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Although there was a little unexpected situation, it didnt matter that Yuei Vu still had countermeasures.

“Set a card, I end my turn,” he said.

“My turn, draw.”

Mariks mouth twitched.

At the same time, the Jam Breeding Machine on his field began to rumble again, and the exhaust pipe spurted white steam as if something was about to come out.

“At this moment, the effect of the Jam Breeding Machine has activated again.” Marik smiled, “I Special Summon a Slime Token… Now the third sacrifice has appeared on my field.”

“Thats not necessarily! Open the set card, Dust Tornado!”

The gust of wind swept up the swirling leaves.

The storm shook the boiler-like device, ripping apart the metal casing and shattering it on the spot.

Of course, the second token didnt come out in time.

“What a pity, Marik.” Yuei Vu chuckled, “You already have theOsiris the Sky Dragon in your hand, right”

Marik snorted and did not speak, but his tone revealed everything.

Sure enough!

I just know that none of you shuffle cards!

Well, in fact, the deck in Mariks hand was shuffled by Yuei Vu.

Before the match, the two sides exchanged and shuffled the deck strictly according to the rules of the competition.

However, even so, this did not affect the sky dragon jumping into Mariks hand.

It seemed that Marik, as a descendant of the Tomb Keepers, may also firmly believe in the Heart of the Cards…

“Set a monster and two S/T cards.

I end my turn.”

Marik obviously didnt have a way to defeat the Thunder Giant with an attack power of 2400 for the time being.

In this way, Yuei Vu would definitely not give up this attacking opportunity.

“My turn, draw!” Yuei Vu glanced at the cards he had drawn, “Activate thePot of Greed! Draw two more cards from the deck.”

The first thing to solve must be that unsightly Jam Defender.

As long as this thing was on the field, whether it was an attack or an effect target, it would be transferred to the regeneration slime and become meaningless.

Although it was troublesome, it was just a Continuous Trap after all, and it was not difficult to get rid of it.

“Quick-Play Spell – Cosmic Cyclone!” Yuei Vu played the next card.

“Pay 1000 LP to activate, and remove an S/T card on the field from the game! RemoveJam Defender!”

Through the anime, Yuei Vu has long figured out the combo of Marik.

To put it simply, it relied on the continuous trap Jam Defender to let the Revival Jam block the attack, and then every time the slime was resurrected, he could draw cards by the effect of Card of Safe Return and used the continuous spell Jam Breeding Machine to collect the sacrifices…

In short, all of them were combinations of Continuous Spell and Continuous Trap to infinitely increase the attack power of the sky dragon, and use the slime as the ultimate shield.

It was the common deck master strategy.

The entire deck was built around a specific card – in this case, Osiris the sky dragon, and it was all up to this monster to defeat the opponent.

However, this combo, which was highly dependent on Continuous Spells and Continuous Traps, also has a very significant flaw – that is, being afraid of typhoons…

Speaking of which, Marik, Rishid, and even his sister Isis had a little bit of that—the deck construction of the Big Three of the Tomb Keepers was somewhat autistic.

This may also be related to the fact that their Tomb Keepers grew up underground and never saw the light of day.

After all, the composition of the duelists deck could reflect itself to a certain extent.

In this way, maybe since he was a child, when came in contact with the duel monster game, playing cards have always been an autistic civil war.

No wonder the deck was such a nether deck…

Then theres nothing to say about it.

When Yuei Vu adjusted the deck, he directly filled all the typhoons he had!

He even stuffed this Cosmic Cyclone from the card pool.

[Yuei Vu, LP 4000→LP 3000]

After paying 1000 LP, the pesky continuous trap finally disappeared, so that he could launch an attack.

“Summon the Elemental HERO Wildheart.”

[Elemental HERO Wildheart, ATK 1500]

“Thunder Giant” Yuei Vu waved his hand, “Attack Slime Token!”

The big Elemental HERO took the order, the huge boot sole pushed forward invisibly, and his body accelerated to fly in front of the group of short slimes.

He stretched out his hand, opened his palm, and a large amount of golden electric current burst out, splitting the token instantly.

