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“Yanyan, youre right.

My parents and my grandmother didnt see your grandfathers post to show off on their WeChat.” Ling Sheng laughed out loud.

“Your grandfather must have set it only visible to my grandfather.”

There was a saying among the elders in the family that when the fetus was not old enough it should not be publicized.

They had to wait until the fetus was stable.

However, Old Master Song must have been agitated by his grandfather so he only told him in advance.

Moreover, with Yanyans relationship with her, she would definitely tell her when she was pregnant.

Song Yiyan sighed helplessly.

“My grandfather has been acting like a child recently.

My grandfather is so happy that he cant wait for Ji Xing and I to hold our wedding now.”

“Then after I marry my husband, you two will hold a wedding.” Ling Sheng sighed.

“How good would it be if we could hold a wedding together”

The matter of the trash fish had to be resolved first before she could live a stable life in this world.

“Why dont you just say that you want to hold a group wedding” Song Yiyan also knew that the most important thing now was to deal with the trash fish.

Everything else had to wait.

“You, me, and your parents, a group wedding.”

“My father will skin me alive.” Ling Sheng was afraid just thinking about it.

It was impossible.

Although her father looked quite open-minded, he was actually still an old antique.

He would never agree to let him hold a wedding with his daughter and son-in-law.

“My grandfather is calling us.

Rest early.” After Song Yiyan hung up the phone, she grabbed Ji Xings arm and bit him gloomily.

“Its all your fault.

What if your quality is bad and the baby is not healthy”

The two of them did not want a child so they usually paid attention to protective measures.

If the quality of his sperm was not good, it would affect the babys body.

“You said that its not of good quality since it can break out of the condom and hit its target” Ji Xing leaned over her ear, his eyes burning and his voice sexy and hoarse.

Song Yiyan gritted her teeth.

“Did you drink or smoke during that time Did you fool around”

“I didnt smoke or drink.” Ji Xing smiled at her and bit her earlobe.

“You know best whether Id fooled around or not.

I hang out with you every day.”

“Shameless!” Song Yiyan bit his chin and was about to use force.

Song Chens voice sounded at the door.

He was getting anxious and started knocking.

“Ill let you off first, Ill deal with you when I get back.” Song Yiyan glared at him.

“Grandpa, youre here.

Stop knocking.”

Song Chen watched as the two of them came out one after another.

He sized them up carefully and muttered with a strange expression, “Theres a baby in your stomach.

Can the two of you restrain yourselves Youre not children anymore, youre already going to be parents.

Whats wrong with holding back”

“We didnt do anything.” Song Yiyan felt a little guilty from his gaze and chased after him.

“Im on the phone with Sheng Sheng!”

“Why is your face so red from the phone call” Song Chen lowered his voice.

“Dont mess around.

Be careful of the baby.”

With that, he glared at Ji Xing warningly.

Ji Xings expression was serious.

“Grandpa, we understand.

Ill take good care of her in the future.”

Song Yiyan glared at him again.

Bastard, he was the one who started it every time.

He made it sound like she wanted it so much.

Song Chen nodded and did not continue the topic.

Song Jing had already woken up and Song Chen made the decision to let him come back home to recuperate so that they could discuss things.

They held a family meeting and even specially transferred a few military doctors from the army to watch over him.

Song Jing had never been treated so well in his life.

When has his father ever treated him well He was already thanking the heavens when he did not beat or scold him, he didnt expect him to dote on him.

However, there was a period of time when the old man liked him.

After marrying his wife and giving birth to the only granddaughter of the Song family, Yanyan, he treated him well.

“Hubby, Old Master and the others are here.” Qiao Yuan knew that the Old Master had brought her husband from the hospital to recuperate because he wanted to discuss Yanyan and Ji Xings marriage.

Song Jing was dissatisfied and muttered softly, “Cant Dad wait a day Im still paralyzed on the bed.”

Was he still a son to him He had walked on the line of life and death and survived.

He had just woken up and he did not even consider his health before talking about marriage.

He knew that the old man had brought him back and had even found a few military doctors to take care of him.

It was so that it would be more convenient when they talked about things and they did not have to run from both ends of the family hospital.

Qiao Yuan patted him and whispered, “Stop talking.

Be careful not to let Daddy hear you.”

Song Jing said, “Am I not telling the truth So what if he heard it”

“Cough!” Song Chen coughed solemnly.

Song Jing, who had been acting righteous just now, immediately cowered.

He looked at the old man and said, “Dad, its already so late.

You should rest early.

Yanyan is pregnant, she needs to rest early too.”

“You want to say that you want to rest early, right I came over and disturbed your recovery, right” Song Chen snorted.

“Ill leave after saying a few words.

I wont disturb your sleep.”

“Dad, thats not what I meant.

Talk to me as long as you want.” Song Jing could only smile apologetically at the old man.

“Yes.” Song Chen sat down.

“If the two of you have no objections to Yanyan and Ji Xing, let them get married as soon as possible.”

Song Jing said, “Its all up to you, Dad.”

Song Chen said, “How can I make the decision alone You are her parents.

Logically speaking, you two should make the decision.”

Song Jing didnt dare to answer while Qiao Yuan had no objections and was very satisfied with Ji Xing.

Everything was up to her husband and father-in-law.

As long as the children were fine, she was happy.

“But youre not in good health now.

You have to take good care of yourself.

As your father, Ill help you manage your childs marriage.” Song Chen said righteously, “You dont have any objections, right”

Song Jing had no objections, so he didnt dare to complain to the old man.

“Dad, I have no objections.

As long as they agree, anything is fine.”

“Yanyan, you and Ji Xing come over too.

Ill tell you my plans.” Song Chen cleared his throat.

“This month, on the 20th, the two of you will get your marriage certificate.

The eighth day of next month is a good day, the wedding will be on that day.”

Song Yiyan raised her hand weakly.

“Grandpa, I have an opinion.

Its fine if we get the marriage certificate.

But we should postpone the ceremony as Sheng Sheng is getting married next month.”

Song Chen frowned, then smiled and made a decision.

“Arent you good sisters with that girl from the Huo family Ask her when shes getting married and you two will get married together!”

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