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“Continuous Spell – Force of Four!” Yuei Vu waved his arm, and the green card face in front of him had been turned over.

Marik was instinctively alert: “Is it another card I havent seen”

“Force of Fours effect – if any player has more than four cards in their hands, they must discard the cards in their hands until there are four remaining cards,” Yuei Vu said with a smile.

Mariks face was full of astonishment, and his mouth opened in an O shape for a while, unable to speak.

(although it couldnt be seen from the puppets face)

“You still have such a card!”

Yuei Vu just smiled and didnt speak.

Unexpectedly! I also printed a card to counter you!

“You have 18 cards in your hand, Marik!” Yuei Vu pointed to Mariks hand cards, “Okay, according to the effect of the Force of Four, discard 14 cards for me.”

Marik gritted his teeth.

He looked down at the huge pile of cards in his hand, and in the end, he was extremely reluctant to pick out fourteen cards and send them to the GY.

The majestic Sky Dragons attack power plummeted several times, and even the dragons body seemed to be wilted, and it felt as if it had just entered the post-nut clarity…

[Osiris the Sky Dragon, ATK 18000 → ATK 4000]

Marik gritted his teeth: “…But even so, Osiris attack power is still higher! God is not something that a monster of your level can defeat…”

Yuei Vu smiled: “That might not be the case.”

He didnt know how many times he said this sentence, but Yuei Vu felt that his fashionability was about to explode.

“You seemed to think that the card I set on the field in my previous turn was a life-saving trap, right”

Marik was startled, and his eyes quickly shifted to the set card at Yuei Vus feet.

Isnt it a trap

“Of course, its not a trap.

The reason why this card is set here is just that I had seven cards in my hand at the end of the last round.

If I dont play one of them on the field, I have to discard one.”

As Yuei Vu said that, he gently raised his arm.

“Ill let you see what the card youre so cautious against.

It is also the card that will bring this duel to an end.

Activate Equip Spell – Favorite Hero!”

“Equip Spell!”

The card in front of Yuei Vu was turned over, and it was a Spell Card.

The background of the card was a brightly lit skyscraper, and at the top of the building stood a Flame Wingman with arms folded and his back turned to the moonlight.

“Favorite Hero is a Spell Card that can only be equipped to a Level 5 or higherHERO monster.

I equip it to The Shining.

After equipping this card to a monster, at the start of the Battle Phase, I can activate 1 Field Spell directly from my hand or Deck.”

While talking, Yuei Vu had already pulled out the deck and picked out the Field Spell.

This was a pure E-HERO deck, so its needless to say which Field Spell would be activated.

The Field Zone area of ​​the Duel Disk popped up, Yuei Vu placed the card on it, and the device immediately stored the card inside the Duel Disk.

“Field Spell – Skyscraper, activate!”

The ground rumbled, and the background seemed to be quietly falling.

The reinforced concrete building rose from the ground, like a cast iron jungle covering the entire site.

Marik gritted his teeth: “Its actually Field Spell…”

“Another effect of Favorite Hero,” Yuei Vu continued, “If I control a card in my Field Zone, the equipped monster gains ATK equal to its original DEF, also the opponent cannot target it with card effects!

The Shinings defense power is 2100, so the current The Shinings attack power is…”

[Elemental HERO The Shining, ATK 3000 → ATK 5100]

Marik was shocked and turned pale: “Attack…Attack power 5100!”

Under the powerful suppressing ability of the Sky Dragon, he actually summoned a monster with an ATK of 5100

This kind of thing…is it really possible

Marik looked at the boy with more and more surprise.

Every time he felt that he had figured out the depths of this young man, the other party always seemed to be able to surpass his imagination, and even the Egyptian Gods that he thought were invincible in the world could not defeat him.

Can this guy… even defeat a god

[Elemental HERO · The Shining, ATK 5100]

[Osiris the Sky Dragon, ATK 4000]

【Marik, LP 1100】

“This is the finale.” Yuei Vu played the last card, “I use the Spell CardQuick Attack to let the Fusion monsters summoned this turn to be able to attack.

