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Cash On Delivery

“Im sorry, but this tiger already has a buyer. He said that not even a single hair could be missing, so I cant agree to it without permission. ”

If it were any other time, Mo Ruyue wouldnt mind giving some small favors to mend their relationship with the villagers. After all, she was now living in the village with five babies. If she provoked some vile people who took advantage of her and Da Baos absence to attack the babies, it would be tough to guard against.

However, a tiger was such a valuable thing, and they wanted to get it for free

They had the nerve to ask for it, but she was too embarrassed to give it to them.

Therefore, when she brought the tiger down the mountain, she let Da Bao go straight into the city to find the young master at Guang Lai Lou. Now, only he could capture such a big prey in the first instance and make the villagers shut up.

Ultimately, all the people who came to ask for it left resentfully. However, they were also waiting in the dark to see if there would be a buyer.

The sky had just turned dark when a group of people arrived on the road leading to the village entrance.

They were holding lanterns and torches and were lined up in two rows. There seemed to be more than ten people, and the one leading the way was actually Da Bao!

A group of people went straight to the Qin family. The luxuriously dressed young man in the lead followed Da Bao into the door and soon saw Mo Ruyue and the young man going out the door.

“Please forgive me, young master. Youve come all the way here, but I cant even serve you a cup of tea. I cant even let you in to sit for a while.”

She said apologetically.

Originally, he wanted Da Bao to inform the others, but she did not expect them to follow him. This reaction speed could be said to be quite fast.

“Sister-in-law Qins concerns are right. After all its already late. Lets quickly finish the handover so that you can rest earlier with the babies.”

The young master was also an open-minded person. He knew that Mo Ruyues identity as a widow was quite sensitive, so he didnt care about these superficial formalities.

Besides, the things he was going to carry away later were of extremely high value. He wouldnt have any complaints even if he couldnt get in, let alone rush over overnight.

Soon, the people he brought weighed the tiger. The next step was to drain the blood, peel the skin, cut the meat, and remove the bones. The value of each part of the tiger was different, so of course, they could not be compared.

Mo Ruyue was standing outside the door and talking to the young master. The courtyard was brightly lit and bustling with activity.

The villagers had long been alarmed when this group of people entered the village. However, they could only watch from a distance when they saw that the other party had a large number of people.

However, they remembered that Mo Ruyue had said before that there was already a buyer. Only now did they realize that she was not just making a claim.

The people who had once asked Mo Ruyue for something were also secretly rejoicing. If they had really gotten the thing and ended up provoking the rich young master in the city, then it would not be worth it.

The young master had brought many skilled people with him, and they quickly divided the tiger into several piles.

“How about this, Mrs. Qin If you dont want to sell the tiger skin, Ill leave you some tiger meat and bones. Ill take the rest. How about this”

The young master directly took out a silver note. Under the cover of his cloak, Mo Ruyue could clearly see the number on it.

That was not a small amount. Mo Ruyue did not expect him to spend so much money. A restaurant could have so much cash flow, and the young masters face did not show any signs of difficulty. It was obvious that this number had no impact on the entire restaurants operation.

From this, one could deduce that Guang Lai Luos strength was far from what it appeared to be.

So, she had accidentally found herself a strong and powerful man

“This amount of money is indeed not enough. If you can sell me the tiger skin, the price will be even higher.”

The young master saw that Mo Ruyue didnt say anything and thought that she felt that the money was too little, so he quickly explained.

Mo Ruyue shook her head and said, “That tiger skin wasnt complete. When we were hunting the tiger, the bamboo arrow shot through the tigers head and left a big hole in the back of its head. The price of such damaged tiger skin wouldnt be too high, so I thought that I could keep it and make a tiger skin coat for the little guys.”

The young master was stunned for a moment, and then he shook his head with a bitter smile.

Tiger skin jackets. Although they were not big babies, it was already very luxurious for each of them to wear one.

Even if there was a damaged tiger skin, it would not be a problem to sell it for a few hundred taels of silver. How could she not sell it just like that

However, he also knew that Mo Ruyue had his own arrangements, so he didnt try to persuade her anymore. Instead, he asked again, “Mrs. Qin, what do you think of the price”

“Alright, this price it is then. After all, Ive kept some tiger bones and tiger meat for myself. Your price is already very fair.”

As soon as Mo Ruyue opened her mouth, the young master heaved a sigh of relief. He was also afraid that if he couldnt close this deal, it wouldnt be a problem of making a wasted trip, but that it would be hard to encounter such a big tiger again.

The two sides agreed on the price, and the next step was to hand over the money and the goods. Mo Ruyue received the silver notes from the young master and then looked at the people in the courtyard carrying out the tiger meat and bones.

Those large baskets were all tightly covered with cloth, so one could only see that there were many things inside, but not what they were.

“Alright, then Ill have to trouble the young master to make this trip. The road back is dark and slippery, so I hope the young master will be careful.”

Mo Ruyue passed the silver notes to Da Bao, and he naturally took the silver notes and folded them, placing them close to his chest. The twos smooth and natural movements made the young master stunned. So the Qin familys housekeeper was actually a child-like Da Bao.

He didnt respond to Mo Ruyues words for a moment.

It was the servant boy beside him who quietly pulled his sleeve before he came back to his senses and said, “Thank you, Mrs. Qin. Ill be careful. You and the babies should rest well. Well be leaving now.”

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After he finished speaking, he waved his hand to the back, indicating that everyone could get ready to leave.

Very quickly, this group of people left the Qin family Village. However, the entire mountain village did not return to its peaceful state.

When Mo Ruyue was about to close the door, she saw a few villagers walking over from a distance. They also saw Mo Ruyues action of closing the door and hurriedly shouted, “Qin family, dont be in a hurry to close the door.”

“Its so late. Lets talk tomorrow. ”

She blocked the door and pushed Da Bao into the courtyard. She was already in a defensive posture and secretly raised her vigilance.

“Oh, oh, its just a matter of a few words. Why wait until tomorrow We just have a few questions to ask.”

The leader of the villagers was the one who had asked Mo Ruyue for something before. It was just that his attitude was particularly flattering at this time, and it looked like he had come to ask for something.

“Then just stand there and talk. Its so late, and youre all here. Im not sure. Dont say that I dont know how to treat guests and dont want to invite you in.”

Mo Ruyues words were like a warning. If those people didnt know what was good for them and continued to approach, then dont blame her for being impolite.

Fortunately, those few people were tactful. After knowing that Mo Ruyue could kill a tiger alone, they were more or less afraid of her. When they heard her tone was not right, they stopped in their tracks.



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