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The Villains Little Cat Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Kates Parents


Kate was surprised that Professor Kyle would actually hide the truth. Professor Kyle didnt know anything about Kate aside from her name.

This was something that she could confirm.

There were hundreds of students under Professor Kyle and there was no way that Professor Kyle will remember all of them. He was not the type to care about the students so much that he will remember all of their names.

Kate was not an outstanding student nor the poorest student either.

With such average impression, it would be impossible for Professor Kyle to even know her. The other professors also barely remembered her.



“I wouldnt lie to you. If you would like to see my credentials...” Professor Kyle then take out his teachers card. He brought it along with him most of the time, and it seemed to be quite useful.

Even though Kates mother was still a bit skeptical, she allowed him to enter.

Kate looked at the courtyard and was dumbfounded when she saw the mess there. She thought that her parents were fine, but it seemed that there was a battle with a giant rat here

Damn this rat!

Dare you disturb her parents

Kate looked at the rat with rage in her eyes before she paid closer attention to the hole n the rats stomach. She blinked her eyes.

It was definitely not a wound caused by a gun or any other weapon.

Instead... it looked like from a punch

Did her father also gain some abilities

While Kate was pondering, Kyle walked into the house and then be served tea. He had also noticed the rat and saw Kates father, who was reading newspaper in the living room. He was already middle aged, but he still looked strong.

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“This is Professor Kyle, one of Kates teacher.”

“Do you know where Kate is” Kates father asked bluntly. “Weve filed missing person report this morning, but the police said that there are too many missing people and they might not be able to do their work in time.”

Kate was speechless.

She was gone for a day and then reported


Kyle was helpless and continued with the same lies as he used to Kates mother. He didnt elaborate on what happened in the campus and about many other things, but simply said that Kate was last seen on the campus but then left.

Kates father frowned. “Did that girl somehow also awakened a strange ability and the government take her”

“They wouldnt do something like that, will they” Kates mother was startled.

“How should I know” Kates father was in a bad mood.

Kate knew that her parents were worried about her, but she couldnt do anything. As a little cat who couldnt even speak, she felt extremely helpless

Cant she turn back into a human right now

Even if it was only for five minutes, it was enough!

Unfortunately, no matter how much Kate prayed, hoped, yelled inside her mind, nothing worked.

She could only give up.


Kate jumped down from Kyles hand and walked towards her mother. She knew that her mother had soft spot for animals, so she rubbed her head to her mothers hand. At least, she hoped that this will ease her.

Kates mother looked at the cute cat and sighed. She teased the cat lightly, feeling her mood was somewhat better with it.

Only Kyle was watching from the back and narrowed his eyes.

This little cat...

Really forget who her owner is.



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