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Lunch break.

Chinatsu-chan and I were enjoying our lunch on a bench near the tennis court.

I had just finished eating my lunch and was getting up to go back to the classroom when she opened her mouth apologetically.

“It is embarrassing to be seen returning to the classroom together.


I was heading to the classroom, taking a little detour because of Chinatsu-chan cute request

Our relationship was a secret, even from our classmates.

That’s why I was making an effort to hide it.

The reason I was returning later than Chinatsu-chan in this way was to maintain the secret.

Someday I would like to show my classmates how it feels to be arm in arm with Chinatsu-chan, but now was not the time yet.

But in the future, I am sure we will get more intimate and lovey dovey with each other.

I was walking along the unpopular corridor, imagining so.

So, I never imagined that I would encounter a Shuraba.

“Ayano, I’m only stating the obvious.

All I’ve done is ask you repeatedly to go on a date with me on your days off.

Why can’t you do that Why can’t you make time for me when you’re dating me That’s crazy!”

“It’s just that … I’m busy ….

Besides, it’s not like we haven’t seen each other on our days off.


“You’re just dropping me off and picking me up! That’s not a date!”


C-Calm down, Kentaro-kun.


I looked up at the staircase in response to the loud voice.

It appeared to be Osako and Matsuyuki.

Rather than arguing, it seemed that Osako was blaming Matsuyuki unilaterally.

It looked like a very troublesome situation.

Not my business , let’s get the h**l out of here.

“Ah, Masataka-kun”

“Nope, Wrong guy.”

Before I could leave the scene, Matsuyuki came running down the stairs and clung to me.

“Hey, let go of me! If he misunderstands me, I’ll be in trouble!”

“Please don’t say that.

I’m in a pinch!”

No, I don’t care! If Chinatsu-chan was in a pinch, I was ready to stand up for her even if my opponent was a mountain gorilla.

But I was not prepared to do anything for Matsuyuki.

Because I only care about Chinatsu-chan and my attention was only for her.

“I never thought Kentaro-kun was such an angry person.


Masataka-kun, please help me!”

“Don’t drag me into this! Oh, Oi, where are you touching Don’t stick to me!”

“Isn’t it fine, it’s not going to diminish.

I won’t let go until you help me.”

“Let go of me!”

The battle between me trying to pull away Matsuyuki and Matsuyuki, who seemed determined not to let me go, began.

“Hey, hey, What are you do–!!!!!”

Osako intervened between Matsuyuki and me.

Thanks to him, I was able to free myself from Matsuyuki.

This was the first time I thanked Osako.

“Why the h**l is Sano-kun here! More importantly, Ayano, what did you call him just now What kind of relationship are you two having”

What kind of relationship Osako, with his frantic look, was apparently having none of it, though.

“Masataka-kun is a good friend of mine because we were in the same class last year.

He’s a great friend who helps me out when I’m in a pinch.”

“I’m not your close friend.

I don’t want to be your close friend, and can I go now”

I had no interest in getting involved in other people’s lovers’ quarrels.

If Matsuyuki didn’t intend to be in a relationship in the first place, why not just say so Why was Osako still acting like a boyfriend

Or are they really dating I don’t know the truth.

I was not interested, so I was not going to question them.

“…… phew.”

Osako, who had been lashing out, took a breath.

Perhaps he regained some of his composure after Matsuyuki’s “friend” comment, but the next time he looked at me, his eyes changed.

“Sano-kun, Ayano is a kind girl.

But don’t get carried away and think you can lay your hands on her.

You’ll only get hurt.”

Somehow, his eyes looked more disgusting than they did earlier.

“Okay, okay.

I don’t know, but it’s my fault.”

I didn’t want to get into trouble for anything other than Chinatsu-chan.

I apologized appropriately and tried to leave the place, since my pride was not hurt by such a thing.

“Hmm, Remember if I get serious, not only Sano-kun, but also the people around you won’t get off scot-free.”

Perhaps Osako intended it as a small threat.

“Oi, Osako”


Even if it was a lie, there were things you could say and things you could not say.

“I don’t care what you do.

Whether you date beautiful girls or make fun of others, I’m not jealous of you at all.

I’m not going to go out of my way to scold you.”

Osako’s got cold feet.

That was irrelevant.

“But you know, If you mess with someone I deeply care about.

–I’ll crush you.”

It was neither a lie nor a deception.

If Osako hurts Chinatsu-chan again, I would never forgive him.

Ignoring Osako, who had stopped saying anything, I left this place this time.


Right after that, I went back to the classroom.

“Sano-kun, I’m sorry.

And thank you.”

Osako apologized and thanked me.

“Thanks to you, I was able to keep my cool.

After I calmed down and talked with Ayano, we decided to go on a date.

I knew I shouldn’t be so emotional.”

He blabbered on and on, even though I didn’t ask him.

“You are a hanmenkyoushi, Well, I’ll go now.”

(T/N: hanmenkyoushi or  反麵教師 means: bad example from which one can learn; good example of what not to do (esp.

how not to behave); negative example)

And he ended the conversation on his own.

Even if it wasn’t me, I’d still be stunned.

“….What was that Osako guy all about”

Anyway, you’re telling me that things went well with Matsuyuki Don’t report that to me.

I was at a loss for reaction.

Still, I didn’t understand Matsuyuki more than Osako.

She promised to go on a date with Osako even though she asked for my help earlier.

What did she mean they were not dating

Either Matsuyuki lied to me.

Or maybe she changed her mind and decided to get into a relationship.

Well, I didn’t care either way.

“So, by “hanmenkyoushi”, do you mean me”

For some reason, I was the one who got angry emotionally…

I was hurt.

I’ll let Chinatsu-chan comfort me a lot.

I decided to let her spoil me today.


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