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Chapter 599: Such Viciousness

Jun Shiyan did not move.

Lu Zheng hurriedly passed the rod to Ling Sheng.


Ling, as long as it appeases you, you can do anything.

You just have to let her go this time.”

The young girl in front of him was really tender and pretty.

No wonder she had seduced the famous Third Master Jun.

She was definitely not a simple person.

This good-for-nothing had dared to attack her despite knowing that she was the Third Masters woman.

She probably had a death wish.

However, what else could he have done He had to think of a way to save her cheap life before the Third Master came to find her.

He could not watch her die.

Initially, there had not been much to do.

He had just gotten rid of the assistant, and nothing had happened.

Who knew that He Xie would appear in the meantime and ruin his plan She had also been exposed.

Instead of waiting for the Third Master to find her, he had thought he might as well make the first move and bring her over to apologize.

Even the Third Master would not be so ruthless to someone who sincerely apologized.

“Senior Du, why are you treating me like this” Everyone was in the entertainment circle, so who didnt know how to act She looked at Du Manqing in grief and indignation, and each word was a blood-filled accusation.

“How did I offend you Why did you have to do this to me”

The few producers beside her were dumbfounded.

They did not know what was going on.

Suddenly, two people had rushed in.

There was also a beautiful lady there who was covered in injuries.

The slippers she was wearing were filled with nails.

They were so dense that they made ones heart tremble.

They were speaking in Chinese, so the producers did not understand what they were saying.

However, judging from their expressions and actions, they seemed to be there to apologize.

“Sorry.” Du Manqing had long wanted to kill Ling Sheng.

She hated Ling Sheng to the core.

Why Why should she suffer such humiliation However, since things had come to this, she could only continue acting.

She sobbed and pleaded.

“Sheng Sheng, let me off this time! I… I was too angry.

Sister Mei didnt give me anything.

I had no choice but to terminate the contract.

I… I hate her.

I couldnt turn the tables in time, so I blamed everything on you.

It was my fault.

I have no complaints about the way you treated me.”

Ling Sheng sniffled and looked at her.

“Senior Du, you tried to harm me in a moment of folly.

Did I offend you Youre really scary when youre angry.”

Du Manqing cried from despair and regret.

“I know.

I wont do it again.

Sheng Sheng, be magnanimous and let me off this time!”

“She really has realized her mistake.” Lu Zheng then added, “Ms.

Ling, Third Master, Ill take good care of her in the future.

If she does anything wrong again, you wont have to do anything, Third Master.

Ill kill her personally.

What do you think”

Jun Shiyan looked at Ling Sheng.

She had to decide if he should let Du Manqing off.

He would respect her opinion completely.

“Senior Du, no matter what I request, you will do it, right” Ling Sheng looked at Du Manqing.

She was really impressed.

This kind of woman, who could tolerate what ordinary people could not, was really the scariest.

Her schemes were unfathomable.

If she let her go, she would definitely make a comeback and seek revenge.

If she did not let her go, even though she had deliberately hurt someone, the law would at most sentence her to prison for a few days.

She just needed to pay, and it wasnt like she would be shot to death.

Besides, after this incident, she would definitely hate her.

Just the thought of having a pair of venomous snake-like eyes watching you from behind on a daily basis was scary!

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