The Shining, attack Osiris the Sky Dragon, and destroy the god! ”

The Shining jumped up, turned into an afterimage, and flew out, dragging a long strip of light behind him, leaving a scorching trail on the retina.

Osiris seemed to be angry that he, as a god, was being challenged by inferior monsters.

It roared like a demonstration, opened its mouth, and once again spewed out a Super Conductive Wave Thunder Cannon.

But this time, The Shining turned around easily and flexibly avoided the impact.

The golden beam bombarded the ground, leaving a trail of scorching black smoke.

At this time, The Shining had already rushed to the top of the sky dragon, suspended high in the air, opened his arms, and seemed to explode with boundless golden light all over his body.

The dazzling light made it impossible to look directly…

Boom! ! !

It created an earth-shattering explosion as if the sky was screaming.

The beam of light shot straight from the ground to the sky.

The dazzling light was followed by a smoke screen that enveloped the entire venue.

By the time the smoke screen dissipated, the huge Egyptian God had disappeared from the field, and only the glorious hero was left with arms folded and slowly descended from mid-air.

【Marik, LP 1100 → LP 0】

….I won.

Marik Ishtar and Osiris the Sky Dragon were defeated!

The puppet that was remotely controlled by Marik fell to his knees on the ground, his head bowed, and the messy cards fell out of the duel tray and scattered on the ground.

At the end of the battle, the Egyptian Gods coercion also disappeared, the Dark Magician Girl let out a long sigh of relief, and her task of escorting her master was finally completed.

Then she clenched her little fist and turned to her master, her big green eyes full of little stars.

“Master, you are really amazing!” She exclaimed, “You can even defeat a terrifying opponent like the Egyptian God!”

Yuei Vu coughed as he walked towards Mariks doll: “I cant say its particularly powerful, its too arrogant.

Its just moderately powerful, moderately powerful…”

When Yuei Vu walked in front of him, the doll suddenly raised his head, but the golden eye on his forehead had dimmed a lot.

“I underestimated you, once again,” Marik said with the help of the puppets mouth.

He was playing through a puppet, so even if he lost, it would not affect his main body.

“In that case, the Osiris the Sky Dragon will be protected by you temporarily.” Marik said, humming a little, “Of course, if you have the ability to control it…

Regarding you, I changed my plan.

You proved to me that you have the ability to participate in my script.

I will not trouble you anymore…until the promotion.

After all, I still have a lot of things to do next.

I really look forward to seeing you in the quarterfinals — although I think thats for sure.

At that time, we will still have a chance to settle the score.

After speaking, the golden eye disappeared, and the doll also fell to the ground with a thud.

Marik left.

Well, theres nothing incomprehensible.

After all, he showed off too much before, so when he was beaten, he naturally had to say some harsh words to restore his dignity as a villain, right

But this sky dragon… To be honest, Yuei Vu really didnt want it much.

After all, he was neither a pharaoh nor a priest, nor a Millenium Item holder, so it stood to reason that even if he took the God card, he couldnt use it.

Everyone knows the saying “treasuring a jade is a crime itself”.

If you held a powerful thing like the God card in your hand but were unable to use it, then its only effect was to invite unnecessary trouble.

In contrast, Yuei Vu was more interested in the animated Revival Jam and Card of Safe Return, but he didnt know whether the cards in the dolls deck except the sky dragon were real or fake.

If the system could generously send him an Egyptian God, it should be able to be used…


“All the quests inThe Challenge From Ghouls series have been completed!

Hidden Achievement: The Sky Dragon Slayer – Defeat the doll controlled by Marik Ishtar and the “Osiris the Sky Dragon” in a duel.

Hidden Reward: [Slifer the Sky Dragon].

Please check it in the system card library.”

Yuei Vu: “…”


Damn, did you really send me a God

Is this “speak of the devil”


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