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Slifer the Sky Dragon!

He never thought that this system, which was stingy all day long and usually made him smash tens of thousands of crystals for a bunch of Normies, finally did a personnel job today, actually spat out the God card to him!

Yuei Vu hurriedly opened the systems card library with anticipation, and when he found the Sky Dragon with a gorgeous and shining card face, he felt that even his breath was heavy.

Damn, with the Sky Dragon, I was going to soar into the sky! This was no doubt the strongest brother in my entire collection!

But at the same time, Yuei Vu was also puzzled.

Since God cards could be obtained from system quest rewards, other players should theoretically be able to obtain them too.

After all, the quests he can accept from the quest module should be the same as other players.

Then why has he never heard of any player getting the god card in his previous life

Yuei Vu thought about it for a while and felt that he could only attribute the reason to the fact that the players in this period were probably too weak, as they really didnt have any cards to use.

In the early days of Yu-Gi-Oh!, even the invincible Yami Yugi failed to defeat the powerful god card head-on when facing Osiris the Sky Dragon.

He had to resort to making Marik unable to draw cards and lose due to the deck-out rule.

Therefore, it was almost impossible for players, who had to rely on the extremely limited combination of cards in this period, to complete the goal of “defeat the Slifer the Sky Dragon in a duel”.

So the hidden condition may not be triggered by the player until the end of version 1.0.

Originally, Yuei Vu was worried that taking the God Card and using it directly might lead to the wrath of the gods, but since it was a quest reward, it shouldnt matter.

All the cards obtained in this game from the quest rewards are preset in the system card pool, which meant that there was actually a Sky Dragon hidden in the card pool, but no one has been able to unlock it.

Of course, there was no way that the cards in the system card pool would have usage restrictions after the player unlocks them.

Yuei Vu clicked on the card details.

Well, now let us worship the mighty power possessed by God.

[Slifer the Sky Dragon, Level 10, DIVINE, Divine-Beast.


Effect: Requires 3 Tributes to Normal Summon (cannot be Normal Set).

This cards Normal Summon cannot be negated.

When Normal Summoned, cards and effects cannot be activated.

Once per turn, during the End Phase, if this card was Special Summoned: Send it to the GY.

Gains 1000 ATK/DEF for each card in your hand.

If a monster(s) is Normal or Special Summoned to your opponents field in Attack Position: That monster(s) loses 2000 ATK, then if its ATK has been reduced to 0 as a result, destroy it.]

Yuei Vu: “…”


I just felt something was wrong here!

This god card… was the real-life version (which was greatly nefted), wasnt it Thats why its name was Slifer, not Osiris!

He was just wondering how could the system be so generous, directly rewarding a God card that can be used directly regardless of divine punishment.

Turned out it was too good to be true…

But after calming down and thinking about it, Yuei Vu realized that he really thought too much before.

Since it was a reward for completing the quest, this Sky Dragon must be a preset card in the system card pool.

Of course, it would be the real-life version.

But in this way, Yuei Vu has two God cards in his hand.

One from Marik, with an unreasonably strong anime effect, but unfortunately it wasnt usable.

One from the reward, with nefted effect but unlimited use.

Actually, its not a loss.

The real-life card couldnt be said to be completely useless, and the suppression force was still there.

Moreover, its a God card, so there should be some divine power blessing

Anyway, even though he didnt have the power of a pharaoh and could only use a part of the power of the Sky Dragon, its much better than other duelists who couldnt use the god card at all.

Apart from the quest rewards, of course, Yuei Vu was not polite.

Once again, as his “competition insider”, he pulled out the entire dolls deck and took it back for inspection.

However, the irritating thing was that in the whole deck, except for the Sky Dragon, all the other cards were fake cards…

Damn you, Marik, are you really going to carry out the fake and inferior cottage to the end

But after thinking about it, Yuei Vu has already snatched so many cards from Ghouls.

Marik wasnt stupid enough to bring real cards to let him grab them.


New Module: The Duelist Rank module has been unlocked!

Introduction: Only duelists who can control the dueling monsters most skillfully in the World Link Online can have a rank, and the duelist rank can directly reflect the force level.

