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Chapter 3077 Carrying On the Con

“Whats going on”

For a moment, everyone on and off the stage could only stare, feeling dumbfounded.

If his pillar rose, it meant that this question had to have something to do with the Dao, so it wasnt against the rules.

But then why was that person kicked out

“Idiot, are you intentionally trying to give me points You should have asked what someone who cultivates the Dao must focus on cultivating, not that idiotic question you just asked.

But thank you for the help,” sneered Long Chen to the elder.

Only then did everyone understand.

That elders question was flawed, and Long Chens answer was a cheap trick but had been judged as correct.

Moreover, there was suspicion that the elder was simply giving points away, so he was eliminated.

Long Chen had now answered five questions.

One was invalid, and four were approved.

His pillar was already far above everyone.

Quite a few peoples expressions changed on the stage.

If Long Chens pillar rose to thirty meters, he would win, and the competition would end.

The reward for first place was some very generous natural resources and mineral veins, and whoever won would obtain the mining rights to those places.

This authority would only end when the next winner of the Dao discussion convention was declared.

Long Chen was already so high that it was making others uneasy.

This youngster was far more difficult to deal with than most old foxes.

In the past, questions were always asked mutually.

It looked a bit messy, but in truth, everything was in a certain sequence.

They had their own ways of controlling the discussion and choosing someone to be first place.

The only hard part was making it appear to others that the champion was declared after a fierce struggle.

Just at this moment, the next persons pillar lit up.

Seeing that it was his turn, he instantly grew cautious.

As for Long Chen, he crossed his legs and looked at him with an indifferent smile.

He seemed full of confidence yet also completely indifferent to the championship.

He seemed incredibly relaxed.

After a long thought, the elder asked, “Cultivation has no limit.

How can one reach the other shore”

Without thinking, Long Chen casually said, “The soul is the sail, the spirit is the oar, the body is the raft, the Dao is the sea, and the law is the wind.

To struggle across the raging waves, if you use the law to control the Dao, you will forget the Dao, forgetting yourself.

Instead, you should use the Dao.

But if you achieve the Dao, you will have arrived at a supreme realm, and looking through the cosmos, you will still see no shore.

So where does this concept of reaching the other shore come from”

Long Chens divine pillar once more rose as he obtained the Dao discussion stages approval.

This time, everyone was truly moved, including the other elders on the stage as well as the heavenly geniuses of the nine prefectures.

His words truly contained supreme principles, but they were unable to fully comprehend because their own cultivation wasnt enough.

Even Bai Shishis mother stared at him in shock.

For such words to come out of Long Chens mouth was completely unbelievable.

This was clearly something that could only be said by a master of the Dao.

As for Long Chen, he didnt appear to be any grandmaster.

He was sitting there arrogantly as if he felt himself to be number one beneath the heavens.

No matter how they looked at him, he didnt seem like someone capable of saying such a thing.

Furthermore, his response was said casually and without any hesitation.

If he hadnt been the one to expose the cheating, people might even suspect that he was the one cheating and that he had simply memorized this response.

This time, there was no cheering.

Instead, many people fell into deep thought, and they carefully examined his words.

But the harder they pondered over them, the more unfathomable they became.

The first part was still understandable, but the last part was truly inexplicable.

“No wonder hes so arrogant.

He has the power to be arrogant.

If I also had such ability, Id also be arrogant,” someone sighed with a complicated expression.

A fiery-clothed woman looked at Long Chen and muttered, “Arrogance requires the means, or youd be beaten to death.

I think Im starting to like him.”

“Didnt you just say that you like that fellow from the life forbidden area Didnt you say that you just had to marry him” said one of her friends beside her.

“Aiya! I just find that this black-robed fellow has more of a mans flavor.

Look, his robes make him look like a beggar.

My mom taught me that we should help the less fortunate.

A person should be kind and compassionate,” said that woman a bit shyly.

The surrounding people eyed her speechlessly.

On the stage, Long Chen felt incredibly refreshed by the elders shocked expressions.

This was truly satisfying.

Seeing their anger and unease, he was even more delighted.

He said, “What Are you angry Did you pay quite a bit of money to come here After using up all those favors and paying so much, you find that theres nothing to reap Well, you can only blame your own bad luck.

Wherever Boss Long San goes, the earth roars, the heavens howl, birds fly, and dogs jump.

Little sanctimonious rats, Ive torn off your masks, letting everyone see your true faces.”

“Boss Long San!”

It was unknown who started it, but people suddenly started to chant his name.

Cheating was the most hateful thing, and Long Chen managed to make these people resonate with him.

They knew that the bigger the ruckus they made, the more likely they would be able to expose the one behind the scenes.

They all wanted to know just who was controlling the Nine Prefecture Convention.

Although there were some senior experts secretly warning their disciples not to stand out, cheering amongst the crowd was no problem.

Hence, these elders were infuriated.

All the people challenging Long Chen were unable to escape the suspicion of being one of those cheaters.

They all wanted to kill him, but they couldnt do anything.

“Hmph, you made it sound so complicated.

I dont know where you read those words before that coincidentally met the Dao discussion stages approval, but I dont believe you could understand such a thing.

My question is, if you see the entire cosmos and dont see the shore, doesnt that mean that you are still in the midst of struggling within the sea If you havent reached the other shore, how would you know what realm you have reached” The next challenger asked his question.

Long Chens previous answer was difficult to understand but had still been approved by the Dao discussion stage.

But this competitor didnt approve, so he pressed the question.

Clearly, even with his thousands of years of cultivation, he was unable to comprehend Long Chens words, so he refused to believe that Long Chen could comprehend them.

With this question, everyones gazes once more concentrated on Long Chen.

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