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Chapter 65 – Owner of the Sunken Ship

「Cedric-san, do you know of Dietlinde」

「Dietlinde, is it …… If I’m not mistaken, I heard such name in a report documents before…… Ah! Wasn’t it the sunken ship of this store」

「Yes, that’s right.

There fortunately were no casualties, but that was a really heavy blow……」

Yeah, as I thought, that mark is this store’s mark without a doubt.

「In fact, the ship――Dietlinde, that sunk to the bottom of the sea, I have recovered it……」

「「…… Yes」」

When I convey that I have recovered the sunken ship, Cedric-san and the branch manager-san stare at me with absentminded expressions.

「…… The ship has sunk, you know」

「Yes, I have found it at the bottom of the sea」

「…… I think the report said it sunk quite deep, though……」

「Just a bit of long-distance swim」

「…… The ship should be a large model, how did you recover it」

「I can use《Infinite Storage》.

You have not heard from Isaac-san」


Cedric-san asks questions one after another, but after I simply answer them, he eventually becomes silent.

I thought that Isaac-san reported everything about me, but it appears he didn’t tell Cedric-san about this.

I see, he didn’t know about the《Infinite Storage》…… it appears I have exposed myself.

Well,《Infinite Storage》is convenient.

I have gotten used to the life on Aetherdia too, it would be troublesome to keep on hiding it……

「I’m sorry.

I have not heard from Isaac about this.

Have you really recovered Dietlinde」


「So, what does Takumi-san want to do with that ship」

「Eh Wouldn’t you normally return it」

Because I picked up a lost item, I feel like it should have been returned to the owner, but……

N~ In Japan, found articles have to be delivered to the police.

It should have been a usurpation if I took it…… what, is it different over here

The way Cedric-san is speaking, it makes him sound as if I didn’t have to return it.

「Then, will you return that ship to the owner」


It seems to be loaded with cargo.

Well, it has sunk, so I don’t know what happened to the contents, but I think there should also be things that are safe」

Because the ship has sunk while stacked with cargo, I think there should be a considerable loss.

Therefore, I think it would be nice if something was saved, even if little.

「Do you intend not to receive any compensation」

「Yeah, that was my intention, but Ah, if the burden of disposal is greater than what came back to you, I won’t force you to take it back」

Even if you recover what you can still use, there are cases where dismantling and disposing of the damaged goods will cost you, right In that case, I wouldn’t mind letting it fertilize in the《Infinite Storage》, you see.

「No! I think there are more things to obtain.

Isn’t that so」

「Yes! Just as you said!」

When Cedric-san asks, the branch manager agrees exaggeratedly.

I’m told that ships on Aetherdia move with magic stones, and the magic stone used on this ship is considerably large and fairly valuable.

Apparently, because the cause of the sinking was damage in the ship’s bottom which caused flooding, the magic stone has no problems and recovering that magic stone will sharply decrease the losses.

Listening further, found articles on Aetherdia are apparently fine to keep by those who find them.

Even if you know the owner.

What’s easy to understand is goods stolen by bandits.

Those who exterminate the bandits have the rights to keep the stolen goods.

In case the owner wants to recover the stolen goods by any means, he must buy back the goods with an appropriate amount of money.

While listening to Cedric-san’s explanation, which reminds me, I have such knowledge, don’t I~ I suddenly recall.

It appears that considering Earth standards is mostly no good.

「Is that fine If you sell the magic stone used in the ship, you could acquire a lot of money, you know」

「I’m good on money.

I will return the ship to the company」

The amount of money needed for repurchase is settled by the person who has the goods, so there’s no problem even if you return it for free.

If that’s the case, I will choose that.

When I said so, the branch manager made an expression as if bursting into tears.

Well, if a ship loaded with cargo sank, it would cause a considerable amount of damage.

You would cry if the losses could decrease even a little, wouldn’t you~

Anyhow, as it would be better to check the ship and the cargo, we decide to move to a warehouse owned by the Fiji Company at the pier.

「「Onii~chan, where to~」」

「N Does Allen and Elena remember the sunken ship」



The one Mirena-san asked me to「Remove」」

「「Un, remember~」」

「That ship you see, I have found the person who lost it, so I’m going to return it」

「「Return~ Why~」」

Ehh! Why N~…… Why, huh……

「Umm…… you see What would Allen and Elena do if the person walking in front of them lost something」

「「Pick up~」」

「That’s right.

Then, what after picking it up」

「「Give back~」」

「It’s the same. Oniichan also picked up the ship, so I’m returning it to the owner」

「「I see~」」

The two seem to be convinced.

Strictly speaking, this is a little bit different, but I would like for Allen and Elena to return lost items to their owners.

This should be okay.

When we arrive at the warehouse, I immediately retrieve Dietlinde from the《Inifnite Storage》.

For a moment, I thought that sea water might flow out when I take it out, but such thing didn’t happen.

It seems that when I collected the『Ship』, the sea water it was flooded in didn’t come with it.

I’m glad~

「This is it.

Is there no mistake」

「T, there’s no mistake! That’s our ship!」

When I try to confirm, the branch manager who saw the ship shouts.

In addition, I heard Theodore-kun saying「Ama~zing」, Latis-kun admiring with「Seriously……」and「A ship this big……」among others from the guards and employees.

I know that the sizes of《Infinite Storages》are different, but perhaps, something of this size wouldn’t…… fit in No, it can’t be.

However, I’m removing the ban on《Infinite Storage》.

It may be standing out, but let’s leave it on a high magical power.

So, about the Dietlinde, it appears to be Fiji Company’s ship without a doubt.

Besides, as I thought, the mark on the hull is same as Fiji Company’s mark.

I made no mistake.

If that’s the case, it doesn’t seem to be necessary to investigate whether this is Fiji Company’s ship or not.

「Then, is it okay to return it」

「Yes! Thank you very much!!」

That being the case, I was able to return Dietlinde to the proper owner safely.

However, I didn’t expect that the branch manager would give me the coffee beans, the necessary tools, and other thigs I wanted to buy free of charge.

I felt bad and tried to pay for it, but Cedric-san told me it would be better to accept at least hat much.

That being the case, I obediently accepted it and we left the company.


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