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According to the rules, the duelists from the two camps formed a circle, enclosing Yuei Vu and Rishid, who were the representatives of the battle, in the middle.

The two sides shuffled each other’s cards, inserted their decks back into the Duel Disk, turned around, and walked back to their designated fields.

But this time, they didn’t play Shadow Game.

Yuei Vu himself would not start the Shadow Game.

At most, he could only summon spirits to attack people.

Rishid did not use the power of darkness when he fought against Jonouchi in the animation, and Yuei Vu guessed that the big man might not be able to use Shadow Game too.

From Yuei Vu’s point of view, he actually didn’t want to defeat the big man in front of him, or rather, it would be more useful to keep Rishid alive.

According to the DM plot, Marik also had an evil dark personality in his body.

Compared with the main personality, the Yami Marik lurking in his heart was more evil, full of destructive impulses, more unpredictable…and more elegant.

When Marik was a child, he accepted the cruel ritual of the Tomb Keepers clan and engraved on his back the secrets of the pharaoh guarded by the Tomb Keepers clan for generations.

Because of the unbearable pain, he nurtured hatred for the nameless pharaoh and even the world, thus the dark personality was born.

Brother Rishid was the key to suppressing Marik’s dark personality.

In the original work, it was also because Rishid fell down in a duel with Jonouchi that Dark Marik was awakened.

Yuei Vu didn’t want Yami Marik to come out to disrupt the situation for the time being, so it’s better to let this man leave and return to Ghouls.

……Of course, people could leave, but the card had to stay.

“Duel!” x2

【Yuei Vu, LP 4000】

[Rishid, LP 4000]

Rishid: “I will go first, draw! I set three cards and end my turn.”

As expected of the well-known DM’s early-stage “heavy pit brother” Rishid, this start was too worthy of being a tomb keeper.

Playing no monster, directly setting three cards in the Spell Trap Zone, it’s the standard underworld start.

But it didn’t matter.

The advantage of Yuei Vu compared to the original character was that he already knew what deck Rishid would use, and he also knew that 90% of his entire deck was a trap.

To put it bluntly, it was a pit, a pure heavy pit.

Take one step and be tricked by three traps, the kind that made you doubt your life.

Since he knew in advance that the opponent was self-closing (1), you can of course adjust a wave of decks in advance.

Here, Yuei Vu brought all the typhoons in his hands: Mystical Space Typhoon, Heavy Storm, and even brought in Dust Tornado that he kicked out of the deck for a long time.

It was the best way to deal with this kind of self-closing player.

Sure enough, the effect of this adjustment was immediate.

In Yuei Vu’s starting hand, there was a Mystical Space Typhoon, so naturally, he had no hesitation.

“Quick-Play Spell – Mystical Space Typhoon!” Yuei Vu played this timeless classic pit-clearing old card, “Destroy a S/T card on the field!”

The swirling storm rushed towards Rishid’s Spell Trap Zone with lightning, and rolled up the leftmost one of the three set cards.

The flashing lightning struck the card, and the strong wind pressure ripped the card to pieces.

It was a “Widespread Ruin”.

“And then I summon Breaker the Magical Warrior!”

The wizard warrior in red armor appeared on the field with a sword in one hand and a shield in the other.

“When the Breaker the Magical Warrior is successfully summoned, it can place a Spell Counter on itself, and its attack power will increase by 300!”

Rishid narrowed his eyes: “And by removing a Spell Counter, you can destroy the spell and trap cards on the field, can’t you But it’s not that simple!”

Rishid waved his hand: “Open the set card – Trap Hole! When my opponent Normal or Flip Summons 1 monster with 1000 or more ATK: Target that monster; destroy that target! ”

A huge hole appeared on the sole of the Breaker the Magical Warrior’s foot.

The warrior in red armor stepped on the air under one foot, his body crooked, he couldn’t stand still, and he fell into it.

But at this moment, Yuei Vu quickly played another card from his hand: “Quick-Play Spell – Illusion Magic! Tribute 1 Spellcaster monster; add up to 2 copies of “Dark Magician” from my Deck and/or GY to my hand! ”

After all, the magic warrior who fell into the cave was not smashed, but turned into a golden light and was liberated under the effect of the spell card.

Yuei Vu pulled out the deck, picked out a “Dark Magician”, showed it to the opponent, and added it to his hand.

The players were very excited at this time.

“Appeared! The original self-closing deck!”

“Can you face the opponent head-on like a man”

“All the nether players must die and the whole family…”

Over the years, self-closing had been a part of Yu-Gi-Oh, and while the game is developing, the self-closing routine was also constantly developing with the times.

The players of Yu-Gi-Oh! have more or less the experience of being trapped to the point where their relatives did not recognize them.

Therefore, when everyone saw this nether deck (2), they seemed to feel the same way, and they all had a feeling of righteous indignation.

“Come on, Yuei Vu!”

“That’s right, hurry up and beat that self-closing back to the netherworld!”

Although Big Brother Rishid had a stable mind and didn’t care about the abusive words of the players, he couldn’t help but be surprised by the shameless behavior of these screwballs——

——It was clear that they just defected from his side only a few minutes ago, but now they were screaming more fiercely than the other, and those who didn’t know might think that they are all brothers with Yuei Vu…

So it seemed that the morality of this group of screwballs didn’t worth a cent.

“Speaking of which…Does Yuei Vu seem to be playing autism when he knows that the other party comes up” Some players realized the problem, “Why did you just start with a wind and a Breaker”

“I’m afraid it’s not… not shuffled”

“What do you know It’s called the bond with the deck, do you understand” A player immediately explained, “True duelists are only able to draw cards that come in handy.”

When Yuei Vu heard this, he couldn’t help but wanted to roll his eyes.

“The bond with the deck” my ass, there were 6 copies of typhoons, 2 copies of Breaker, and a bunch of thinning draws in the deck, but I only got 2 cards in my hand.

This bond is already in arrears and needs to be recharged, okay…

But it still didn’t matter.

He still has a good understanding of Rishid’s deck.

The opponent’s deck was basically a full-trap deck with extremely poor offensive ability.

It’s okay to remove two pits this round.


The key was to look at the follow-up.

“I end my turn.”

“Then it’s my turn.” Rishid drew the card, suddenly hummed, his tone changed, and said in a voice that seemed to have been lowered several times, “From now on, you are going to step into the absolutely restricted area.

People other than the Tomb Keepers are absolutely forbidden and will be instantly killed by countless traps.”

Yuei Vu’s face turned positive.

Are you coming

He was waiting for this card.

“Activate from the hand,” Rishid took out this card from his hand solemnly, as if performing some kind of ceremony, “the Field Spell Card——

——Temple of the Kings! ”

TL’s note:


“Self-closing” here is the slang for a deck that is focusing on lockdown, excessive negation, burn, Deck out, and/or removing cards from the opponent’s hand.


“Nether” here is the slang for a deck focused on traps to disrupt the opponent.


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