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Three days after the evening party in the castle.

We were invited to the Risner mansion in the Capital.

“Takumi-kun, thank you for coming.”

“Long time no see, Cedric-san.”


“Hello, Allen-kun, Elena-san.

You seem to be doing well.”

“”We are well~!””

Allen and Elena who greeted Cedric-san then proceeded to greet Theodore-kun and Latis-kun.

“Oh my my, did Allen-kun and Elena-san become a little more sociable”

“It seems to be more towards other children, but they have been acting on their own more than ever before~”

“As I thought, a child’s growth period really is eye opening~”

“Yes, truly.”

I constantly feel like that in regards to the children’s growth.

Right at this moment, Allen and Elena are happily talking with Theodore-kun and Latis-kun.

Even though they were clinging to me the last time around~

“I see.

Cedric-san, I believe that you already heard from Isaac-san, but… you have become our guardian without your consent.”

“Nono, if it’s to be a guardian of you and the children then I would do it happily even without His Majesty’s command.”

It was the first time we met since he officially became our guardian, so when I conveyed him that, Cedric-san said that he would gladly become our guardian even if not ordered to.

Just as he said, Cedric-san has been taking care of us in one way or another since we met.

“… However, I am sorry for not being able to carry out my duty during the evening party.”

But, Cedric-san who has accepted being my guardian together with Matthias-san apologized for not being by my side at the evening party.

“Not at all! You must have it difficult after coming to the Capital with things like courtesy calls! Please, don’t mind it!”

I panicked and conveyed to Cedric-san that there’s no need to apologize.

“Courtesy calls were same as always so I had no problems with that, but I was swarmed by people curious about the Dungeon you have found in our territory… I have ended up surrounded more than usual.”

“Ahh, the Dungeon…”

To avoid people swarming me, Cedric-san has apparently made sure not to approach me at the evening party.

Certainly, when the Lord of the territory where a new Dungeon was discovered came to an evening party… he would certainly attract many curious people around him.

It has not been officially announced that I was the discoverer, but the nobles present at the previous audience know.

I thought I was surrounded by many people at that time, but… seems that I was naive.

“… Thank you very much for your consideration.”

Recalling the scene that could have happened at the evening party, I frowned.

Cedric-san giggled.

“Father, let’s move to the room and have tea.”

“Allen-kun and Elena-chan brought yummy snacks!”

At that time, Theodore-kun and Latis-kun suggested moving the place.


Takumi-san, Allen-kun, Elena-san, this way please.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”


When we moved to the salon, Cedric-san immediately gave instructions to prepare tea.


When I shifted my attention to the cup in front of me, there wasn’t a brown liquid with a tinge of red, but a yellowish liquid instead.

At opportunities like this, it would be generally the black tea that’s served, but… this seems to be a different beverage.

But, it’s in a cup, not a glass, so it’s not fruit water, is it

“I got hold of my favorite tea leaves, so I had that tea prepared.”

“Your favorite tea”

“Yes, it’s made outside the country, so I can enjoy it only occasionally.

The tea leaves themselves are apparently the same, but they have their unique manufacturing method.

The taste is a bit unusual, but I thought of having you give it a try.”

“Heeh~ I am looking forward to it then.”

I decided to try the tea right away.


The moment I drank that tea, I opened my eyes wide in surprise.


“Takumi-san Is it perhaps not to your liking It is a tea with a peculiar bitter taste after all.

If that’s the case, you don’t need to be reserved.

I will have something different prepared for you.”

Cedric-san who was concerned about my reaction suggested preparing a different kind of tea.

“N, not at all! I’m fine.

It’s very delicious! I was just surprised because this is tea that I was looking for.”

I conveyed my impressions to Cedric-san in panic.

Because far from liking it, it’s the tea I was looking for! No, intended to look for.

I mean, this tea tastes like green tea——Sencha at that! Well, the bitterness is stronger and it’s not green in color, but yellowish enough to be considered golden.

“Where did you obtain this tea, Cedric-san”

“This tea The producing area is in Gretia, but the store that sells it is——”

When I asked which store sells this tea, unexpectedly, Cedric-san said that it was Russel-san’s store!

As I thought, he did have green tea among that huge selection of teas!

“The stock is not large, yes Are they still selling it”

“Let’s see.

I don’t think there are many who buy it, so they should have some left, if lucky.”

“I will have to take a look on our way back then.”

“There’s no need for that.

Let’s send someone to confirm right away.”

As soon as Cedric-san spoke, a servant left towards the store.

“”Delish~ Can try””

“Ah~ it might be a tad bitter for you two, I think.”



Seeing me wanting the tea leaves, Allen and Elena thought it was delicious and tried drinking the green tea.

Well, the flavor would be too bitter for children, so they honestly stated their dislike.

“Father, what about us”

“I think you guys would find it too bitter as well.”

“Is that so”

“I dislike bitter things.”

Theodore-kun and Latis-kun who were interested checked with their father, but as I thought, they don’t seem to like bitter things too.

“Well, there’s no need to force yourselves to drink.

Theodore-kun, Latis-kun, how about some sweets”

“I’d like to eat some!”


“Allen too~”

“Elena too~”

When I asked whether the children who were making bitter faces wanted to eat something sweet, they immediately raised their hands up.

“Hahaha~ Now then, what would you like”



While thinking about what to give Theodore-kun and Latis-kun to eat, Allen and Elena promptly stated their requests.

But, rather than wanting to eat it themselves, it felt more like they wanted to let Theodore-kun and Latis-kun try it

“What’s that, Takumi-san”

“New food”


You two have probably never eaten it before~”

“Whoa~ how fun.”

“I want to quickly try it!”

“That’s right, Takumi-san.

Please, let us give it a try quickly.”

I think I heard Cedric-san’s voice while talking to Theodore-kun and Latis-kun, but… well, let’s not mind it.

“This is pudding and that is chocolate.

Give it a try.”


The Risner father and sons started with the pudding.


The three finished their puddings in no time and then extended their hands for the chocolate.



“”It’s delicious!””

“This is wonderful!”

Seeing the three’s expression loosen from deliciousness, I also became happier.

After that, we talked about our recent happenings and what went on in the Risner fief.

The time passed in a blink of an eye.

While returning, Allen and Elena said goodbye to Theodore-kun and Latis-kun with lonely expressions.

Well, I would like to meet with Cedric-san once more before he returns to his fief~

Ah, by the way, the servant who was sent to Russel-san’s shop was able to purchase Sencha and Cedric-san gifted it to me, so I was able to get my hands on green tea leaves.

On the other hand, Cedric-san was very pleased when I taught him the recipe for pudding instead of the ice cream recipe which I thought would be unsuitable during winter.

“That was fun, wasn’t it”

“”Yeah, it was fun~””

We returned to the Ruven family’s house in a carriage on the verge of the sun setting down.


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