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“The field spell is activated! Temple of the Kings!”

The big and powerful voice fell, and the entire scene which both parties were in began to change.

The golden floor tiles paved the ground, and the quaint buildings rose from the ground in a rumbling vibration.

The golden sacred palace quickly occupied the entire venue, and the light in the space dimmed.

The flickering candles were placed on both sides of the hall, and the faint flickering light illuminated the dense ancient texts on the walls.

A golden box was tightly sealed in the center, there was an ominous aura from the gap in the box lid.

“Appeared! A Thousands Of Years Banned card!” The players began to get excited again.

What You asked why could any named character take out a banned card so casually

That’s right.

In the early days of Yu-Gi-Oh DM, although the environment was monotonous and slow, now looking back at it, it was really the era of banned cards.

Many cards had a terrifying ability that was extremely OP in the current era, but because the environment in the DM period was too monotonous to develop the terrifying potential of these cards.

Temple of the Kings was a typical example.

It was not until 15 years later that K Company modified its card effect and weakened its ability, therefore this card was able to see the light of day again in its lifetime.

In the later stage of the Yu-Gi-Oh animation, Temple of the Kings had an opportunity to appear again in “Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS”, but Temple of the Kings that appeared in the animation at that time had the real-life weakened card effect.

However, the temple in Richid’s hands was definitely the original, and it has even more powerful animation effects!


That’s right, this temple was the real target of Yuei Vu, and he was determined to win this forbidden card!

“When Temple of the Kings is on the field, the opponent can only set one spell trap card per turn.” Rishid explained coldly, “and as the guardian of the temple, my trap card can be activated during the turn it is set.”

“So awesome Isn’t it cheating” Some players were not calm.

“Setting a spell and trap card in one turn Does it have such an effect”

“It’s the animation effect.

The real-life card is a Continuous Spell, but here it’s a Field Spell.”

Rishid said solemnly: “Temple of the Kings is a sacred area for worshipping the pharaohs.

Our tomb keepers shoulder the sacred duty to protect this area! My trap is set for this purpose!”

So that’s why you keep going to trouble the Pharaoh

If it sounds so nice, you should go to the Pharaoh to be loyal!

If you and your boss Marik acted more sincere, broke the Millennium Rod in front of Yugi, and then declared an oath of “I will be loyal to you” or something… Maybe the pharaoh decides to let go of the past when he is in a good mood

“Look, in order to defend against the invaders, the sacred incarnation of the guardian shrine has appeared!” The uncle who was suspected of having a second illness made an exaggerated pose, “I’m going to summon the trap monsters that guard the shrine now!

Open up the set card-Embodiment of Apophis! After this card is activated, it is summoned as a Monster Card in my Monster Zone.

Appear, Embodiment of Apophis! ”

A pitch-black mist was released from the floor tiles of the temple, and dark monsters rose from the ground.

The body looks like a standing snake.

The hands stretched out on both sides of the torso hold a simple sword and a shield respectively.

It has a human-like head, but at the same time, a snake’s head sticks out from the back.

[Embodiment of Apophis, ATK 1600]

At this time, the NPCs watching the battle were all shocked: “What A trap monster”

“A trap card that can be used as a monster I’ve never heard of such a thing!”

“Could it be that it can be summoned in the opponent’s turn, and it doesn’t count towards the normal summon limit This is too strong, right ”


In contrast, the reactions of the players were completely different.

“What a useless trap monster.

Having only 1600 ATK with no effect…”

“Don’t say that, at least it can act as a wall.”

“Paleozoic Canadia is asking to fight!”

“Zoma the Spirit asks to fight!”

(Paleozoic Canadia and Zoma the Spirit are both trap monsters.

Paleozoic Canadia has the effect of turning monsters on the opponent’s field into a face-down defense position.

Zoma the Spirit has the effect which is triggered when it is destroyed by battle, it can inflict damage equal to the ATK of the attacking monster.


Rishid couldn’t help but become a little upset when he heard the group of screwballs chattering beside him.

What’s more annoying was that he has never heard of the cards that these people are talking about…

“Fight!” he shouted, “Embodiment of Apophis, attack directly!”

The snake-like monster flew forward, and the blade slashed toward Yuei Vu’s head.

