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Three days passed since the pearl accessories arrived.

We went to congratulate Rebecca-san on her birthday.

“Rebecca-san, Happy Birthday.”


“My! My, my!”

Rebecca-san opened her eyes wide in surprise when she received the congratulations and the box with earrings from Allen and a bouquet from Elena.

“”Here, for you~””

She wasn’t quite taking the presents, so the children presented the box and bouquet again.

“My goodness! I’m so happy~”

Rebecca-san hasn’t accepted the presents yet, but hugged the children instead.

“Thank you, Allen-chan, Elena-chan~”


“Thanks to you too, Takumi-san.

I’m very happy.”

“I’m also glad that we could please you.”

Rebecca-san said words to gratitude to me while hugging the children.

“Now, now, Rebecca.

The children are feeling anxious so accept the presents already.”


“Oh my”

Allen and Elena were happy to be hugged by Rebecca-san, but because she hasn’t accepted their presents yet, their eyes were swimming around, not knowing what to do.

When Matthias-san pointed that out, she looked at the confused children.

Rebecca-san instructed a servant to immediately arrange the bouquet she received into a vase.

Then, her attention transferred to the box in her hand.

“Please, open it if you’d like.”


Then… —— My! My, my!”

Rebecca-san raised her voice in surprise after opening the box.

“Hey, Takumi-san! Aren’t these pearls!”

“Then, here you go, from me.”

Seeing Rebecca-san so surprised because of the pearls, Matthias-san held out an opened box with the pearl necklace.

“My! What is this, Dear!”

Rebecca-san was surprised even more.

“How is it Do you like it”

Seeing Rebecca-san’s surprised expression, Matthias-san made a triumphant expression.

“Gee! It’s wonderful! These earrings and the necklace are of matching design, no You were in cahoots with Takumi-san! Allen-chan and Elena-chan knew as well, did you not~ How cruel of you to keep it secret from me~”


Her tone sounded angry, but Rebecca-san who was smiling embraced Allen and Elena once more.

Allen and Elena happily returned the hug.

“Hahaha~ Takumi-kun, that’s how she looks when she’s trying to hide her happiness in embarrassement..”

“Is that so”

It appears that Rebecca-san hugged the children so she could hide her embarrassement.

“Dear! You were not supposed to point that out!”

After being pointed out by Matthias-san, Rebecca-san’s cheeks slightly dyed red.

It seems that she really was embarrassed.

“My wife is adorable, isn’t she”

“Yes, indeed she is~”

“Gee! Stop teasing me, you two~”

Rebecca-san whose face turned even redder was as cute as a young maiden.

“Still, what fine pearls these are.

I have never seen such quality before.”

“Ahh, these were procured by Takumi-san.

He has pearls of shocking quality lying around, you know”

“Oh my, Takumi-san has Indeed, it wouldn’t be strange for him to have something like this in his possession.”


I won’t be surprised by anything he takes out next.”

“Oh my Even a dragon’s fang”

“Dragon’s fangs really do exist after all.

Something like that won’t surprise me.

Since it’s Takumi-kun we are talking about, we better consider items of the legendary grade.”

“That’s true.”

“…… Ehh~”

I felt quite complicated from hearing Matthias-san and Rebecca-san’s exchange.

I don’t have a dragon’s fang in my possession… but well, I do have a scale of water demi-god though~ Somehow, I can’t bring myself to bring that up.

Rather, what are legendary grade items If we take the low-grade potions I have on me in as an example, would they be like items from legends Legendary items in a normal world would be… a resurrection potion As expected, there is no medicine in this world that could bring the dead back to life, is there

Learning about the legends of this world might be quite amusing, actually.

Let’s have a look the next time.

“Errr… rather than that, Rebecca-san.

Why don’t you try putting on the accessories”

“Oh, that’s a good idea.

Rebecca, try them on.”

Since it’s a special day, I wanted to see her wear it.

Therefore, when I proposed that, Matthias-san was of the same opinion and urged Rebecca-san.

“How is it”

“Wow~ it suits you really well.”

“”Suits you~””

Rebecca-san had a servant prepare a mirror and immediately wore the accessories, but it suited her extremely.

A simple design seems to have been the best choice for Rebecca-san.

“May I really keep something this wonderful”

“Of course, it’s already yours after all.”

“Thank you, Dear.

Takumi-san, thank you as well.

Naturally, Allen-chan and Elena-chan too.”


“I’m glad it’s to your liking.

Also, I have prepared plenty of dishes, so please make sure to eat up.”

She seemed to be satisfied with the presents, so the meal was next.

Starting with Barry-san, the chefs of the Ruven family prepared a feat.

I made hamburgers with the ground meat making magic tool I acquired recently, then I made a deep-fried chicken with fried potatoes and other fried foods.

I have also attempted to make pudding.

I still don’t have a steamer so I made it in a pot with hot water, but well, it has turned alight.

“Now that I think about it, when is your and the children’s birthdays, Takumi-san”

“Ahh~ about that…”

“Now, now, Rebecca.

You have heard about their circumstances, did you not”

“That was negligent of me, I am sorry.”

While having a meal, Rebecca-san asked about Allen and Elena’s birthday.

While I was trying to avoid the topic, Matthias-san rebuked Rebecca-san.

Then, she apologized in a dejected state.

“I am sorry, I still don’t know when Allen and Elena were born.”

Allen and Elena might be the Water God’s children, but they were mostly orphans.

Moreover, they are aware that I am not their real brother.

Either way, I have not yet grasped the two’s date of birth.

I have been frequently checking their status so I wouldn’t miss when their age column changes from five to six, but the two’s age has not changed yet.

We have met at the beginning of March and we are currently in the middle of October.

Four more months until it will be a year since I found them.

During that time, they will be celebrating their birthday.

“I believe it should be soon… I will make sure to tell you when the indication on their guild cards changes.”

I have not informed them of my Appraisal skill yet, so I told them that I am checking the age on their guild cards.


Please do so.

And so, when is your birthday, Takumi-san”

“Eh, mine Mine is at the start of the March.”

I just had my birthday a little before I reincarnated on Aetherdia and it was on the start of March that I came here, so there shouldn’t be a problem by telling that my birthday is in March.

When I replied, Rebecca-san said “I will remember it.” cheerfully.

What is it… I feel that she is going to scheme something, but was it just my imagination

“Gee, Takumi-san.

You don’t have to look so worried, it will be a normal celebration.”

Even if you call it “normal”… a normal celebration of the nobility sounds scary enough though~

Although I don’t know whether we will still be at the Capital at that time, I replied: “I am looking forward to it.”


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