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Ice Cream

The next day after the birthday party, I was pressed by Allen and Elena to go to the dungeon from the moment I woke up.

They really are strange kids.

Therefore, we took Joule and others and went into the “Huge Animals Dungeon” once more, but the children were in too much of high spirits and captured the dungeon in no time while obtaining a large amount of meat.

“Ah! Crap!”

It was a new year and the cold has started fading away.

While leisurely resting in my room, I recalled that I did not send Syl the ice cream yet.


“I promised someone to send them ice cream, but I forgot.”

“Allen will eat ice too~”

“Elena too~”

I spoke about giving, not eating, though… oh well.

“I still have ice cream in stock, but we do have time… let’s make it!”

“”Make it~!””

Infinite Storage is convenient for eating things when outing, so I don’t want to cut the supply if possible.

Although it has become spring, it’s still cold so eating ice cream outside is out of the question, but I quite do like eating ice cream in a warm room~

“Let’s resupply along with making Syl’s share.

Why don’t I also challenge a new flavor of ice cream”


Hearing about a new flavor, Allen and Elena’s eyes sparkled.

“Will you help me”


“Allen will make~”

“Elena will eat~”

“…… Oh my”



Allen and Elena tilted their heads as if something was wrong.

This is that, right Elena’s “Eat” was definitely a slip of tongue, wasn’t it~

“Elena won’t be helping today”


“Ehehe~ got it wrong~”

“Ahaha~ Elena made a mistake~”

When I pointed out what was wrong, Elena stuck out her tongue with a bit of embarrassment, and Allen laughed at her.

“Elena will make too!”

“Haha, then, I will be relying on you.”


Making no mistake about the children’s cuteness, we quickly moved to the kitchen and began making ice cream.

“Now then, what kind of flavor would you like to eat”

“N, you see~… Allen, chocolate!”

“N, you see~… Elena, milk!”

“Roger that, chocolate and milk, huh.”

What kind of flavor do I send to Syl~ anything except chocolate, I guess Then, let’s go with milk-ichi… and I was thinking of making a new milk tea flavor.

“Allen, Elena, can I have you mix, mix, for me”

“Yea, will mix, mix~”

“Also~ will split eggs~”

“Oh, then, I shall leave it to you~”

I thought of making the milk and chocolate ice cream the two requested, but using the chopped chocolate to make chocolate chips ice cream might be also a good idea!

“Allen, Elena, how about adding in chopped chocolate in to make crunchy ice cream”

“”Ohh~ sounds good~””

Next, how about Ichi flavored ice cream When it comes to chocolate chips ice creams, I do prefer choco-mint, though~ but, how do you make mint ice cream No, I am aware that you mix mint extract in it.

But, how do you get about the extract

Should I soak mint in the Nippy Liquor No, that would still be liquor, not usable for making ice cream, no Ah, how about extracting essence by boiling Yep, let’s give it a try.

When it comes to alcohol and ice cream, wouldn’t something like rum raising ice cream be possible to make with brandy It’s an adult flavor that I couldn’t let the children try, but I might give it a try~

My~ how troubling.

There are so many things I want to try~

I have also not made any sorbet and shaved ice until now.

Well, I will need to have an ice-shaving machine made for the shaved ice, though! Will that magic tool shop uncle be able to make one for me, I wonder

There’s the matter of hotplate too, why don’t I go inquire tomorrow

“”Onii~chan, eggs are split~””

“You two are so skilled at this!”


Wow~ they really improved~ some time ago when they were crushing the eggs already feels nostalgic.

“Then, I will go prepare the ingredients now, why don’t you two mix next”


In the end, we made milk flavor, chocolate flavor, and Ichi flavor with chocolate chips.

Then, we made black tea flavor, milk tea, ice cream from black sesame paste, ice cream with mixed red bean paste, one with Kukuru fruit that I soaked in brandy and mint ice cream.

“Ah~ this is also no good, huh~”

Most of the ice creams came out well, but only this mint ice cream keeps failing.

Because the mint extract is too light, the mint’s fragrance is hardly there.

The mint’s flavor can be hardly experienced.

If I did not know there was mint in it, I would think it’s simple milk-flavored ice cream.


“As milk ice cream, it is.”

“”Mint Can smell~””

I believe mint to be a flavor that you either love or hate, but Allen and Elena seem to like it.

Although I say that, it’s not like there’s enough of it in the mint ice cream they are currently eating.

“But, it’s supposed to have a bit deeper taste, you know I won’t keep trying today, but let’s give it a try next time.”

“”Looking forward to it~””

Let’s try making mint ice cream in my free time again.

… Oops, let’s send the ice cream to Syl before I forget again.

“All right, this should be good——well then, shall we bring chocolate chips milk and chocolate ice creams in bowls and charge at Matthias-san and Rebecca-san”


Matthias-san and Rebecca-san are home today, so when I proposed that, Allen and Elena’s eyes sparkled.


Allen and Elena then proceeded to literally charge at Matthias-san and Rebecca-san.


“Oh my, oh my, assault of cuteness came our way.”

“My, oh my, you are right.

Welcome, you two.

What is the matter”

Matthias-san and Rebecca-san who were enjoying tea together warmly welcomed the two.

“We made ice~”

“Let’s eat together~”

“My, I am so happy~”

After that, I was enjoying ice cream with everyone so I did not notice that Syl send me a great quantity of Mou Milk and Treasure eggs.

Is he perhaps trying to tell me to make ice cream again


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