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Three Beautiful Neighbors

Jiang Qianyue also glanced at Chu Bai.

He was a decent-looking boy.

“Can I help you”

Jiang Qianyue asked in confusion.

“Oh, Im your neighbor. I just went out to eat and saw your house key in the door, so I knocked to remind you,” Chu Bai said.

Jiang Qianyue took a look and saw that the key was indeed in the door.

“Ah… Im sorry, I forgot to pull it out,” Lu Yufan walked over and apologized repeatedly.

Jiang Qianyue said, “Its fine. Just be careful in the future.”

Then, Jiang Qianyue looked at Chu Bai and said, “Thank you. My name is Jiang Qianyue, and she is Lu Yufan. We just moved here yesterday. Please take care of us in the future.”

Chu Bai nodded. “Then Ill take my leave first.”

“Take care.”

Chu Bai nodded and left.

“Wow! Theres a handsome neighbor we have,” Lu Yufan said with a smile after closing the door.

“Whats wrong Have you fallen for him” Jiang Qianyue asked with a smile.

“No, I just feel that its quite amazing. I see this kind of plot on television and in novels every day. I didnt expect to really encounter it in reality,” Lu Yufan said.

Jiang Qianyue said, “Well build a good relationship with him in the future. Its a good thing to have more friends. He just went out to eat, so he must have just logged off. Lets go eat. We wont be cooking today. Its quite tiring.”


At the small restaurant downstairs.

Chu Bai sat down and ordered rice.

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This small restaurant had a total of eight tables. There were noodles, rice, and stir-fried vegetables. The taste was not bad, and it was nearby. Chu Bai was too lazy to cook, so he came here to eat.

It was not mealtime yet, so Chu Bai was the only customer.

“Sister Qian, Im just putting this out there. How can I make my breasts bigger Ah, I dont really care about this. Im not a kid. Im just asking casually.”

The three girls chatted as they pushed open the door and walked in.

Chu Bai turned his head, and they also saw Chu Bai.

Chu Bai, “…”


Could these three all be his neighbors

The girl who walked in was a pure older sister with a stunning appearance and an explosive figure. Be it her voice or appearance, she was an older sister type! Moreover, there was nothing to fault about her! If she wore something like black silk, it would definitely be amazing!

The other woman looked a little cold and arrogant. She was in her early twenties and was also unbelievably beautiful. Her eyes revealed a coldness and even a little spitefulness. Yes, to put it simply, she had a so-called high-level world-weary face.

There was also a pure young girl who looked very innocent. She would definitely be the school belle in her university.

The three of them were tall and had great figures.

“Ah, handsome neighbor, youre eating here too”

Lu Yufans eyes lit up when she saw Chu Bai.

“You guys are here too.” Chu Bai casually greeted them.

“Perfect. Boss, get us a few dishes,” Jiang Qianyue shouted. Then, they all sat at Chu Bais table.

“Since weve met and Mr. Chu has helped us, its not too much to treat Mr. Chu to a meal, right”

Jiang Qianyue looked at Chu Bai.

“Then Ill accept the offer.”

They ordered four dishes and a soup. They even specially ordered a pig trotter for Chu Bai.

“Mr. Chu is also playing Destiny, right” Jiang Qianyue asked.

“Well, there are only a few people who dont play,” Chu Bai said.

“Actually, its not a small number. Those who dont play mostly cant because their age doesnt allow them to. Or theyre worried about death, or their families dont agree. All young people usually want to go to a strange new world to take risks.”

Chu Bai nodded.

“Whats Mr. Chus ID What level are you at now Ive opened a studio. Currently, there are only the three of us. If Mr. Chu is willing, we can help each other.”

Chu Bai said, “My abilities are average, so I would hold you back.”

“Mr. Chu is too humble.”

At that moment, Lu Yufan said excitedly, “Look, look at his, Bai Yes ultimate. Wow, its so cool!”

She pushed the phone over and the few of them leaned over to take a look.

It was the scene of Chu Bai releasing Sky Dance.

“How terrifying! Hes only been in the game for a few hours, and he already has such a powerful move” Yu Qingyu said in surprise.

“I heard that it was obtained by triggering the hidden mission of the village chief. There must be something special with so many players, right” Lu Yufan pondered before looking at Jiang Qianyue and asking.

“Sister Qian, hows your relationship with Bai Ye”

Jiang Qianyue replied, “Ive only met him twice.”


“Are you friends” Jiang Qianyue nodded.

“Wow!” Lu Yufan said excitedly. “If we can pull Bai Ye to our studio, wont we be able to take off”

Jiang Qianyue smiled. “What are you thinking about Hes already willing to sell Gold-grade equipment. Do you think hed be interested in a small studio like ours”

Yu Qingyu asked, “Sister Qian, hows his actual combat level Have you seen it before”

Jiang Qianyue shook her head. “Ive never seen him fight.”

Chu Bai did not say a word.

“The trending topic is all about Bai Ye. Oh my god, Bai Ye killed Tian Xing!”


They looked shocked and then looked over.

Hot search ranking—

# 1: Bai Ye


# 2: Best of luck, God Bai.

# 3: Who is Bai Ye How did he get the first kill on the Divine Emperor Beast

# 4: Bai Ye Gold Boss First Kill, Battle with Flaming Lion, attached video.

# 5: Shocking! Tian Xing was killed by Bai Ye! Attached video.

# 6: Pet Calamity Fox

Then, Lu Yufan clicked on the fifth most searched video.

The video showed the scene of Chu Bai killing Tian Xing in the Flame Valley.

There were many comments below.

Dash, “F*ck! This Bai Ye is so ruthless! Tian Xing was actually killed by him! Hes too ruthless.”

Ning Chong, “I was there. Im also from Starter Village #77777. A few hours ago, Old Dream Tian Yu and Tian Xing were killed by Bai Ye and then were revived. Then, Old Dream Tian Yu and Tian Xing took powerful tools to find Bai Ye. Unexpectedly, the scroll that forced a 10-second stun was cancelled by Bai Yes pet. Then, he killed Tian Xing. Originally, Old Dream Tian Yu faced imminent death, but he had a spatial scroll that saved him.”

“Didnt Bai Ye offend the Feng Ling Dynasty God Bai has left us forever, and now Bai Ye has appeared. Do you think Bai Ye will become the second God Bai Bai Yes fame has skyrocketed. He seems to be gaining momentum.”


Chu Bai looked at the video and sighed in his heart.

Fortunately, he had the habit of wearing a mask. Otherwise, he would have become the target of everyone.

The entire Blue Planet knew about him.

In the real world, he had no ability at all. He could not escape from those who wanted to kill him.

The three girls were no longer surprised that someone had died. However, they felt a little emotional when they saw that it was Tian Xing who had died.

“This pet looks amazing. Look at the video.”

Then, they clicked on the fourth trending topic, which was the video of Chu Bai fighting with the Flaming Lion.

“Wow! So cute!”



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