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Chapter 62 – Simplified Version

After the unexpected passionate slime jelly talk――

「Oh yeah, Takumi-san.

Please stay at our mansion while you are in Bailey」


Cedric-san suddenly proposed to us.

「No, to be taken care of that much…… besides, we are already staying in an inn」

「There wouldn’t be problem canceling the inn, right」

I thought of reservedly declining, but Cedric-san wasn’t giving up.

Well~ I don’t have a problem canceling the inn, but…… however, because I don’t know how long we will be staying in Bailey, I would feel awkward being taken care of for a long time.

However, when Cedric-san said he would like playmates for his children once in a while, I immediately surrendered.

I mean, there’s not many opportunities for Allen and Elena to come in contact with children of their age.

While in Bailey, I’m sincerely thankful for the opportunity of them interacting with Theodore-kun and Latis-kun.

That being the case, I have decided to stay in the Risner House’s care during our stay in Bailey.


◇ ◇ ◇


The next morning during our stay in the Risner mansion, I have woken up with the sunrise because of going to sleep earlier than usual.

Allen and Elena are already up.

「Good morning」


「Did you sleep well」


This being the mansion of nobles, the futon in the guest room are soft and comfortable to sleep on, but our sleeping hours didn’t increase.

Because it’s still too early to be waking up, I thought of passing the time by rolling around the bed, but as I’m completely awake, I started dressing up.

Then, because at least one of the servants would be awake, we left the room seeking the permission to go to the garden.

Sure enough, we immediately found Servant-san, who told me that Cedric-san is already awake, so he guided us to him.

「Good morning」

「Takumi-san, good morning.

Allen-kun and Elena-san, good morning to you too」


Cedric-san in a dressing gown, sitting on a sofa and reading a letter.

「The sun has just come out, was the bed not to your liking」

「No, I have rested properly.

Both the children and I don’t sleep for too long, so」

「Is that so」


It seems that Cedric-san is worried that we didn’t sleep much because we woke up so early in the morning.

「Say, Allen, Elena.

You have slept a lot, didn’t you」




Cedric-san didn’t seem convinced by my explanation, so I asked Allen and Elena.

Thereupon, the two turned towards Cedric-san with smiles on their faces and answered.

「Is that so」

A gentle smile floated on Cedric-san’s face after hearing that.

I don’t know whether it’s because Cedric-san looks like Isaac-san, but Allen and Elena quickly warmed up to him.

There weren’t any problems even with conversations such as this.

N~…… nevertheless, it appears that Allen and Elena liked the soft bed very much.

The inn we were staying at wasn’t a cheap inn, but as expected, the quality is entirely different.

If it’s like this, I should get a good futon in the near future.

「Cedric-san is early as well, aren’t you」

「Yes, a reply came from Isaac to the letter I sent him yesterday」

Eh A reply to a letter that was sent yesterday!

I asked because I was curious and was told something unexpected.

「Isn’t that too fast Doesn’t one-way letter delivery usually take about one month」

「Ah, Takumi-san comes from a rural village, don’t you」

「Y, yeah……」

…… Rural village.

Which reminds me, there was such setting.

I have completely forgotten.

「In that case, it’s no wonder you are not aware of the existence of the transfer magic tool」

「Transfer magic tool, is it Those in dungeons」

「The principle is the same.

It’s just that these can’t transfer people like those in the dungeons」

Transfer magic tool, as the name suggest, is a magic tool that allows sending items over a long distance.

Unlike the transfer device in the dungeons, it’s a magic tool large enough to be held in both hands which apparently can’t transfer people.

On top of being able to transfer only to a place with the same magic tool, it can only send letters and small items like accessories.

But, in this world where conversations are the mainstream exchange, this magic tool is convenient.

Also, it appears that the transfer magic tool can’t be produced by people’s hands and there’s no other way than to acquire it in dungeons.

Even though researchers have been studying the magic tool for many years, it appears that it’s impossible to reproduce.

It seems that a magic tool that transfers people like the ones in the dungeons is like a dream within a dream.

「Does that mean you can deliver items anywhere as long as that place has the same magic tool」

Isn’t that dangerous in a sense

It would be possible to deliver explosives to the destination and destroy it.


These magic tools have something akin to an individual recognition code.

It’s possible to send only to magical tools that have registered that code」

It seems that transfer magic tools (simplified) have individual codes which are registered with the first transfer.

It appears that one-way transfer is possible depending on the code is registered.

Naturally, the registrations in the castle and other important places are limited, and the exchanges between countries are apparently dealt firmly in establishments in separate places.

Besides, it appears that the magic tools owned by the country are nearly all currently located in Adventurer’s Guilds.

Because they can be obtained only in dungeons, most of them are acquired by adventurers, so it’s only inevitable that the Adventurer’s Guilds will purchase them.

Thus, the transfer magic tools in the Adventurer’s Guilds are used to send and deliver letters.

The fee is higher than delivery by carriage or fast horse, but the fee is apparently set to a price that even common folk would be able to use it.

The biggest advantage is the fast delivery.

「So Adventurer’s Guild also had such use, I see.

I didn’t know.

Then, since it’s possible to deliver between the branches of Adventurer’s Guilds, is it possible to send letters even to the foreign countries」

「Yeah, that’s right.

Adventurer’s Guilds all over the world are branches of one establishment, so they have the codes registered.

This letter also went through the Adventurer’s Guild and was delivered just a little while ago.

It was delivered as an urgent case before the sunrise」

「Urgent Did anything happen」


Isaac just deliberately send it like that」


「It appears he was frustrated by my boasting.

Well, in other words, he’s harassing me」

「Boasting Harassment」

「Yeah, I was boasting in the letter I sent yesterday how good the slime jelly tasted.

Of course, I even told him that you would teach me the way of making Cream bread」


Does that mean that Cedric-san wrote Isaac-san a letter in which he boasted about the slime jelly and Isaac-san who read that letter sent a reply letter urgently to be delivered before the sunrise in order to harass Cedric-san!

These siblings, what are they doing~!


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