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We were able to safely pass through the Gaya Forest!

We have encountered many monsters, but I honestly pleaded to Allen and Elena to let me defeat them, and I brought them down with magic.

I’m glad the children are so understanding! Thanks to that, my level has raised to 11!

Even so, the forest is bigger than I thought.

It took three full days to get out of the forest.

Although I’m saying that, our pace was slow and we picked up fruits and herbs on the way.

We got out of the forest’s eastern side on the fourth day.

I don’t know how long it would take to get out of the depths of the forest, but it was quite the distance to get out from the edge of the forest.

It takes probably more than a month.

Ah! By the way, unlike Earth where the week has 7 days, Aetherdia’s week is 6 days long.

In order――

Day of the Light, Day of the Fire, Day of the Water, Day of the Wind, Day of the Earth, Day of the Darkness

――They are called like that.

24 hours makes a day, 6 days makes a week, and 5 weeks makes a month.

30 days is a month and 12 months is a year.

Therefore, one year consists 360 days.

The months are called without a change, First Month, Second Month, Third Month……

First~Third months are Spring

Fourth~Sixth months are Summer

Seventh~Ninth months are Fall

Tenth~Twelfth months are Winter

They are not much different from Japan’s seasons.

East of the continent is warmer, west is colder.

The eastern territories are the hottest in Summer, west territories are the coldest in the Winter.

By the way, it is the Third Month now.

Gadia’s weather is very nice.

An empty grassland spreads before us after leaving the forest.

There was something that could be considered a road so we walked for around 4 hours along it before seeing a town.

When we arrive at the gates of the town Shirin, soldiers… no, they are knights.

Three knights are on the watch.

The town of Shirin is endorsed as a Rank A impregnable town at the edge of『Gaya Forest』.

N That’s right.

We are in a very dangerous place.

The superior monsters are near the heart of the forest, so the monsters we have encountered were all relatively weak.

But, it’s not known when a strong monster will come out of the forest.

There’s a branch of the Knights precisely because the town of Shirin is in such a place.

These knights are guarding the west gate we came to.

One of the knight is waiting for us.

「You! Did you come from the Gaya Forest」


That’s right」

The knight makes a surprised expression at my obedient answer.

Maa~ it’s a dangerous place.

I myself don’t look any strong and even if I was, it’s not a place one would normally take children with him.

「There were medicinal herbs I needed.

We didn’t go too deep and these children are strong enough to defend themselves」

As expected, I can’t say that I was transferred to the forest by a god and it’s better to answer honestly instead of making poor excuses.

Actually, we didn’t go to the heart of the forest and we gathered herbs.

It’s also the truth that the children are strong.

「Did you get the herbs you needed」


Fortunately, I was able to obtain them in a nearby place」

「I see.

Don’t be too reckless.

Then, you are entering the town, right」

「Thank you very much for the advice.

Of course, I would like to enter the town, but this is a gate one can enter and exit freely, right」

The gates are normally open during the daytime, but this gate is closed for some reason.

But, I check just in case.

「This is a gate that only a few people come in and out, after all」

Ah, I see.

It’s such a thing.

The knight answers after looking at the gate and realizing that we are locked out.

This place is directly facing the Gaya Forest so only authorized knights and high ranked adventurers are utilizing it.

Ordinary people rarely approach the gate so there’s no reason to keep the gate open when there’s no traffic.

「Hand me the identification papers」

「I’m sorry.

We come from a rural village so we don’t have identification papers yet」

「Come this way if that’s the case.

We have to do the inspection and other procedures」


Sorry for the inconvenience, but I will be troubling you」

「Don’t worry about it, that’s our job!」



「First, please put your hand on this crystal」

We were taken to a small office-like room and a crystal was presented in front of me.

I put my hand on it as I was told to.

When I do so, the crystal emits a faint white light.

This is a tool that determines whether one is a criminal or not when touched.

It will start shining red if one is a criminal.

When one commits a crime, he will receive a corresponding title, the crystal seems to be reacting to that.

Also, when people want to start living in the town or when a baby is born, a resident card would be issued and a magic power will be registered at the same time.

When the crystal finds out a person who committed a crime, the data would spread through the other crystals distributed worldwide, making it easy for other locations to understand that a criminal is trying to enter the town.

Meaning, it’s waste of time trying to flee the country.


There are no problems.

Please, let me inspect the children next」

Allen and Elena took turns putting their hands at the crystal.

There were no problems so I had to pay the 200G (Minors are half the price) toll next.

I pretended that I’m taking money from the pocket while I retrieved 400G from the《Infinite Storage》.

This is from the knowledge that was inserted into my body, but it seems that there are not many people who have a Space Magic.

Therefore, I decided to not use it in public.

The plan is to buy a small bag and use it as if it was a Magic Bag.

Right, right, the money on Aetherdia is called G(old)――

Copper Coin = 1G

Large Copper Coin = 10G

Silver Coin = 100G

Large Silver Coin = 1,000G

Gold Coin = 10,000G

Large Gold Coin = 100,000G

Platinum Coin = 1,000,000G

――The money is using such decimal system.

One Copper Coin has a value of around 10 yen.

Therefore, the toll costs around 2,000 yen.

By the way, the amount of money I have presently at hand is approximately 1,000,000G.

That makes about 10,000,000 yen.

Syl, so generous!

Also, what is strange that the money is listed as “G” in the item list, but I’m able to retrieve any coin.

Is exchanging Copper for Silver hard.

Is what I thought at first.

But, I can take out the whole amount in copper coins and I can take it out even in gold coins.

How convenient…

「This will be your temporary identification papers.

It’s necessary during your stay in town so don’t lose it.

Also, if you plan to stay in the town for long, official identification papers would be needed to make」


The plan is to register at the Adventurer guild」

「I see.

Then, as soon as your registration is completed, return the temporary identification papers here」

「I understand」

I ask the kind Knight-samas about a recommended inn and enter the town.


We advance on the street to the inn the knights recommended to me.

The number of the people walking down the street is quite high, is it because the town is near the borders

It seems that Allen and Elena see this many people for the first time as they are clinging around my waist as if glued to it.

This timid action is very cute, but it’s hard to walk.

This is it,『Komadori Pavilion』.

The recommended inn.

It’s is an excellent establishment with good security and affordable prices, that’s what the knights told me.

When I open the door, Obasan in her 40 greets us.

「I’d like to stay, do you have a vacant room」

「We have a room.

One night for one is 400G, 500G with dinner and breakfast.

Hot bath requires a separate fee.

When I ask, Obasan politely replies.

「These children are with me, is it all right They are obedient children, I don’t think they will be an annoyance」

Small children may cry in the middle of a night, which may cause trouble later so I’m asking beforehand.


It’s all right.

They are small so they will be fine sleeping in one bed」

It seems okay.

The knight-samas might have recommended this inn with that in mind.

Moreover, it seems there’s discount for children.

「Allen, Elena.

Are you okay sleeping in one bed」

When I ask the two who are clinging to me, they start clinging to me even more for some reason.

Uun Does this mean no


It seems both of them really love Oniisan~ In that case, we have a room with a large bed, would you like to take that room」

So not a twin, but a double room

From the looks of it, it’s unlikely that they will sleep in a separate bed.

「Let’s do that.

That room with the meal, please」

Because it’s needed to pay in advance, I have paid for a week for now.

It’s a recommended inn by the knight-samas, it’s surely all right.

And then, since there’s still time until the dinner, I have asked for a location of a certain place and left the inn.


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