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“Wildedge attacks again!” Yuei Vu continued to order.

Once again, the Elemental HERO faithfully and tirelessly repeated the masters command, slashing the regenerated Jam into pieces.

Then, of course, the Jam was reborn on its own again, triggering the effect of the “Card of Safe Return”.

(Revival Jam: Who knows what I went through today…)

Mariks puppet once again drew three cards from the deck—he already had a bunch of them in his hand.

There were nineteen cards in total, and people who didnt know the truth might think that this guy had a cheat and was playing cards with a deck of cards.

[Osiris the Sky Dragon, ATK 19000]

However, Marik, who was caught in this infinite loop and faced the crisis of deck out, did not panic.

Seeing that his Jam was defeated again, he hummed and laughed while drawing cards in a hurry: “I now understand why Rishid lost to you.

Its really scary, your talent as a duelist that is.

Maybe you are indeed a duelist at the same level as Muto Yugi and Kaiba Seto.

Fortunately, you are not a duelist chosen by God, otherwise, you might become a big threat.

Yuei Vu narrowed his eyes slightly.

What Could it be that in such a situation, Marik still has a way to reverse it

Immediately afterward, I saw Mariks operation: “Open set card – trap card, Graverobber! This card can obtain a spell card in the opponents graveyard and activate it immediately!” (animation effect)


Yuei Vu was shocked on the spot—isnt this a card of Jonouchi Could it be that Jonouchi has fallen into his grip

Well, actually, this card was not a rare card.

It was not surprising that Marik, a pirated card dealer, has such a thing.

But the problem is…

……Arent you the heir of the glorious tomb-keeper family How dare you bring something like a “Graverobber”

Could it be that he was robbing himself, trying to see if there was something good hidden in the tomb of the pharaoh

What about your dignity and honor as a tomb keeper

The trap effect has been activated, and a short, thief-looking Graverobber appeared on the field, holding a card dug out of Yuei Vus graveyard in his hand.

Quick-play Spell, Cosmic Cyclone.

“I also pay 1000 LP, and the effect of the Cosmic Cyclone is activated!” Marik said solemnly, “Remove my ownCard of Safe Return from the game!”

【Marik, LP 2100 → LP 1100】

A whirlwind rolled up Mariks own continuous spell card in place, made a few turns in the air, and then disappeared from the game as a golden light.

“The effect of the Card of Safe Return disappears, so I dont have to continue to draw cards when the Jam is resurrected again.” Marik was even more proud, “Hahahaha, in this way, everything you did becomes useless.

Not only it increased my hand cards, but it also increased the attack power of God!

Today, Osiris is completely invincible, and you are powerless! ”

(Sky Dragon: Boss, I beg you to stop raising a flag, Im a little panicky…)

Yuei Vu: “…”

Even this move was followed by Marik.

To be honest, he didnt expect it a bit.

In the animation, Yugi obviously killed Marik by decking out! At that time, why didnt I see Marik printing a Mystical Space Typhoon on the spot and destroying his spell card

Why did he suddenly change his career as soon as I got on it

At this time, the sky dragon roared again, and the sound shook the heavens and the earth, and even the black clouds in the sky seemed to respond and released lightning and thunder like trembling.

To be honest, this sky dragon with an attack power of nearly 20,000, almost full resistance, and a powerful suppressing effect is still a bit scary.

Everyone here should be counseled.

But it didnt matter.

Fortunately, Yuei Vu knew the effect of Sky Dragon and Mariks deck routines in advance.

He had more than one plan for dealing with Sky Dragon.

“Set a card, I end my turn.” Yuei Vu said.

The first task now was to survive till the next turn, then he still had a chance!

“Then its my turn, draw!” Marik raised his voice and emphasized, “At this moment, Osiris attack power has increased again.”

The sky dragon roared up to the sky, and its attack power also increased.