Yuei Vu raised the Duel Disk like a shield to block, and the image of the sharp blade slashed from him, taking away 1600 LP at the same time.

【Yuei Vu, LP 4000 → LP 2400】

……It doesn’t hurt.

As expected, Rishid’s deck was not very aggressive.

Ninety percent of the decks were trap cards, and the only aggression was made up of trap monsters.

“Set two more cards, and I end my turn.”

Rishid had two more set cards in the Spell Trap Zone.

Yuei Vu: “My turn, draw! I activate Graceful Charity.

Draw three cards from the deck, and then discard two of them.”

Looking at the new cards, his eyes moved – here it is!

“Activate a spell card… Heavy Storm!”

When players saw this card, they were at the climax again.

Like Mystical Space Typhoon, almost no one who has played cards did not know it.

The effect of the Heavy Storm was extremely simple and rude – destroying all the spell and trap cards on the field.

This was also representative of the card with super powerful effects in the first generation of cards.

Even after ten or twenty years, it was not inferior at all.

The players were extremely excited.

“Can someone say that this card can be bought in Yuei Vu’s store”

“Yes, yes, but it’s useless if you ask because you can only buy it if you have a big cock.

He won’t sell to enoki mushrooms like yours.”

“Don’t listen to his nonsense in the front, you can buy it if your butt is up.”


Heavy Storm could destroy all spell and trap cards on the field, including Temple of the Kings, and the trap card that was treated as a monster on the Rishid’s field.

If this succeeded, Yuei Vu has touched one hand to the victory.

However, the storm suddenly stopped when it approached the edge of the temple, as if it hit some invisible wall at the edge of the sacred realm, and couldn’t move forward.

Yuei Vu frowned slightly.

“Hmph, Temple of the Kings is the most sacred realm, how could it be destroyed by you so easily” Rishid said, “I said, there are many traps in the temple, and those traps will punish anyone who breaks into the temple with evil intentions.

Look! This is the trap you are triggering now! Counter Trap Card – Judgment of Anubis! ”

The pitch-black mist flew out from the gap between the temple floor and the wall tiles, quickly condensed and mixed in the air, and condensed into some kind of illusory entity while swirling.

It was a purple-black head, a bit like a jackal in shape.

The sky-high tornado shuddered to a halt before it, and the jackal’s eyes lit up with a gloomy scarlet gleam as if an evil blade had pierced the storm.

A player exclaimed: “Beerus! Is that you”

“Damn it, it’s really like you said that! Isn’t Beerus the God of Destruction in Dragon Ball”

“Sir, you went to the wrong studio, Dragon Ball is next door…”

Rishid shouted: “Judgment of Anubis is a trap that can be triggered when the opponent activates a Spell Card.

That card’s effect is negated and all monsters on the opponent’s field are destroyed.

Inflict damage to the opponent equal to half the total ATK of those monsters.” (animation effect)

Yuei Vu’s field was empty now, so he didn’t take any damage.

Judgment of Anubis was also one of Rishid’s representative cards, and the animation effect was that as long as the opponent “activates a spell card”, which was impossible to prevent.

“Then I will normal summon the ‘Magician’s Rod’ from the hand in attack position.”

[Magician’s Rod, ATK 1600]

This was a monster of the same series as the “Magician’s Robe” he used before.

What was summoned to the field was a blue phantom with a shape and outline similar to that of a black magician.

Only the staff held in his hand was a figurative form.

“When the Magician’s Rod is successfully summoned, I can add 1 Spell/Trap that mentions ‘Dark Magician’ from my Deck to my hand.”

Yuei Vu picked out a trap from the deck, flipped it over, and showed it to the other side.

“What I want to add to my hand is the ‘Magician Navigation’.”

The players were getting excited.

“It’s coming, it’s coming! The standard Dark Magic combo is unfolding!”

“Unfortunately, it looks like Yuei Vu doesn’t have a Dark Magical Circle”

“No difference, Ghouls’ eldest brother should have gone far…”

The players all had the expressions of “even professional commentators would not understand this situation”, as if in their eyes, Rishid was already dead.

However, the NPCs watching the battle were all dumbfounded.

What are these people talking about Isn’t Yuei Vu’s LP still a disadvantage

Why is victory or defeat already decided Is it because I’m not smart enough to understand


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