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There were players who joined Ghouls’ camp in the Closed Beta phase before, and the number of Ghouls players increased after the Open Beta.

Ghouls was originally a famous villain group in the original animation.

Although this group was a rising star in the underground world and has not been established for a long time, in the eyes of players who understood the worldview through animation, this is definitely the most famous group.

Players didn’t care if it was good or evil — at least most didn’t.

They only cared about how to earn more crystals to buy more cards and how to upgrade faster.

Because Ghouls has a lot of troubles, and there were many quests involving Shadow Game duels, the upgrade rewards were naturally relatively rich.

Found that joining the Ghouls camp could quickly obtain benefits and rewards, naturally, some players would invest in it.

As for being hostile to the protagonist group Has the original plot been rewritten

Who cares so much about playing a game Shouldn’t those be the designer’s concerns

However, the players who were not afraid of the sky and the earth are starting to be a little commotion at this time.

“Wait a minute, the NPC on the other side looks familiar, but I can’t remember it right away.

Is there such a character in the DM”

“What NPC are you talking about…!! I’m so…isn’t that Yuei Vu who has been frantically surfing the forum recently”

“Fuck, it really seems to be him!”

“Wait, is Yuei Vu related to the DM main plot Why has no one said before that he and Ghouls are hostile”

The players on the Ghouls’ side began to have an internal fight in their minds.

Although the advantages of joining Ghouls were not small, compared with the things displayed in Yuei Vu’s personal store, it was too poor.

Because even if players joined Ghouls, the only channel for them to get cards were quest rewards and system card pools.

They still couldn’t get things that didn’t exist in the card pool like Pot of Greed or Card of Sanctity.

The only way to get those specific cards in the game was to have dual identities of players and NPCs like Yuei Vu, so those cards could be converted and exchanged.

This also made Yuei Vu the thickest golden thigh of the players in the entire Yu-Gi-Oh! World Link Online.

The son of the cards, the protagonist of the world, etc..

all had to stand aside when he came.

The players on Ghouls’ side have all received quests.

The description of the quest was to follow the leadership of Rishid to defeat the troops of the Nightcrawler World.

Originally, this quest reward was relatively rich in the eyes of players, but now players have begun to hesitate.

Is it really worth it to offend the thickest golden thigh in the game in order to stay in this broken faction that was expected to be beaten by Yugi, and may be disbanded soon

……Even someone thinking with their butt could easily have the answer.

After hesitating for a while, a player walked out of the crowd behind.

Rishid was stunned: “You, what do you want to do”

The player ignored the team leader and went straight to Yuei Vu: “Speaking of which…Is it too late to change the faction now”

Rishid: “”

Everyone in the Nightcrawler World: “”

What do you mean This rare hunter is saying…he wants to change side

Everyone in the audience, regardless of side, was confused.

Only Yuei Vu was not surprised at all.

He nodded with a friendly smile: “Yes, of course, there is no problem.

Our Nightcrawler World welcomes any capable duelists to join at any time.”

Of course, he didn’t just make decisions on his own, but turned his head to seek the opinion of the leader: “Right, President”

President Kawasawa Gai finally recovered his mind and said, “Ah…yes, that’s right.

Welcome! Anyone who wants to join our association would be welcomed!”

Added to our number and decreased the number of enemies before the two armies started to fight against each other.

Is there any reason not to accept it

The players who were still hesitating on the opposite side saw that the buddy who went up first was simply accepted.

If the faction relationship could still be changed, there was no need to hesitate.

For a time, half of the hunters in the Ghouls camp rushed over like a tide.

Among them, there were a lot of strange ones: some running and jumping at the same time, some rolling, and some running while calling out “Yuei Vu-san”.

Even the men of Nightcrawler World were a little scared by this posture…

President Kawasawa Gai wiped his small eyes and was a little confused for a while.

He originally thought that he had been rolling and crawling in the underground world for so many years, and he had climbed step by step to the position he was in today.

How could there be something he have never seen


Then today he opened his eyes…

A collective mutiny before the battle has started What kind of fight was this

President Kawasawa Gai felt that he really couldn’t find a reason, so he couldn’t help but glance at Yuei Vu beside him.

Could it be that…you can really do whatever you want when you are handsome

While accepting these players, Yuei Vu kept saying: “No hurry, no hurry, come one by one, we have a lot of places here…”

Rishid was also stunned, he had never heard of such an operation.

He couldn’t help but took out a Millennium Rod (fake) and shouted: “Stop it! Have you all forgotten You have all been brainwashed by the power of the Millennium Item.

If you dare to betray, you will all die a horrible death!”

The trend of players came to a screeching halt.

A group of players stopped in the middle of the two camps, and looked at each other.

So, it seemed that they were indeed brainwashed when they joined the club

At that time, the system interface reminded them that they had entered a “brainwashing state”, and Marik’s dark power remained in their consciousness.

As long as Marik wanted, the power in their brains may explode at any time.

It was worth mentioning that even if Marik used a Millennium Rod to read the memories of the players, all he could see was their experience in the World Link Online, which was a bit like a video replay, and could not really affect the spirit of the player’s body.

The players fell into a brief hesitation and communicated with each other for a while…

…and then involuntarily decided to continue rushing towards Yuei Vu together.

What Brainwashing Heads blow up

Who cares

If you die once, it will be gone, right

This is just a game, what’s the matter when someone can’t afford to die

As mentioned earlier, players had three chances to die within a week, and each time they died, they needed to wait several hours to revive.

If three chances have been used up, they would not be able to go online again within a week.

However, after death and rebirth, all negative states would be cleared and the stats would automatically return to full.

Of course, the mental influence of brainwashing would no longer exist.

Anyway, there were not many places where playing card games consumed life, so it didn’t feel like a loss to spend a life betraying the faction here.

All the players have joined the side of the Nightcrawler World, and the hunters on Ghouls’ side have been reduced by half.

Now they were already at an absolute disadvantage.

“Okay, no one should be ready to change jobs, right” Yuei Vu took a step forward, and raised the Duel Disk, “Then why don’t we start it officially

According to the tradition of the underground world, the team battle between the two sides directly adopts the Battle Royal mode to conduct a Shadow Game, and anyone whose LP returns to 0 is a loser.

How about it ”

The Battle Royal mode was a feature of Yu-Gi-Oh’s animation, specially designed for team battles.

To put it bluntly, it was actually a group fight.

In the case of a Battle Royal, the side with more people would have more LPs, more hands, and even more venues.

Obviously, this set of so-called Battle Royal rules was actually quite painful and unscientific, so there was no such mode in the real-life card game.

Of course, Shadow Games have always paid attention to fairness, and in this case, the weaker party was not without other options.

Rishid raised the rod and pointed it directly at Yuei Vu: “Before that, I want to challenge you.”

This was another Shadow Game that can be chosen according to the rules of the underground world.

The weak side could also reject the Battle Royal rule which would result in being crushed by the number of people.

Instead, the strongest on both sides would fight to decide the outcome.

It felt a bit like two armies facing each other in ancient times, sending each other generals to fight alone, and the soldiers on both sides cheering by drums.

There was only one chance to challenge.

If the challenger succeeded in winning, they could at least get out of it today.

“Okay.” Yuei Vu accepted without hesitation.

Originally, this was in his plan.

Because Rishid had a rare card in his hand that was suspected to be unique in the DM world, and that was his goal today.

“You also have a puzzle card, right” Yuei Vu raised the Duel Disk and said, “Since we are still in the territory of Domino, this duel will also follow the rules of the Battle City, how about that”

Rishid said lightly, “It’s exactly what I want.”


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