[Osiris the Sky Dragon, ATK 19000 → ATK 20000]

“Youre screwed in this way!” Marik sneered, “The only thing that can save you now is the set card in the Spell Trap Zone, but the trap card cant affect the gods, and there is nothing to protect you from this turn.


……Although I would like to say that with certainty, this situation is not absolute.

After all, if you use a trap card that avoids combat damage, there is still hope that you will survive this turn.

Yuei Vu raised his eyebrows.

Yo, I didnt expect that Mariks awareness of playing cards was good, he didnt ignore the Spell Trap Zone like 90% of the people in the anime

It seems that it is better to be a little more cautious when mocking Mariks dueling skill in the future…

“I activate a spell card from my hand, the Anti-Magic Arrows!”

Marik played a card, and thousands of arrows shot from all directions, instantly piercing the covering cards on the Yuei Vu field and pinning them to the ground.

“After the Anti-Magic Arrows is activated, both players cannot activate spell or trap effects until the end of the turn.” Marik laughed proudly, “In this way, no matter what card you set, there is no way to save you!

This is the last blow! The attack of Osiris, Super Conductive Wave Thunder Cannon! ”

[Osiris the Sky Dragon, ATK 20000 → ATK 19000]

The Sky Dragon opened its mouth again.

Unimaginable super energy is brewing in the huge dragons mouth, the golden light turns into a spiral vortex, and the rolling sound made those who faced it feel the illusion of the end of the world…

Even if Mariks Anti-Magic Arrows consumed one card in his hand, Osiris attack power was still ridiculously high.

The Wildedges ATK was only 2600, and even if Yuei Vus LP was ten times higher, he would be smashed into slag after this attack.

…but it didnt matter!

Kuriboh, save me!

“I discard Kuriboh to activate its effect!” Yuei Vu quickly threw a card into the graveyard, “Make the Battle Damage inflicted to my Life Points by 1 of the opponents monsters 0!”


The Sky Dragons strike that seemed to have the power to destroy the world easily crushed the Wildedge, but then immediately hit the Kuriboh that appeared in front of Yuei Vu and called out “kuri kuri”.

The attack of the god of the underworld with an attack power of 19,000 turned invisible in front of the Kuriboh.

Yuei Vu watched the image of the Kuriboh in front of him gradually disappear.

What else could he say

At this moment, thousands of words have been turned into one sentence—

——Kuriboh Forever!

“Have you survived for another turn with the effect of the miscellaneous fish monster” Marik hummed softly, “Then I want to activate this Continuous Spell card – Infinite Cards! As long as this card remains face-up on the field, there is no limit to the number of cards in players hands..”

According to the rules of Yu-Gi-Oh, if any player had more than 6 cards in their hand at the end of their turn, they needed to discard their hands until there were 6 cards left.

However, with the effect of “Infinite Cards”, that limitation was lifted.

[Osiris the Sky Dragon, ATK 19000 → ATK 18000]

“Even if you rely on that kind of trash to survive, your remaining LP is still a candle in the wind in front of Osiris with an attack power of 18000! Enjoy your last turn and welcome your own end!” Marik waved, “I end my turn!”

Shouldnt it be worthy of being a boss-level villain In one sentence, he successively scolded the Kuriboh as trash, and said that the number one forbidden word in Yu-Gi-Oh – “candle in the wind”.

Just based on this sentence, Marik should almost go far…

But there was one thing he said was not wrong, that is, this is the last round!


At this moment, Yuei Vu activated his skill Draw of Fate! This skill could be triggered when the LP gap was very big or the situation on the field was extremely unfavorable.

Although the LPs of the two sides were close, the opponents field has a god with an attack power of nearly 20,000, while Yuei Vus side was empty.

Thus the system has also judged it to be “extremely unfavorable”, so he could legally cheat.

In this turn, let the pirated card boss see what a real printed card was!

