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Tidying Up


“Welcome back, you two.

Were you able to return it properly”


“Thank you for your hard work.”

Allen and Elena who returned the silver coin have come back.

When I patted the heads of the two who seemed to be satisfied with their accomplishment, the two laughed happily.

“”Exactly the same~””

“Ohh, did the blonde-haired man resemble Tristan-sama”

“”Yea, resembled~””

After Alfried-sama and his guard received the silver coin from the children, they snuck out of this place.

If they were here incognito then it would be bad if they were to get questioned by the patrol.

I’m guessing they returned to the castle for today.

“Even though he resembled him, this was your first meeting, right Moreover, you were definitely unfamiliar with the man whom you returned the silver coin, were you all right”


“As I thought… you lost quite a lot of fear of the strangers~”

“”Not good~””

“N It’s a good thing.

But, there might be some dangerous people among the strangers, so you still have to be careful about that.

Also, you mustn’t wilfully follow strangers, okay”

“”Yea, got it~””

Recently, the twins have not been shy around strangers.

I believe for it to be a good thing overall, but I cautioned them to not follow them just in case.

After I finished, the patrol has arrived.

“Open up the path please——this must be the scene of the crime.

Immediately confirm whether there are any wounded!”

The Captain-like person gave instructions to the patrol guards and they began checking for any wounded people.

After that, he walked towards me who had the purse snatcher tied next to me.

“You must be the one who captured the criminal”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“I see, thanks for the help.

And so, you are not injured, are you”

“No, I am fine.”

Hee~ So he first confirmed whether I was injured or not.

This Captain-san (temporary) seems like a good person~

“Hooh, on the contrary to your appearances, you seem to be quite strong.”

However, Captain-san (temporary) was doubting a bit my apprehension of the purse snatcher.

I think that there’s no helping for it, but… am I really that weak-looking~

I definitely don’t think that I look strong, but I would like to deny that I look weak Is this going to become an issue in the future

“Well, even though I look like this, I am an adventurer after all.”

“Is that so Sorry, but could I check your identification papers”

“Ah, yes.

Of course.”

I presented my guild card to Captain-san (temporary).


Then, Captain-san (temporary) who was checking my guild card raised his voice.

“Captain What’s the matter”

“N, nothing… ju, just this.”

He was a captain just as I thought.

When the most nearby subordinate came over after hearing his captain’s startled voice, Captain-san handed him my guild card.

“Eh! T, this is my first time meeting an A-rank adventurer.”

“Same here.

However, was there an A-ranker with such looks”

“Err… —— ah! There was news of a character at the end of the summer! What was it again… right! It was ‘Setsuna’!”

“Ahh, I have a recollection of that.

If I am not mistaken, it was a man of delicate features.

Yep, it’s the person himself.”

“He’s the type you can’t judge by appearances, is he not Well, making a forgery of the guild card is not possible, so it’s without a doubt, the person himself.”

Ou… rumors are quite incredible~ The rumors have already left the Adventurer’s Guild and spread even to the patrol, huh~

Still… Captain-san and his subordinate are whispering to each other, but I can hear it all~ I don’t want to interrupt their talk, but I will hear what they are talking about if I don’t speak up… what do I do~


“Hah, yes! S, sorry.

Here, your identification papers.”

I couldn’t let the current situation continue, so when I reservedly called, Captain-san returned my guild card.

“I’m sorry.

I have doubted your strength, but that was only my misunderstanding.

For an A-ranker like yourself, handling a hoodlum or two must be nothing.”

Confirming that I was an A-rank adventurer, Captain-san’s wording has become much more polite.

Well, he originally didn’t speak that rudely, but as I thought, the title of A-ranked is not for a show.

“Please, tell us the circumstances when handling the hoodlum…——”

He started professionally asking me a few questions, so I obediently answered.

“Excuse me, but can I be on my way now”

After being questioned for a while, I asked if I could leave.

This situation has been drawn-out, so the plans I had after this are in shambles.

When I conveyed that I would like to leave, Captain-san showed a troubled expression.

“I would like to keep you here for a while longer, but you must have your circumstances… I understand.

I am sorry for taking your time.

However, if you could please tell me your place of that would be of help…”

“Ah~… about that~”

“N Ahh, are you staying at an inn since you are an adventurer If that’s the case, could I know the name of the inn you are staying at”

Although reluctant, he will apparently let me go.

But, on the condition that he would have to get in touch with us soon, he asked for the place we stay at.

I was hesitating whether I should obediently answer this question, but it’s not like I can make up a lie, so I decided to answer him honestly.

“Err… we are staying with the Ruven family in the noble district.”

“What! S, sorry, but could you repeat that please”

Thinking that he misheard, Captain-san asked me once more for confirmation.

“The Ruven family’s house.”

“Ru, Ruven family!! A count’s house!”

“Yes, we are being taken care of by that very Ruven family.”

“I, is that so…”

Captain-san seemed startled and his eyes were swimming.

Since we are connected with nobles, he most likely has to change how he deals with the situation.

That’s must be why he’s making such an expression.

But you know, we are neither assailants nor victims this time, so he doesn’t have to be feeling that concerned.

“Then, I am sorry but I will leave the rest to you.”

It might be heartless of me, but let’s promptly leave.

“Now then, Allen, Elena.

Shall we go”

“”Soup Soup””


Let’s return and make soup.

Will you help me”


Immediately upon our return, we borrowed the kitchen and started cooking the soups from the various millets.

First, I made flour from each millet, then while dissolving them in milk, I flavored them with a pre-made bouillon and made sure to make the exact same amount.

As the result, the finished soups were all of the same color, and the Yellow Millet was closest to the image of the corn soup I had in mind.

Well, although I say that, the other three definitely weren’t bad.

The White Millet was creamier, while the Red Millet tasted a bit acidic.

And, as for the Black Millet…——

“Whoa~ this is delicious.”


It was staggeringly sweet.

I wouldn’t mind using it as a substitute for sugar.

People could be using Black Millet instead of sugar if sugar prices rise… is what I thought, but since its color is purplish-black or bluish-purple, it’s getting avoided Even the color of this soup seems suspicious after all~

But, there are fluorescent, pink and even deep blue colored ingredients, so I don’t see the problem with purplish-black.

Well, it’s all about the environment one was raised in, so I can’t really talk here.

First of all, I thought of using the Black Millet’s sweetness for cookies.


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