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Chapter 3276 Zhao Qinglong

The leader of this group was sent flying back, coughing up blood with his teeth flying through the air.

Never in his dreams would he have imagined that he would run into such a terrifying group.

Despite clearly only being in the Four Peak realm, their power was so great that this leader despaired.

He didn’t even know how this was happening.

He had clearly been moving away yet somehow ended up going toward Long Chen.

Also, Long Chen’s slap left his head too dizzy to even think about how this had happened.

“Boss, should I bring the others back too” asked Bai Xiaole.

It was him who had used spatial energy to move this fellow back.

“No need.

They’re all small fries.

Only this one is a bit bigger,” said Long Chen.

He then kicked the ringleader.

The ringleader grunted and his body began to spasm.

It seemed that he was in unimaginable pain, and his eyes looked like they were going to pop out.

Yet, he didn’t make a sound.

At this time, Qi Yu and Xu Zixiong returned.

The other side had too many people and had fled in every direction.

Hence, they really were unable to chase them all down.

As a result, dozens of them still escaped.

“Boss, we failed,” said Qi Yu dejectedly.

“It’s fine.

I wasn’t planning on killing all of them.

If a few small fries didn’t escape, how would they report this to the big fry Zixiong, next time, be more nimble.

There’s no need to make your movements too big.

That will reduce your efficiency.

If this was a true life-and-death battle, this habit of yours will cause you to lose your life.

But overall, your display was still acceptable.” Long Chen smiled slightly.

Although Xu Zixiong was still lacking immensely compared to Qi Yu, his improvement was good.

With how long Long Chen had been with Wilde, he was profoundly aware that the bloodline of the Barbarian race affected their intelligence.

Hence, for Xu Zixiong to have made this much progress was quite good.

Xu Zixiong was very pleased to hear Long Chen’s approval.

In this group of people, he was the weakest.

He had always had a slight fear that Long Chen would drive him away one day.

So even though he was a bit foolish, he still worked as hard as he could.

Furthermore, whether it was Qin Feng or Qi Yu, they always taught him seriously.

Hence, he was very moved by this, and he also cherished this opportunity to learn from all of them.

Because of this, obtaining Long Chen’s approval made him so emotional that he couldn’t even speak.

Qin Feng then waved him over, and they began to separate the corpses of the two devil beasts.

Two cores then entered their pockets.

This was a large sum of money.

It was their first time seeing cores at the level of an Immortal King.

The cores were so large that they were like hills.

Spatial runes were stuck to them, and they shrank to the size of a fist.

Holding those cores, they felt an awe-inspiring destructive power.

“One wind element core and one earth element core.

In the academy, they can be traded for countless resources.” Bai Shishi looked at the two cores and sighed in admiration.

Their luck really had been excellent this time.

“These kinds of cores are normally used to forge King items or embedded into King items to increase their power.

Regretfully, they aren’t that useful to us.

Extracting the wind and earth element energies for cultivation requires a large amount of manpower.

We don’t have that time.

We’ll have to see if we can trade them for something useful,” said Long Chen, putting them away.

Although cores were treasures, they weren’t that valuable to Long Chen.

It was too bad that Guo Ran and Xia Chen weren’t here.

Otherwise, whether they were used for forging or setting up formations, those cores could be very useful.

Moreover, Qin Feng and the others had to spend a great deal of effort to strip the hide off of the python.

If it weren’t for Long Chen’s bone saber, they wouldn’t have been able to break its defenses.

Long Chen planned to use the hide to create armor for everyone.

This kind of armor was so tough that even without runes, Treasure items couldn’t break it.

After taking out the cores and the snakeskin, Long Chen tossed the corpses into the primal chaos space’s black soil.

Life energy then bloomed, and the Wood Foundation Divine Trees rapidly grew.

Just two corpses provided even more energy than all the sea demon corpses he had gathered from the Luo family.

The Wood Foundation Divine Trees continued to grow thicker and thicker.

They were already three hundred meters thick.

The bark also had a pattern similar to dragon scales, and the quality of the wood had increased.

Even the thinnest branch was as tough as iron.

“As expected, devil beasts that have reached the Immortal King level have far more energy.

I wonder if I can get some more.”

Long Chen was delighted to see them grow so crazily.

But after thinking about it, he found that this wasn’t very realistic.

The corpses of devil beasts that had reached this level were all valuable treasures.

The cores, hides, flesh, blood, bones, tendons, etc.

They were all treasures.

People would always split the corpses on this level into its parts.

Some didn’t even waste a single strand of their fur.

They could turn the fur into blankets as luxury products, or use it as a display of status and position.

Thus, the chances of him buying fresh and complete corpses on this level were very low.

Even if there were some on the market, he would be taken for slaughter by the sellers.

After dealing with the corpses, Long Chen finally walked over to that ringleader from the Azure Dragon Gang.

He kicked him in the coccyx.


The ringleader finally managed to make a sound, and it was a miserable scream like a pig being slaughtered.

It was truly hair-raising.

“Shut up.

I have a few questions for you.

If you dare to conceal anything from me, I’ll do the same thing until you die from the pain.” Long Chen sat on a rock, crossed his legs, and nibbled on a stalk of grass indifferently.

Upon seeing this, that person’s screams stopped as if severed by a knife.

He was absolutely terrified now.

Just then, he felt like he had been dropped into boiling lava filled with blades.

His soul and flesh felt like they were being burned and cut at the same time.

He had never experienced that kind of pain.

Most terrifying of all, this pain didn’t allow him to pass out.

It came through exceptionally clearly, and every breath felt like a hundred years of agony.

He was absolutely terrified of this seemingly innocent young man in front of him.

This young man was a devil.

“Tell me, what kind of status do you have in the Azure Dragon Gang” asked Long Chen.

“This lowly one… is the Azure Dragon Gang’s manager.” His voice was hoarse, and it quivered.

“Manager Then who is your boss What cultivation base do they have” asked Long Chen.

“Our master is Zhao Qinglong.

He is an Immortal King.

The Azure Dragon Gang was founded based on his name.[1] He created it,” that person answered hastily.

“Then let’s go.

Bring me to your master.

Let’s see if your Azure Dragon Gang is recruiting others.

I also want to try being a gang leader for some fun.”

Long Chen smiled mischievously.

Just like that, he brought that person along deeper into the Vile Dragon Domain.

[1] Qinglong = Azure Dragon


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