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I got to school earlier than usual.

Why It was, of course, to beat Chinatsu-chan in this test.

She and I were competing with each other.

The one who ranks higher in the test will get the right to make loser do whatever they want.

“The battle I can not afford to lose… is here!!”

It was test week, so there was no sound of the athletic teams doing morning practice.

It was the best environment to concentrate on studying.

I opened my textbooks and notebooks in the empty library.

After all, I made more progress here than when I study at home.

At this rate, it was not only possible to close the gap with Chinatsu-chan, but also to turn the tables on her.

And if I win, I can get her to do whatever I say.


Fufufu~ I’m going to set a new record for the highest score ever!

“You are in a good mood, Masataka-kun.

Did something good happen to you”

“Huh! Ma-Matsuyuki….”

I didn’t notice her presence until she called out to me.

Matsuyuki was sitting next to me and smiling.

To think that I didn’t notice until Matsuyuki spoke to me even though she was this close to me.

… I couldn’t decide for a moment if Matsuyuki was a genius at erasing her presence or if my concentration was amazing.

“W-Why are you in the library”

“I think it’s for the same reason as you, Masataka-kun.

I also wanted to study quietly.”

Saying so, Matsuyuki spread out her study materials on her desk.

And you’re going to do it in the seat next to me

“If you want to study, go ahead.

You don’t have to study next to me.

There are plenty of empty seats.”

“Isn’t it kind of weird to go to a separate seat from someone I know so well”

“I don’t care.”

“In that case, please don’t mind me and study hard.”

Matsuyuki didn’t care and started studying next to me.

I don’t care…that’s not what I meant, you know

As a guy with a girlfriend, I didn’t want to be alone with other girls too much.

But is it not nice to be away from me here Matsuyuki made me have a strange hunch about it.

Oh well.

What was important now was to improve my academic performance as much as possible.

The only thing I aimed for was to win over Chinatsu-chan.

As I was about to concentrate on my studies once more, something occurred to me.

“Hey, Matsuyuki.”

“What is it”

“Matsuyuki, what’s going on with you and Osako”

Matsuyuki raised her head and looked at me.

Her expression remained smiling.

“By any chance, Masataka-kun, do you think I did something again”

“What do you mean “again” I mean, Osako hasn’t been doing well lately, right He said that Matsuyuki was his girlfriend, and I thought you might know something about him.”

As expected, I couldn’t talk about Osako’s outburst.

Chinatsu-chan doesn’t want to spread her childhood friend’s wounds either.

If so, I’ll simply respect her opinion.

“I treated Kentaro-kun as a friend.

But Kentaro didn’t seem to be happy about it, and he was … terribly sad about it.”

“You mean you properly told Osako that you didn’t intend to date him as a girlfriend”

“Properly… Yeah, I meant it from the very beginning.”

Osako finally realized his mistake.

But he couldn’t admit it, so he went off the rails

I was not the person involved, and Osako was silent about what happened with Matsuyuki.

So I had no way of knowing what really happened between the two of them.

It’s not like I wanted to find out what’s going on.

As long as Chinatsu-chan won’t be hurt, nothing matters.

I returned to my studies.

“Ah, by the way, Masataka-kun…”

“What is it”

“You’re dating Chinatsu-chan, aren’t you, Masataka-kun”

She must have heard the rumors.

The word that Chinatsu-chan and I were dating was already spreading not only throughout the class, but also throughout the school year.

“Yes, that’s right.

We are dating.”

I answered proudly.

Matsuyuki also looked happy, even though it was not about her.

“Congratulations! Masataka-kun, you have been watching Chinatsu-san very closely.

I have been thinking since last year that you must like her.”

“W-Was it that obvious, ……”

“Yes, because you are so honest, Masataka-kun.

I am a girl, you know.

I have a woman’s intuition.”

If that’s the case, why don’t you make more use of it for yourself You didn’t notice Osako’s feelings, or rather, you were insensitive.

With a sparkle in her voice, Matsuyuki continued.

“This is also because Masataka-kun was right there to comfort Chinatsu-san when she was feeling weak.”

“…… eh”

For some reason, I felt like Matsuyuki mentioned something that she wasn’t supposed to know …….

“When Kentaro-kun was blaming Chinatsu-san and making her cry, Masataka-kun was also there.

It was nice to have the chance right in front of you.”

(T/N: This woman scares me)

Matsuyuki was smiling.

All the time, she was smiling and talking.

And yet, I couldn’t stop the chills.

I was in a very vulnerable position, and the girl in front of me might be holding my weakness.


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