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The overall dark forest became even darker.

Seems like the sun went down.

That being the case, I decided to stop advancing for today.

「Allen, Elena.

I will make a fire so help me gather some wood」

Saying that, I pick up a fallen twig, Allen and Elena imitate me and start gathering.

What should I do for dinner

Syl has supplied me with some ordinary bread, so… let’s make a simple vegetable soup.

Should I also dismantle the monster meat and make some meat skewers

The two children are bright so if I let them eat the dismantled meat, they will realize that monster meat can be consumed.

I store the gathered twigs in the《Infinite Storage》and take out one Red Wolf.

This is the fellow I killed with the air bullet.

Maa, I have no other way at the moment……

I retrieve a knife, I cut open the Red Wolf’s abdomen first to drain the blood in order to start processing.

If I defeated the Red Wolf with a sword, I would pay attention to the value of the fur and start processing from the wounds, but there is no conspicuous wound by killing it with an air bullet, so starting at its abdomen is the theory.

I have the knowledge of dismantling, I even have the skill.

Because of that, the dismantling process is mysteriously imprinted in my body.

There’s no challenge even though I’m dismantling for the first time.

My body moves without hesitation.

Even the blood flowing from its cut open abdomen is taken for granted.

The new body itself doesn’t feel uncomfortable, but I have realized that the previous Kayano Takumi and the present Kayano Takumi are different.

The dismantling advanced without a delay.

Allen and Elena ji~ were staring at my first dismantling.

It’s a gain if they remember the process even if only a little.

Still, they are only 5 years old so I really don’t expect them to start dismantling anytime soon.

After I finish, I store the fur, materials, and meat into the《Infinite Storage》and bury the non-usable internal organs in a hole I dug beforehand.

The air is filled with the scent of blood so I disperse it with Wind Magic, I washed my body with《Washing》and decided to move a bit just in case.

Now then, with the preparations complete, let’s start making the dinner.

First, I make a simple stove with the stones and light the fire.

I have a Life Magic《Ignition》which allows me to make a fire, but I used something called Ignition Stone in order to show Allen and Elena how to make a fire with tools.

Maa, it’s that.

It’s similar to a match.


【Ignition Stone】

A stone that bursts into a fire when directly injected with magic power.

Because only fragments of the stone are used, it’s mostly disposable.

Because they won’t be activated unless directly injected with magic power, storing them away in《Infinite Storage》is possible.


Once the fire is lit, I pour water into a small pot and put it on the stove.

Before the water starts boiling, I cut the Red Wolf meat into easy to eat pieces, pierce it on skewers and lightly salt it.

I stab it around the stove and let it grill.

Once the water in the pot is boiling, I add vegetables and adjust the taste with a stock cube and salt.

The stock soup is a Japan-like product.

It’s a chicken consomme cube of a certain manufacturer1.

There was no packing so I can’t tell certainly, though.

The meat also looks ready when the soup is completed.

When I handed the grilled Red Wolf meat to Allen and Elena, they both sunk their teeth in without any hesitation.

However, the the grilled meat was piping hot so they separated their mouths from it in panic.

I take my share of meat skewers and fuufuu show them how to cool it down.

Oh! Red Wolf meat is surprisingly tasty.

Seeing my way of eating, the two children fuufuu imitate me and blow on their skewers and eat.

This seems to be their first time eating with tableware, so I carefully teach them how to hold a spoon.

The children start eating the soup while tightly grasping their spoons.

We have met just a half a day ago, but the two twins are surprisingly attached to me.

They started eating straight away without cautiously sniffing it like before.

They are now eating without hesitation.

「Is it tasty」

The two nod at my question.

Un, they are all smiles.

Since there is nothing to do after the meal, I intend to sleep even though it just became dark.

It would be better to get up earlier in the morning.

Thinking so, I retrieve a Barrier Stones.


【Barrier Stone】

A magic tool that can raise a barrier.

The barrier is set up by stabbing the stake-like stones in the ground in four cardinal directions formation.

It prevents monsters from entering the space between the stones.

At least four stones are necessary, the bigger the space between the stones is, the thinner the barrier gets.


Un, it’s a convenient tool.

I set up the stones 3~4m in all directions.

With this, I can sleep in peace without having to worry about being attacked by monsters.

Lying on the ground would be indeed painful so I wrap myself in a blanket and sit against a tree.

Is this the most comfortable What about the children

After sitting down, I look at Allen and Elena, but they are standing still, not knowing what to do.

「Allen, Elena.


The two immediately came to me after calling them.

Then, I sit them to my sides, extend my hands around them and wrap them with my blanket.

The two got surprised and couldn’t settle down, but they soon clung to me.

The children’s bodies are warm like a hot-water bottle, warm and comfortable.

It’s not surprising, but I got exhausted by the new environment.

The sleepiness attacks me immediately and I fall asleep at once.


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