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Endless demonic qi and thousands of sword lights.

Han Muye tensed up and clenched his fists.

This was not the first time he had seen Sword Master Yuan Tian attack.

But this time, he saw Sword Master Yuan Tian attack with all his might!

48 sword lights intertwined, tearing the world into rags.

The mountains and demonic beasts formed by the demonic aura were all torn apart.

Nothing could stop a sword cultivators sword!

There were countless experts in the world, but the enemy of sword cultivators was only himself.

So what if the demonic aura permeated the world

Just shatter the world.

If one sword couldnt break it, then two swords, three swords, five swords!

The sword pill turned into stars that filled the sky, illuminating the entire sky.

The mountains and rivers shattered, and endless streams of light flashed in the sky.

Han Muye saw the figure fighting with Sword Master Yuan Tian.

Two three-eyed figures covered in scales held long spears in their hands.

Every spear carried the shadow of a black demonic dragon.

A demonic cultivator.

A peerless demon.

There was also a middle-aged Daoist with flowing Dao intent and an immortal aura.

The Daoist held a horsetail whisk in his hand and waved it once.

A mountain and river were pulled over and collided with Sword Master Yuan Tians Heavenly Cycle Sword Formation.

Among the three of them, it was obvious that the Daoists cultivation was higher.

Han Muye couldnt understand how high the Daoists cultivation level was, but he could see bolts of lightning crashing down in the world, and then being blocked by the green spiritual light around the Daoist.

To be able to block the lightning of heaven and earth, this Daoists cultivation must have reached the peak of the world.

“A mere powerless person from the lower realm dares to stop me from descending”

The Daoist shouted in a low voice and threw a ball of Eight Trigrams spiritual light at the head of Sword Master Yuan Tian.

The eight trigrams spiritual light seemed to be extremely powerful.

Several sword pills collided with it and flew tens of thousand miles away.

Cold Clear Sword Pill was one of them.

“The town—”


“Yuan Tian, youre actually willing to be bait—”

Before the scene dissipated, there were exclamations and shouts.

The image in his mind disappeared, and Han Muyes gaze landed on his palm.

Before he could spread his hands, his expression changed.


From the sword pill in his palm, endless sword light rushed into his meridians and into his Qi Sea!


In his Qi Sea, all the sword intent was activated and rushed towards the sword light.



A sword intent was shattered and turned into 128,000 sword qi.

One, two, three.

The 15 sword intents were instantly turned into sword qi that scattered in his Qi Sea.

Two half-step sword intent collided with the sword light.



With two loud bangs, Han Muye fell to the ground, blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

If not for the fact that he had cultivated his body refinement technique to a rather profound level, the battle in his Qi Sea would have torn his body apart.




Whether it was the fire-type sword intent obtained from Patriarch Tao Rans Purple Flame Sword or the earth-type sword intent obtained from the Broken Beam Sword, they did not last long before exploding.

The two sword intents exploded, turning into sword qi that seemed to fill the entire Qi Sea.

Only 3,000 sword intents could condense into sword momentum.

Although these two sword intents showed signs of transforming into sword momentum, they were still half a step away.

This half a step was destined to be unable to block the sword light in front of him.

The cold sword light shattered all the sword intent before turning around and landing in the center of Han Muyes sea of qi.

This sword light occupied the center, and the other sword qi slowly gathered together to form sword intent.

After being scattered and condensed, these sword intents seemed to be purer.

However, none of the newly condensed sword intent dared to approach the center of his sea of vital energy.

The cold sword intent seemed to dominate the center of his Qi Sea.

Arrogant and cold.

It was very similar to its original master, Sword Master Yuan Tian.

Only when this sword intent condensed in his Qi Sea did Han Muye sigh slightly and open his palm.

Logically speaking, he should be happy.

This time, not only did he obtain a sword pill, but he also obtained an incomparably powerful sword intent.

However, from the scene and the final voice, it was obvious that a peerless sword cultivator like Sword Master Yuan Tian had been defeated.

If he had not been defeated and died, he would not have let the Sword Pill scatter and not taken it back.

Was such a sword cultivator defeated

As a fellow sword cultivator, Han Muye could not suppress his emotions.

After absorbing the sword intent in the sword pill, Han Muye spent half a day and dropped more than 30 spiritual rocks to refine this green sword pill.

When the two sword pills in his dantian were playing with each other, he got up and walked downstairs.

It was true that cultivation was endless.

He had spent nearly five days in seclusion.

When they reached the first floor of the Sword Pavilion, there was a commotion at the door.

“Brother Lu, dont worry.

I, Xiao Liu, will help you investigate in the future.

“With my status as the grandson of a Core Formation cultivator, what news cant I find in the Sword Sect


Jiang, come, let me toast you.


Jiang, lets discuss this.

In the future, give me two pills a month.

Dont worry, the price will definitely be higher than those marketplaces.”

When Han Muye walked out of the Sword Pavilion, he saw a small table at the door.

There was wine and meat on the table.

Liu Hong, who was selling him the sword sphere in the Treasure Hall, looked at him with his mouth open.

“Grand, Grand, Granduncle Han.”

Han Muye waved his hand and walked over to where Jiang Ming and Yang Mingxuan were sitting.

He took the bamboo chopsticks unceremoniously and ate the meat on the table.

Cultivation could really make one lose all emotions.

It wasnt until the delicious meat entered his stomach that Han Muye felt the joy of being a mortal.

It was not satisfying to attack left and right.

A spiritual light flashed in his hand, and a small gourd appeared in his palm.

He removed the stopper and took a big gulp.