In the Duelist Rank module of the character panel, you can view your own rank and more detailed descriptions.

Yuei Vu raised his eyebrows.

Duelists rank

Isnt it the same thing as getting experience points and leveling up to get crystals

Opening the panel, Yuei Vu really found a new module that he had never seen before.

This was strange.

In his previous life, he had played so many versions of World Link Online, and he had never heard of such a module.

Just like a normal online game, some simple text and arrow explanations appeared in the interface after unlocking the new module for the first time.

Yuei Vu glanced at it, and the general idea seemed to be that duelists could also be divided into 1 to 12 according to their rank.

The higher the rank, the stronger the duelist.

However, the “force” here was described very generally, and there was no clear definition.

What was the strength of a duelist Was it the decks tier

The transparent Dark Magician Girl floated beside him with concern: “Master, whats wrong with you Are you injured”

After the duel ended, Yuei Vu had been standing still, so she was inevitably concerned.

“…Oh nothing, Im thinking about something.” Yuei Vu replied casually, “By the way, have you heard about the force of duelists”

“Ah” The Dark Magician Girl was stunned for a moment, “Master, did you mean the duelistspower”

Yuei Vu: “”

What the hell was that

“Its a common saying among us spirits, you may not have heard of it, Master.” The Dark Magician Girl shook her head, “You may not have noticed, Master, but all duelists have supernatural powers beyond reality.

This power is the key to connecting us spirits and duelists, and if powerful enough can even affect reality or souls, or give us spirits the ability to materialize in your world.

Yuei Vu suddenly remembered that he seemed to have heard such a statement before.

Regarding the concept of “power”, he remembered that it seemed to be mentioned by the final boss of Yu-Gi-Oh GX manga.

It was a demon who was sealed by Egyptian priests thousands of years ago.

He mentioned that Jaden Yuki and Chazz Princeton in the comics were duelists with extraordinary “power”.

At the end of the manga, the surviving fragments of the great priest Maat 3,000 years ago lent their “power” as a duelist to Jaden.

Next, Jaden performed on the spot what was the real protagonists cheat.

He declared the seven cards at the top of the deck in a row, and the seven cards drawn in a row happened to be the cards he declared—and it was just the right amount of seven cards that could be used to clear the field and OTK the opponent.

In this connection, Yami Yugi after retrieving his real name at the ending of Yu-Gi-Oh! DM has awakened the power of the pharaoh, and also has the ability to “can draw any card you want”.

So this may be the same concept as the “force” mentioned in the GX comics.

So from Yuei Vus point of view, this may refer to the card luck that players often talk about.

Its no wonder that everyone in the Yu-Gi-Oh! animations of all eras liked to chase some supernatural dark power, and after obtaining the dark power, although they obviously used the same deck as before, playing cards became awesome.

Were those characters pursuing the dark side of the force No, what everyone was after was actually heaven-defying luck…

Yuei Vu has roughly guessed it.

Then this duelist rank module should be similar to the “power” that the Dark Magician Girl said.

He suddenly thought of something: “Wait, you just said that a duelistspower can be materialized as a spirit… Then did you use my power when you materialized”

Yuei Vu felt that something was wrong.

In the GX animation, Jaden Yuki obtained a very powerful “power” after Fusion with his spirit partner Yubel, and then he could materialize the spirit in reality at will.

Yuei Vu knew that he must not have that ability.

“Well… no, I used my ownforce when I materialized.”

The Dark Magician Girl said that she was a little proud, she straightened the magic hat on her little golden head and raised her chest.

The scene was a bit… spectacular.

“Dont look at me like this, in fact, Im still quite a powerful spirit among dueling monsters!”

Of course, Yuei Vu didnt hesitate to praise: “Its amazing!”

“Master, you are also very powerful!” The Dark Magician Girl stuck out her tongue, “For a duelist like you,power must be at the top!”

Yuei Vu glanced at his character panel.

Character: Yuei Vu.

Duelist Rank was… 3 stars.

At this time, Yuei Vu fell into a long silence…


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