Yuei Vu didnt use that card immediately after drawing the card, but drew another card in his hand: “Spell card – Miracle Fusion! This card can Fusion Summon 1 “Elemental HERO” Fusion Monster from my Extra Deck, by banishing Fusion Materials mentioned on it from my field or my GY!”

“Fusion using monsters in the graveyard!”

From the surprised expression on Mariks face, it could be seen that this involved his blind spot of knowledge.

“I banish Elemental HERO Wildedge and Elemental HERO Thunder Giant from my Graveyard!”

Marik was even more surprised: “Use two Fusion Monsters for fusion!”

Its like a student who slept through the whole semester and got the exam questions for the final exam.

Yuei Vu showed a brand new fusion hero: “Fusion Summons—

——Elemental HERO The Shining! ”

With the release of strong light like the sun, the two fusion heroes turned into beams and merged into the icon of Miracle Fusion, giving birth to a new power.

A white body emerged from the strong light, bathed in divine radiance, and behind it was a sun-like accessory that was dazzling.

[Elemental HERO The Shining, ATK 2600] (Fusion Condition: 1 “Elemental HERO” monster 1 LIGHT monster)

Marik narrowed his eyes.

“Although I dont know what trick youre using, any monster is powerless in front of the Sky Dragon! The Sky Dragons special ability is activated! Attack the monster summoned, and make its ATK drop by 2000 points!

Summon Thunder Bullet! ”

The other mouth on the sky dragons head slowly opened, and blue thunder brewed in the huge mouth.

The sphere roared out and slammed into The Shining who had just appeared on the stage.

The brand-new hero was wounded before he could stand firm.

He was covered in black smoke under the thunder of the gods, and his combat effectiveness was greatly reduced.

[Elemental HERO The Shining, ATK 2600 → ATK 600]

“Hey, in this way, this monster is nothing more than a trash with an ATK of 600.” Marik hummed, “Its nothing to be afraid of.”

Yuei Vu ignored him: “The special effect of The Shining – this card gains 300 ATK for each of my banished “Elemental HERO” monsters!”

Marik was startled, suddenly realized something, and looked up at the “Fusion Gate” above his head that had been activated from the beginning of the duel.

“The material that are fused using theFusion Gate will not be sent to the Graveyard, but will be directly banished…”

“Thats right, and monsters that are used as materials forMiracle Fusion will also be banished.” Yuei Vu said.

In this way, the Elemental HEROes removed from the game in this duel were Sparkman, Clayman, Bladedge, Wildheart, Wildedge, and Thunder Giant, a total of six.

“Its not over yet! I fuse Elemental HERO Heat, and Elemental HERO Avian in my hand, using the effect ofFusion Gate! Come on, Elemental HERO Great Tornado!”

[Elemental HERO Great Tornado, ATK 2800] (Fusion Condition: 1 “Elemental HERO” monster 1 WIND monster)

“Its the same, no matter how many monsters you summon!” Marik waved, “Osiris, Summon Thunder Bullet!”

The second mouth of the sky dragon opened again, and another lightning sphere swept in, hitting the body of the giant tornado.

[Elemental HERO Great Tornado, ATK 2800 → ATK 800]

Great Tornado also had the effect of halving the attack power of the opponents monsters when summoned, but it obviously didnt apply to gods here.

However, due to the fusion, there were two more heroes removed, and The Shinings ATK was further strengthened.

[Elemental HERO The Shining, ATK 600 → ATK 3000]

“You can summon a monster with this kind of attack power under the effect of the sky dragon, you are indeed very strong.” Marik laughed, “But in front of God, any kind of struggle is powerless.




“Then let me show it to you.

I drew the most crucial card in my hand this turn to defeat Osiris, the god of the underworld.”

Marik was stunned.

He said… defeat Osiris

Under such a situation

Osiris with 18,000 attack power

“Activate from the hand…” Yuei Vu took out the key card that was added to the hand through the skill.

“…Continuous Spell card – The Force of Four!”


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