Liu Hong, who was holding a wine glass, sniffed and his eyes lit up.

“This is Third Sister Lis Heartbreak Wine!”

Looking at Han Muye, Liu Hong said in a low voice, “Granduncle, ordinary people dont have the chance to taste Third Sister Lis wine.”

Li Three was a direct disciple.

Those who could drink her wine were either direct disciples or legacy disciples.

Could Uncle-Master Han have another identity

It seemed that there were rumors among the legacy disciples that someone in the Sword Pavilion had become a direct disciple

Unfortunately, Liu Hong only relied on his grandfathers connections to obtain a legacy in name.

He rarely even went to the spiritual land.

He usually didnt pay much attention to the news.

Why would a guy who had just condensed his qi consider these things

Sword Qi surged from Han Muyes body, then he looked up and said, “Are you drinking it”

Liu Hong hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Dont, dont.

Its not easy to condense my sword qi.”

What a joke.

Is this wine so delicious he thought.

If half of the sword qi was condensed, he would not know how to explain it to the old man when he returned.

Those old fellows definitely said that their sword qi had been absorbed at the foot of the mountain.

Seeing Liu Hong wave his hand, Han Muye filled the glasses in front of Lu Gao, Jiang Ming, and Yang Mingxuan.

“I havent had this wine in a while,” Lu Gao said, grinning.

He picked up his glass carefully and drained it.

After drinking the wine, Lu Gaos body flashed.

Liu Hong looked at Lu Gao in surprise.

Isnt this guy a handyman

This sword qi is magnificent.

Even the inner sect disciples cant compare to him, right

Turning around, Liu Hongs gaze landed on Jiang Ming and Yang Mingxuan.

Jiang Ming took a long sip and closed his eyes without saying a word.

Sword qi emitted from his body.

He came to the Sword Pavilion for sword qi.

Every day, he would cultivate some sword qi and use it to refine pills.

At the side, a trace of sword light flashed on Yang Mingxuans body.

Recently, he had started to fuse the sword that his father had found for him into his body.

The sword light was emitted from the sword.

He had already cultivated two of the three sword techniques of the Sword Pavilion.

Looking at the three people in front of him, Liu Hong looked confused.

It isnt like this…

Arent the Sword Caretakers and Gatekeepers just ordinary servants

He had done his homework before coming to the Sword Pavilion.

Over the past few days, he had spent some spiritual rocks to curry favor with Lu Gao and the others and obtain information about Han Muye.

He thought that other than Huang Six, whose name was known throughout the Sword Sect, the only other person in the Sword Pavilion was Granduncle Han, who he was prepared to cozy up to.

He had never thought that the others in the Sword Pavilion were all extraordinary!

He had been careless.

He should have investigated everyone in the Sword Pavilion.

Liu Hong gently picked up his wine glass and drank it dry.

He felt upset.

How could this wine compare to the Heartbreak Wine…

Han Muye didnt care what Liu Hong thought and turned to look at Lu Gao.

“Brother Lu, is there any news from Sixth Brother”

Hearing Han Muyes words, Lu Gao nodded, his expression slightly solemn.

“Most of the cultivators who followed Sixth Brother accepted the Sword Sects recruitment and gathered at Changming Mountain.

“But there are still many who are willing to follow Sixth Brother to find Sixth Sister-in-law.

“Its just that,” Lu Gao hesitated and said in a low voice, “many of the bounties have been changed to going to Changming Mountain.”

Previously, those families and small sects had offered rewards to curry favor with the Nine Mystic Mountain.

It could be considered icing on the cake.

Now that the Nine Mystic Mountain had issued a bounty of tens of millions of spiritual rocks, the forces under the Nine Mystic Sword Sect would naturally obey.

100,000 merit points and 100 spiritual weapons were already a huge temptation for those small factions.

Han Muye narrowed his eyes and looked into the distance.

It was impossible for him to reverse the situation in the sect.

Only a large faction like the Sword Sects would dare to issue a bounty of 100,000 merit points and 100 spiritual weapons.

Even if they did, no one would dare to go against the Sword Sects.

Han Muye nodded and said, “Did Sixth Brother send any message”

Back then, he had asked Lu Gao and Bai Suzhen to send a message to Huang Six, saying that he was in the Nine Mystic Mountain.

What he meant was that Huang should not consider the attitude of the Sect.

He would take care of these things.

Excitement flashed across Lu Gaos face.

He nodded.

“Sixth Brother said he would not make things difficult for you.”

“He said that he wouldnt do anything to let the sect down.”

Not to make things difficult for me.

Han Muyes expression became even more solemn.

He could guess what Huang Six wanted.

Gathering the momentum, leading countless cultivators to chase after the defected sect and then saving Sixth Sister-in-law was the most ideal outcome.

However, the sect did not want to see so many cultivators gathered by Huang Six.

They sent Tang Chi to issue a bounty.

Huang Six could choose to ignore Tang Chi and not be controlled by the sect.

However, this would make things difficult for Han Muye and the others who were still in the Sword Sect.

After all, Han Muye was the one who had pushed for the immortal-grade pills and the fire lineage.

If Huang Six went against the will of the sect, it would eventually implicate Han Muye.

Even if Han Muye got someone to send a message saying that he could settle everything on the Nine Mystic Mountain.

“Fortunately, there are still a few seniors who went for the Immortal Grade Pill and didnt leave,” Lu Gao said in a low voice when he saw Han Muyes solemn expression.

That was good news.

With the protection of experts, Huang Sixs safety would be guaranteed.

Taking a deep breath, Han Muye whispered, “I hope Tang Second will be smarter.”


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