【Marik, LP 4000→LP 2100】

The dolls body took two steps back under the shock of the electric current, and the body was barely standing still with black smoke.

Marik pouted: “Hey, there are two strokes.”

“Its not over yet! Wildheart, attack the set monster!” Yuei Vu pointed to the set card in front of Marik.

The set card was flipped, and what popped out was a grinning tomato with a green leaf on its head.

[Mystic Tomato, DEF 1100]

I, Tomato, was an emotionless killer.

…then it was cut in half by a savage Elemental HERO.

“The effect of the Mystic Tomato,” Marik said, “When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the GY: I can Special Summon 1 DARK monster with 1500 or less ATK from my Deck, in face-up Attack Position… I Special Summon the second Mystic Tomato!”

[Mystic Tomato, ATK 1400]

A monster with a recruiting effect…

Although the last-word monsters of Yu-Gi-Oh! have already been eliminated by the current environment, but now it seemed to be useful to collect the sacrifices.

“The Battle Phase is over, but my turn is not over yet.” Yuei Vu raised two cards towards the vortex in the sky, “Using the effect of Fusion Gate, I fuse Elemental HERO Wildheart on the field and Elemental HERO Bladedge in the hand!

Fusion Summon! Elemental HERO Wildedge! ”

The Wildheart and the Bladedge appeared separately, turning into two golden glows staggered and shooting into the dark vortex of the fusion gate in mid-air.

A dazzling golden light erupted from the vortex of time and space, and the burly body of the new hero fell straight to the ground.

[Elemental HERO Wildedge, ATK 2600]

“I end my turn.” Yuei Vu said.

In this way, Marik still has the undead Revival Jam and a Mystic Tomato left on the field, so he shouldnt be able to make a sky dragon in the next turn.

On Yuei Vus side, he already had a plan.

As long as its his turn… as long as he could reach that point, it would be his victory!

Of course, as a veteran who has played for many years, he also knows the truth of the ever-changing duel process.

There would always be variables if the LP was not reduced to zero.

So of course he wont be death-seeking and set up some strange flag…

……Dont you think that you can take a picture of the sky dragon to OTK me

“My turn, draw!” Malek chose to directly open this round, “Activate Card of Sanctity! Each player draws until they have 6 cards in their hand!”

Yuei Vu even wanted to applaud him here.

Brother, do you actually bring a forbidden card too

However, Marik currently had three cards in hand, while Yuei Vu was empty-handed, which meant Marik draws three cards and Yuei Vu draws six cards.

This was a big profit for Yuei Vu.

In Yu-Gi-Oh, it was often said that a persons essence can be seen through a duel.

So now it seemed that Mariks essence may be to bring goodness to people, as he doesnt forget to send cards to the other side to make friends…

Yuei Vu suddenly realized that Marik was staring at him strangely, smiling extremely wretchedly.

That smile even reminded Yuei Vu of Jae Jie could not escape, the version that removed the glasses and released the seal…

“Your next sentence is, I only have two monsters that can be used as sacrifices this turn, so I cant make up the conditions for the summoning of God, right”

Yuei Vu said my next sentence… Its really not this.

Just looking at the hungry look on the puppets face, the first sentence that came out of his heart was – dont come here!

“Then let me show you now, how much my duel skill surpassed you!” Marik shouted, “Open set card! Summon Trap monster, Embodiment of Apophis!”

This time, Yuei Vu was a little surprised.

Did Marik still bring his own subordinates card

[Embodiment of Apophis, ATK 1600]

“Its not over yet, Ill useMonster Reborn again to resurrect the firstMystic Tomato in the graveyard!”

[Mystic Tomato, ATK 1400]

Yuei Vu narrowed his eyes lightly.

In this way, Marik had four monsters on the field, which exceeded the number of sacrifices required to summon the gods… Maybe his purpose was to keep the “Revival Jam” that can be resurrected infinitely on the field as a wall

“Now keep your eyes open,” Marik manipulated the doll, and slowly and solemnly drew a card from his hand, “This is God!

I tribute two Mystic Tomato and Embodiment of Apophis… Let God descend!

——Osiris the Sky Dragon! “


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