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Chapter 5: Hit His Head

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The leader of the debt collectors was stunned by Gu Shouxins gaze. However, it only lasted for a moment before he asked, “Wheres the silver Didnt we agree on 300 taels of silver If you dont have it, hand over your wife and two daughters to me!”

Gu Shouxin looked coldly at the people in front of him.

He was thinking whether he should cripple this group of people or let them wait for a few days while he thought of a way to get the money.

If he crippled them, he was alone in the Great Zhou Dynasty now. Without that power, he would have an additional burden.

Moreover, he still hadnt figured out the situation of this Great Zhou Dynasty. Acting rashly would always put him in a passive position. He didnt like this kind of feeling.

“You actually glared at me! Damn it, you son of a b*tch. If you dont have money, scram. Ill bring your wife and daughter back to report!”

The debt collector was furious. He reached out his hand to push Gu Shouxin away.

“Let go of my father!”

Gu Shouxin was about to retaliate when a fierce roar came from behind.

Then, he felt a gust of wind on his back. Then, the debt collector who had pushed him away was kicked away.

Then, he saw his original bodys eldest daughter punch the ten people without any rhyme or reason. Finally, he saw clearly that his eldest daughter had twisted her foot and hit a rock beside her.

He rolled his eyes, and the eldest daughter fainted, blood oozing out of her forehead.

Gu Nians thoughts before she fainted: Haha, haha, theres an excuse. I hit my head and cant remember what happened in the past. I cant even sew anymore. Im so smart!

“Ah! Ill fight it out with you! How dare you hurt my daughter!”

At this moment, another wave of angry roars sounded.

Gu Shouxin watched as his wife, whom God had arranged for him, ran past him like the wind with a chopper in hand. First, she threw a handful of soil at the crowd, and then she hacked wildly.

Finally, on the other side of the big rock where his eldest daughter had hit her head, she twisted her ankle and hit her head. It was still her own twisted ankle.

Then, fresh blood flowed from her forehead.

His newly-made wife, who had not had time to exchange a few words with him, rolled her eyes and fainted.

Cai Xiaolian: I hit my head. I want to change. It was always like this on TV. My head was injured, and my personality had changed. Well, very good. In the future, treat the eldest daughter better. It was she who made me stop pretending to be like the original owner. Although this idea is a little stupid, there was no other way. If I cant go back, I have to stay!

The debt collectors were all dumbfounded.

They only pushed Gu Shouxin a little. These two women were fighting with their lives on the line. They had to make sure that no one died!

The newly appointed county magistrate would take care of them.

Why were Gu Shouxins wife and daughter so unreasonable Why hadnt they noticed it before!

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“Mother, Sister!”

At this moment, Gu Xin ran over with her Uncle, Fourth Uncle, and cousins.

She cried. Really, she was so sad. Her mother had finally treated her gently, but in the end, she was injured by these bad guys.

Gu Xins First Uncle and Fourth Uncle each carried a hoe.

One of Gu Xins cousins carried a shoulder pole, and one of them held a kitchen knife.

The debt collector was dumbfounded.

Why didnt this happen before!

Gu Shouxin was also dumbfounded. In his memory, although the original owners eldest brother and fourth brother had a good relationship with him, it was usually when they were borrowing money. In such a situation, they had never appeared before and were held captive by their own mother.

“Stop, stop! Dont do anything, dont do anything! We are all polite people! Talk nicely, talk nicely!”

The debt collector didnt dare to be arrogant anymore.

This was a village. He dared to clean up the debt owed by Gu Shouxin because no one had helped him in the past. However, now that the other partys brother had seen the other party appear, he could not make a move.



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