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Two days had passed since I had silenced the curse inside the Grand Lords, but it had just been silenced, not cured.

I and my clone are working hard to find a way to cure it.

Though, it will take time.

Till then, I should keep working and fighting, which I did not get a chance to do in the last two days.

Supreme Commander is not willing to use me until there is no other choice, or the old snake appears, which hadnt, even its pet isnt visible.

I am sure the old snake is working on the method to kill me after it has got what it wants; I am waiting for it, too, because, this time, I will make a kill.

Today, I might get a chance to fight; everyone is fighting now, except for me and Elder Lord, who is also in the central command.

It had been little more than an hour since he woke up; after freshening up and eating, he came back to the central command, ready to fight.

He is completely healed; I was able to make some changes in the recovery formation after reading his data, and the silence of the curse had helped a lot too.

If not for that, he would have been only battle-ready and not fully healed.

I am sitting in central command, but I barely watch any battle; I am in my core, working on the curse.

Sometimes, when I feel stuck, I would go to clone two and help it studying.

While I might be saying it is working on the inheritance, it is only studying; I do not have enough knowledge to create the level of inheritance I want to create.

So, I have to study to gain that knowledge before I start to work on inheritance; it is a lesson I have left.

A few days ago, I had my one clone working on inheritance while the other was busy studying, which was a mistake.

I should have used my clones to study, given that barely any work was done by the other clone.

Now, it is study first and works later.


I sighed as I thought how gargantuan this task was, and I should simply let go and focus on the curse because, with the speed we are fighting, the war will not last long.

Once the thing is closed, we will let go of all inhibition and fight until death; there will be no retreat.

So, at max, I only have two months, six inside my core, which might seem a huge time, but it is not.

Six months are enough to study, much less create an inheritance; the inheritances of primary II are extremely hard to study, even with the help of books, as for creating inheritance.

It will be going to take an even longer time, much longer, not to mention the resources I will need.

Even if I survive the war, it would be a miracle if I am able to create the inheritance within a year, even two years.

It is due to these facts I want to stop working on the inheritance, but my heart is telling me I should keep working, as miracles do happen.

So, despite the rationale, I had my one clone working on the inheritance; I sometimes would help it whenever it was possible.

Hun!please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“Elder Lord, please,” said Lord Whitmore, and a second later, he disappeared; at the next second, he appeared above the glaciers, and his enemy was none other than Chanf, the Snow Werewolf.

The bastard is very strong; I could not deal with; it will rip my shields like paper.

It is not the only one; Drnal, the Golden Fire Werewolf, is also there with it.

This is the new Grand Lord, previously unknown, and is quite powerful, which is not surprising considering he had the bloodline of the Golden Fire Werewolf tribe.

These bastards of Golden Fire Werewolf everything inside the thing; I have come across many of them, and so are other people.

I am very sure that by the time the thing closes, there will not be only two Grand Lords from this damned tribe.

It would have been great if the bastard had been from any other tribe; the bloodline of the Golden Fire Werewolf tribe is very strong, even among the bloodlines the humans have, not many could compare to it, and now they are awakening it like crazy.

Many Grand Lords have theories, most of them aligned toward the one to which I have aligned, but unlike them, I am not guessing; I have found concrete proof.

I nearly had a panic attack yesterday when I was able to conform to the proof; I did not even dare to share it with others, as it would conform to their fear and affect their mental state like mine did.

The Elder Lord began to fight and seemed quite angry; he burst out with full power as he began to fight against Chanf.

He was pushing the Grimm back with every attack, and Drnal, the Golden Fire Werewolfs supporter, wasnt doing anything to thwart the attacks of the Elder Lord.

If I had been in the Elder Lords place, I would have been angry too; that curse had really done a number on him, taking him nearly three days to recover in such dangerous times.

Within five minutes of the beginning of the battle, both the Grimms went on the defensive.

It is not humans who go defense; when we are mad, we make even Grimms pull out their shields.

“Lord Zaar, be ready; you might need to enter the battlefield,” said Lord Whitmore, and I wish I could say I am surprised, but it is clear as day with the strategy of the Grimms.

They have stretched the battlefields; usually, Grimms create four to five battlefields, preferring to fight in groups, where they could use their higher numbers in greater efficiency.

Most important, it makes Grimms very hard to kill, as there is always someone to save them.

pA(nD)A no ve1

Now, they have created nine battlefields, and nearly every human Grand Lord is fighting except for the matron, who is keeping an eye on the Rhaek.

Aside from it, there are three Grimms absent from the battlefield, an old snake, its pet, and another Grimm Grand Lord called Kraf.

All three of them are old and dangerous; even if a single one of them had appeared, I would have to join the battlefield.

There is another option, which is to pull someone out of battle, but it is a risky move; we would not make it unless there is no choice.

An hour passed, and to my surprise, no new Grimms had made an appearance, which kind of disappointed me, despite fighting being a bad choice for me, given the Grimms that I might need to fight.

I couldnt help feeling that way; everyone was fighting, and I wanted to fight too, not only for the dangerous thrill but also to collect data and, most importantly, to kill these bastards; every kill would directly affect the result of war.

The bastard is extremely hard to kill; the powerhouses of lower levels were much easier to kill, but it is not surprising.

They are Grand Lords, the limit powerhouses.

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