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Chapter 63 – Morning Market

「It looks like Isaac’s hating to lose and immediately becoming irritated is still the same~ Although it was smoother over when he entered the Knights Order…… His recent reactions are quite honest.

Iya~ How nostalgic」

Cedric-san is making a very relieved expression.

Was Cedric-san perhaps affectionate as well as teasing his little brother since childhood

I see, I see.

Even though Isaac-san is teasing Wald-sama, his position would be reversed if his opponent was his Oniisan~

I thought their relationship might be stormy for a moment there, but the brothers seem to be getting along well.

「By the way, Takumi-san.

If possible, won’t you go with me to the harbor’s morning market」

While thinking about the Risner brothers, Cedric-san suddenly proposed such.

「Morning market tte, won’t it cause a ruckus if Cedric-san goes」

「I will naturally go incognito」


Incognito, huh……

Well, I don’t mind.

“Big shots = traveling incognito,” is often the case anyway……

「It seems there has been recently unusual food served in a harbor stall」

「Unusual food」


They have started selling just a few days ago, but it’s so popular that they have long queues every day and reputable for its great taste.

Therefore, I thought to go to check it out」

「Hee~ that’s indeed interesting」

Popular enough to create queues, that’s certainly interesting.

They were selling a few days before when we went to the morning market, didn’t they However, I have not seen any long queues~ Were they already sold out when we were there

「I thought I would go there while inspecting」

「You want us to accompany you」

「Please, by all means.

I thought about bringing my sons along as well.

Allen-kun, Elen-san, do you mind morning market’s street stall food for breakfast」


「It’s the place where a lot if fish is sold.

He’s asking whether you’re fine with having a meal there」

「「Un! Alright~」」

「Is that so Then, I will make the preparations immediately.

I’m sorry, but please wait for a moment」

「No, please take your time」


That being the case, we have arrived at the harbor’s morning market’s plaza together with Cedric-san, Theodore-kun, and Latis-kun.

Cedric-san wanted to go without guards at first, but it would be hard to deal with if something happened, so three guards including Joshua-san went along.

Surprisingly, Joshua-san is an all-purpose butler who can be a guard as well!

「Chichiue~ It’s that place, isn’t it!」


It seems so」

「Let’s go quickly!」

Theodore-kun and Latis-kun urge Cedric-san and pull him by his hands.

It has a feeling of exciting outing with their father.

N Allen and Elena are jii~ staring at the Risner parent and children…… and frequently glance at me Is this possibly

Which reminds me, when walking with Allen and Elena, they either hold my clothes, or I’m carrying them in my arms, we hardly walk while holding hands, don’t we

The two stare at the Risner parent and children again.

This is without a doubt, right

「Allen, Elena.


When I call Allen and Elene and extend my hands, as I thought, they both immediately grasp my hands.


They were so happy they showed me grinning smiles and imitating Theodore-kun and Latis-kun, they guided me by hands to the end of the stall’s queue.

Nevertheless, the queue is as incredible as Cedric-san said.

It appears true that the stall is popular.

「What an incredible people.

I wonder what he’s selling」

「He appears to be shellfish, but I heard he uses a flavoring that was not used until now.

If I’m not mistaken…… they are using a flavoring called soy sauce」

「………… Soy sauce」

Hahaha~…… no way, right……


I thought it was needless thoughts, but as we advance in the queue, we approach the stall little by little, and I smelled something familiar.



Allen and Elena saw the scallops stall owner and raised their voices.

As expected…… it’s the stall owner I thought the butter and soy sauce scallops.

What he’s selling is precisely that.

「Is something wrong」

「Iya…… well, you see……」

「N Ooh! Isn’t that Anchan and the children!」

Now then, how do I explain this……

While worried how to explain to Cedric-san, the stall owner noticed us and waved his hand.

「What’s that, Anchan Are you perhaps waiting in the queue There’s no need for Anchan to line up.

No matter what, this is something Anchan has taught me.

Are those Anchan’s companions Look, come here and eat without reservation!」

「…… Takumi-san」


Ahh…… I feel like Cedric-san’s eyes are asking “What does this mean”

「No…… umm……」

「Is it true that Takumi-san taught him this」

「…… Yes.

On the day we arrived in this town……」

Naturally, I explain everything that happened on the day I arrived in this town.


Cedric-san who listened to my explanation deeply sighed.

Somehow…… I’m really sorry It’s not like I did something wrong, but it feels like I caused some trouble

First of all, let’s eat some scallops

「…… It’s delicious, isn’t it」

「「Takumi-san, it’s delicious!」」

It appears the butter and soy sauce scallops suited the Risner parent and children’s tastes.

「Takumi-san, could you tell me what this soy sauce is」

「Ah, yes.

It’s a sap from tree called Koikuchi that grows in dungeons」

「Is that so Then, is it sold by shops dealing with dungeon items」

「That’s right」

Apparently, Cedric-san is pleased with the taste of soy sauce and decided to stop by a shop dealing with dungeon items next.

Looking at the people gathered at this stall, it’s easy to tell that the people of Aetherdia have accepted the taste of soy sauce, so why would they not use it before Strange.



「「One more, please~」」

Allen and Elena love this taste, don’t they


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