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After she went over to the Old Madams yard, the Old Madam gently stroked her raised belly and carefully inquired about Gu Suiers well-being. By a lucky coincidence, Xiao Jin and Lu QingYi had also come over so she handed them the handkerchiefs which she had embroidered for them.

Xiao Jin did not react much but Lu QingYi was pleasantly surprised.

She smiled from ear to ear, her face was beaming with joy.

“Thank you, little Sister-in-law.

I told you not to worry too much about it since youre pregnant now.

But I didnt expect you to do it for me so quickly.”

The Old Madam laughed and added: “You ah.

Our Suier is gentle, so you all like to bully her.

Stop it or else once your third Brother gets to know it, hell teach you a lesson!”

When Xiao Jin heard it, she deliberately said, “Oh my, dont mention third Brother.

After little Sister-in-law came here, third Brother stopped paying attention to this younger sister of his.

Luckily, Im diligent so I dont care about his indifference and continue to follow him!”

Gu Suier silently lowered her head in embarrassment.

Lu QingYi smiled and pulled Xiao Jin: “Dont talk nonsense.

Do you think everyone likes to make jokes like you”

The Old Madam also said: “Exactly.

Your third Brother has agreed to take you to the GuiYuan.

Be careful or he will change his mind!”

GuiYuan… that was important to Xiao Jin.

She immediately changed her words: “Third Brother treats me the best.

Hell take me there without a doubt!”

In the midst of their cheerful discussion, Xiao Xu came to pay her respects to the Old Madam.

She had already finished taking the exam for the girls school.

Therefore, when the Old Madam saw her, she brought up the topic of the school, enquired about it and finally said: “This time you did pretty good.

Now, I just hope that you can get in.

If you do, both your Sister and you can keep each other company!”

Xiao Xu raised her eyes and looked at Xiao Jin with a smile: “How can I compare with Sister She has such rich experiences and scholarly knowledge.

Im afraid I wont be able to learn it even if I study for three lifetimes.”

Although the Old Madam doted on Xiao Jin the most, she loved both the girls in the family.

Hearing Xiao Xus words, she lovingly patted her head: “Theres nothing to compare between you two because both of you have your advantages.

Naturally, your Sister doesnt have your qualities!”

Xiao Xu still complained, “But you and all our Brothers only love Sister, not me!”

The Old Madam said, “What are you talking about Silly child!”

Xiao Xu argued .

“Then, why did third Brother agree to take Sister and cousin Lu to GuiYuan, but not me”


For a while, everyone was at a loss for words.

When the Old Madam realized that she was upset over this matter, she could only appease her quickly: “This happened when you were busy studying for the exam.

Now that youve finished taking the exam, your third Brother and Sister will naturally take you along with them to visit the GuiYuan!”

Xiao Xu was overjoyed.

She swept her eyes over Xiao Jin, who was sitting on the side and happily said, “Thank you, Old Madam.

It turns out that you treat me the best!”

Her complacent behaviour was actually aimed at Xiao Jin.

Seeing her little granddaughters actions, the Old Madam didnt know what to say.

Most people said that she loved her eldest granddaughter Xiao Jin more just because she was the child of the main wife.

They also said that she attached more importance to the children of her sons main wife over the children of his concubines.

But in all honesty, she was wronged!

They were all the children of her own son.

It was not worthwhile for her to distinguish between them based on their mothers.

This little granddaughter of hers obviously grew up eating and wearing the same type of food and clothing as Xiao Jin but her bearing, temperament and mind were not on par with Xiao Jins.

If anyone heard her words, they would undoubtedly think that this girl, who had reached the marriageable age, was full of ill will.

It was no wonder she had always preferred those sensible and imposing girls instead of these petty ones!

The Old Madam sighed inwardly.

After sighing, she happened to see Gu Suier and inevitably felt distressed again.

This child was really respectful and prudent.

She always did things very carefully.

Although she was not suitable to handle major occasions, she still loved her.

Perhaps this was exactly what everyone called the fate that brought people together.

Yes, this must be the so-called predestined affinity!


Gu Suier accompanied the Old Madam for a while before the kitchen sent some stewed edible birds nest soup.

After eating a small bowl of soup, she took her leave and hurried back to the TingZhu Courtyard.

She wanted to change her clothes sneakily before Xiao Heng returned home.

In the past few days, as long as he returned home, Xiao Heng would call her to his study for teaching her the characters.

He would also check the writing work which she did at home during the day.

Therefore, she would change clothes before she went over, to make him happy.

But when she arrived at the gate of the TingZhu Courtyard, she discovered that the situation inside seemed a little fishy.

The usually indolent cleaning maid was currently squatting at a place and trying her very best to sweep the bamboo leaves that had fallen to the ground.

This sort of energetic appearance was different from her usual laziness.

And just under the high wall not far from TingZhu Courtyard, she saw two familiar figures standing there.

It was Jiang Zheng and Hu Tie.

She had only recently come to understand and that since TingZhu Courtyard now had a woman, it was inappropriate for the two male guards to step inside.

So, the two would just stand at a distance and wait for Xiao Hengs instructions.

Seeing these two men, her heart sank.

She had a feeling that she was a thief who was about to be caught red-handed.

He must have returned.

Lowering her head, she took a look at herself.

At this moment, she was wearing a double-layered jacket given by the second Young Madam and a skirt given by the eldest Young Madam, both of these wasnt old at all.

On the contrary, the clothes were quite new.

If she lied to Xiao Heng saying she sent someone to make these clothes, would he believe it

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