team this time”


The house was eerily silent for a while.

……President, you can act a little more fake, your phone didn’t ring at all, right

And what is the relationship between the nephew’s daughter-in-law of the relative of the third aunt’s family and you

But in the end, the president went there himself.

The reason was that “if a leader hides behind when subordinates are charging, he is not qualified to continue to lead the group.”

President Kawasawa Gai was ugly, short, and fierce like a hairless chicken.

At first glance, he was not a good person…

…but he was actually quite nice.

Of course, in the end, he brought Yuei Vu with him.

The reason was also very simple.

The president knew very well that, except for Yuei Vu, in their entire association, no one could possibly win against Marik Ishtar.

A group of strong men had an attitude that was almost a little bit afraid of the name Marik, it felt like wizards mention Voldemort.

Yuei Vu expressed puzzlement about this: The Marik you mentioned is really so powerful

Then a group of strong men immediately explained: Of course! He had a Millennium Item, who is not afraid Along with two God cards, it’s invincible, right

In fact, it sounded like Marik in this world was indeed a top duelist, but Yuei Vu, who has watched the animation, really couldn’t feel that way.

Speaking of which, Marik seemed to be very strong and arrogant, but in the animation, he was really a load.

Not to mention the Yami Marik personality hidden in his body, it seemed that Marik has never won a duel.

Originally, Yuei Vu was ready to go straight to the dock to meet Marik on the spot, but what he didn’t expect was that the goods didn’t show up at all.

A group of big men from the Nightcrawler World—with a weak and helpless female streamer in the middle—came to the pier, and it didn’t take long for Ghouls’s boat to dock after setting up their posture.

A large group of strong rare card hunters in black robes jumped off the boat one after another, and they formed a formation not far from the crowd.

The formation laid out by the pier was like a confrontation between two armies in ancient times.

At that time, the dark clouds would form, the wind would be surging, and the air would be filled with a strong smell of gunpowder, as if the war of the century was about to break out…

…then everyone raised the Duel Disk one after another, staring at the enemy formation, preparing to catch someone to play cards for a while.

Then the crowd of people in the Ghouls camp separated, and… a black man appeared in the crowd.

Yuei Vu recognized him at a glance: Isn’t this Marik’s right-hand man, Rishid

Kawasawa Gai narrowed his eyes: “Is that Marik”

Although Marik was very famous, he was usually accustomed to using Millennium Rod to control the puppet to do things for him remotely.

He rarely showed up in person, so almost no one has seen his true face.

“That’s right.” Rishid said coldly, “I am the leader of the Ghouls, Marik Ishtar.”

Yuei Vu: “Who are you trying to fool You are not Marik.”

Rishid narrowed his eyes.

Although he didn’t know why the other party said that, he still took out a golden tin rod from behind him: “Look! This Millennium Rod is the proof!”

Yuei Vu was disdainful: Oh, isn’t it just a toy that the street stall sells with the price of $3 for one, $5 for 2 Do I look like an idiot to you

However, he was not in a hurry to expose the other party immediately, because he found something more interesting.

Yuei Vu noticed that behind Rishid, there were a bunch of colorful strings of different lengths floating above the phalanx of the rare card hunters…

……Unexpectedly, there were so many players in the Ghouls camp!


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